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As many know, the biggest astrological organizations and websites based in the U.S. are led and made up of predominantly relatively well-off Caucasians with an unexamined "keywords" approach to astrology. The late depth psychologist, James Hillman co-wrote a 1992 book called WE'VE HAD 100 YEARS of PSYCHOTHERAPY --- AND THE WORLD IS GETTING WORSE. Perhaps you'll agree with me that the world is infinitely worse since that "Monkey" year, 1992.

Meanwhile, we've had about a half a century of modern unimaginative hearsay astrology. The world is not only getting worse, but most modern astrologers couldn't see it coming, or guide us through it. Past astrology predictions have hardly ever been fact-checked for accuracy, as American astrologers, like most ordinary Americans, tend to prefer to look forward, never looking back. Like the rest of America, astrologers, if they look at history at all, tend to embrace historical fictions that flatter well-off American Caucasians of old.

North American astrologers, if religious at all, tend to see astrology as separate from the spiritual, as if on the other side of a line of Buddhist prayer flags. Similarly, although Carl Jung told us that Soul is expressed and accessed through imagery, most modern astrologers ignore or downplay the rich imagery and mythology that is the origin and essence of astrology itself. Here's a pop quiz: What is the mythological story of the sign and constellation Pisces?

It's very easy to get conventional astrology at astrology conventions and with first page "Google" searches. If there is enough interest, even a minor interest, I'll soon be sharing an email letter, ASTROLOGY MINORITY REPORT. In such a report, expect to read an unfortunately iconoclastic look at some modern astrological assumptions, undermined by the real truth of American history, and/or contemporary reality. First up: Hidden Truth: Jupiter, Uranus and Manifest Destiny




The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain


Chironic Wisdom from the Recent Past,
At The Threshold of The Immediate Future

Dale O'Brien

       On May 1, 2023 astrological Chiron was at exactly the same degree as 2/12/1974, the date that Solzhenitsyn was arrested, deported and when he released "Live Not By Lies." Therein find inspiring immediately necessary wisdom. I highly doubt that David Knight checked a Chiron ephemeris, and yet May 1, 2023 was when he read, "Live Not By Lies" on his Internet program. PLEASE take less than 18 minutes to listen, now, or later, or read for yourself. I would have quoted Solzhenitsyn's Live Not By Lies here in entirety, but I do not want to make the total text here too long.

LINKS: View/Listen on rumble
Also available on odysee and rokfin
Read: SolzhenitsynCenter.com

       Late May and early June 2023 finds us at the threshold of our immediate financial future. At first glance the no-brainer way to go seems obvious, but a more encompassing view reveals a probable tense power struggle.


About That Pot of Gold...

       Jupiter and the Lunar "True" North Node (Rahu) conjoin on the fourth degree of Taurus: Sabian Symbol: Pot of Gold At the End of the Rainbow May 31 and June 1. ("Mean" North Node conjunct within one degree.) (Note that this degree is where Chiron was in the 1977 Chiron "discovery" chart.)
       The story of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow originated from legends of Irish Leprechauns, cobblers (Sabian Symbol for New Moon of May 19, 2023: Cobblers at their workbench). The Leprechaun cobbler saved his gold, hidden a. If a human finds such a little Leprechaun, the human man attempts to rob the hard-working Leprechaun, demanding his gold. The Leprechaun does his best to trick the greedy human thief. In the most famous version of the legend, the Leprechaun tells the human man that his gold can be found at the end of the rainbow (most commonly seen in Ireland in the Spring). Of course, pursuing the end of the rainbow is analogous to experiencing the equivalent of "moving the goal posts." So, any physical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow can never be found.


To Truly Understand Astrology, Know Relevant Mythology

       Jupiter (the Roman name for Greek God Zeus) could imagine a shower of gold and the gold would immediately manifest. So, Jupiter's placement in any particular astrology indicates where material, or more commonly, symbolic good fortune can be found. The Lunar Nodes (Dragon's Head & Dragon's Tail) came to Western astrology from Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu, lacking a lower half, has a "bottomless pit."
       So, wherever the Lunar North Node is found, there is an insatiable "can't get enough" desire, no matter what.The coming together of Jupiter and "ghostly" Rahu brings a focus on the Zodiacal Sign and Zodiacal degree, a beginning of something. Putting these clues together, what has been building up, and likely expand in popularity is the pursuit of gold. Recently, more and more people who can afford to do so have purchased gold and/or gold-backed IRAs or 401Ks. On the other side of the expected financial "storm", the fortunate follow an expected symbolic rainbow to an expected pot of gold, ever increasing in value. Maybe so, but does the rainbow ever really end? Will accessing your pot of gold actually somehow become as elusive in 2023 as it was for the '49ers and as it was with the Yukon gold rushers?
       Meanwhile, not only are individuals in pursuit of gold, so are nations such as China and so are Central banks worldwide. Such "big guys" by analogy can be out to steal the gold savings of the hard-working Leprechaun-like "little guy."


Some More Relevant Astrology, Some More Relevant Mythology

       Jupiter will be on the "pot of gold" degree May 30th through June 3rd. The arbitrary date and time of the chart below makes it easier to see the power struggle components involved.

Pluto square the Lunar Nodes and square Jupiter;
Pluto opposite Mars; Mars square Jupiter

"You Shall Not Crucify Mankind Upon a Cross of Gold" - William Jennings Bryan

       Pluto, mythological Lord of the Underworld. Pluto means riches and represents the Plutocrats. Astronomical Pluto is invisible without a telescope, but astronomical Jupiter and Mars are visible without telescopes. Applied in astrology, the doings of Jupiter and Mars are easy for all to see, but most people are unaware of the Plutocrats and their hidden agenda. In mythology, Pluto was/is "the Lord Who Taketh Away." Jupiter in this Fixed sign power struggle is under threat and trying to pull away with his gold, trying to resist the power of Pluto. Specifically, as the dystopian "New World Order" threatens the value of the dollar and fiat currency, gold and other tangible items of value seem to be the way to go.
       Meanwhile, Warrior God Mars threatens Jupiter as well. Unworldly South Lunar Node Ketu opposes Rahu and Jupiter and Keu also squares both Pluto and Mars. The Sabian symbol for this Lunar South Node is: "A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual gains a sense of the Great 'Other World.' SEE Linda Hill's great book THE SABIAN SYMBOLS As An Oracle, page 214. Quoting Linda's relevant quotes: "How far that little candle throws his beams! / So shines a good deed in a naughty world." - William Shakespeare and "Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out." - Katherine Dunham
       Prediction, or even Forecasting, with astrology is a very inexact non-science. At best, an astrologer can only broadly educated-guess possibilities. That said, the would-be gold holding individual is threatened on the one hand by the Plutonian powers that be. Think FDR's policy on holding gold during the Great Depression, but raised to a potentially deadly exponential extreme. On the other hand, a simple armed robber could demand the gold-holder's gold, like the greedy human would-be robber of the Leprechaun. Or, the Warrior can work collaboratively with the Plutonians - the armed soldiers or policemen in service to the New World Order.

       Meanwhile, South Lunar Node Ketu strongly suggests turning away from materialism and towards Spirituality and toward The Divine instead. Rightly or wrongly, such a perspective can be seen as boyishly naive. Carl Jung and the Jungians suggested, "Holding the tension of opposites." That suggestion can be extended to holding the tension not only of opposites, but the tensions of squares also. Each one of us, and us collectively, is challenged to simultaneously hold the very real threat of the Plutonian World Economic Forum New World Order, the difficulty attempting to grasp and hold economic wellbeing, yet deal with ego-based individual aggression, and also try and keep everything in a perspective greater than total materialism, greed and money as power.
       Speaking of putting materialism in perspective, most assume that alchemists of old were ignorant greedy losers who failed to make themselves gold. The alternate story, very loosely told, is that the alchemical process was an external expression of personal growth work that must be done with love to be effective. The transformation of the "prima materia" into gold purportedly only happens when the alchemist no longer cared about the material value of the gold created.


Who's Gold?

    Astrologically, gold is associated with the Sun, the Sun-ruled sign of Leo (Lion, "king of the jungle") and with royalty. Gold royal crowns were to align the monarch with the guiding power of the Sun. The Sun outshines all planets, stars and such (although the Moon can sometimes be seen during the day). Similarly the significance of the monarch can be seen as greater than all others.
    Meanwhile, silver is associated with the Moon and Moon-ruled Cancer, and with the ordinary people. William Jennings Bryan lead an unsuccessful political movement to have the American economy based not only on gold (favorable only to the rich) but also on silver as well.
    So, what will happen to the many ordinary men and women who acquire(d) or thought they acquired significant gold recently/now/soon under this "grand cross of gold"? Can the "little man" (Leprechaun) actually outwit the "big man"?





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