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As many know, the biggest astrological organizations and websites based in the U.S. are led and made up of predominantly relatively well-off Caucasians with an unexamined "keywords" approach to astrology. The late depth psychologist, James Hillman co-wrote a 1992 book called WE'VE HAD 100 YEARS of PSYCHOTHERAPY --- AND THE WORLD IS GETTING WORSE. Perhaps you'll agree with me that the world is infinitely worse since that "Monkey" year, 1992.

Meanwhile, we've had about a half a century of modern unimaginative hearsay astrology. The world is not only getting worse, but most modern astrologers couldn't see it coming, or guide us through it. Past astrology predictions have hardly ever been fact-checked for accuracy, as American astrologers, like most ordinary Americans, tend to prefer to look forward, never looking back. Like the rest of America, astrologers, if they look at history at all, tend to embrace historical fictions that flatter well-off American Caucasians of old.

North American astrologers, if religious at all, tend to see astrology as separate from the spiritual, as if on the other side of a line of Buddhist prayer flags. Similarly, although Carl Jung told us that Soul is expressed and accessed through imagery, most modern astrologers ignore or downplay the rich imagery and mythology that is the origin and essence of astrology itself. Here's a pop quiz: What is the mythological story of the sign and constellation Pisces?

It's very easy to get conventional astrology at astrology conventions and with first page "Google" searches. If there is enough interest, even a minor interest, I'll soon be sharing an email letter, ASTROLOGY MINORITY REPORT. In such a report, expect to read an unfortunately iconoclastic look at some modern astrological assumptions, undermined by the real truth of American history, and/or contemporary reality. First up: Hidden Truth: Jupiter, Uranus and Manifest Destiny




"The Object of life is not to be on the side of the majority
but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."  
Marcus Aurelius

7/27/2022: Dale O'Brien

Compares and Contrasts Astrologically:

NOW: MARS Conjunct URANUS Conjunct the Dragon's Head + USA Pluto's Return: UPSIDE DOWN in THE UNDERWORLD

Both Then and Now: Saturn in Aquarius

(in the Year of the Tiger)


     Perhaps you, like me, were alive and aware during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. If you were not, you likely have no idea how close the world came to going totally M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction, Nuclear Style). If you haven't actually been "on the brink" of life is over, all life, you may understand intellectually, but not really totally emotionally. People, even the non-religious, were praying all over the world. It seems like prayers worked then, when lots of people went to church, or temple, or synagogue. Now the "Democratic" (sic) party dominating government has declared churches and such 'non-essential' businesses in a time of lockdown.

Lacking that experience, you also likely have no idea how viable, even likely, that in this second half of 2022, the USA could come to an avoidable tragic end. To have even an approximate idea of that crisis of almost sixty years ago, see the film 13 DAYS, Those 13 days were October 14 through 27 1962, although we the public did not know about this truly 'existential' crisis until JFK's TV announcement of October 22nd. Whether or not you are aware of the historical account of that time, the astrology of that time tells the story quite well.

There was an Annular ("Ring of Fire") Solar Eclipse July 31, 1962 at 7 Leo 49'. Sabian Symbol image: "An activist is stirring up discontent by spreading his revolutionary ideals." For that era, think of the Soviet Union's communism agenda. That Eclipse was about 25% visible over Cuba.

10/14/62 - 10/27/62: Saturn conjunct "Dragon's Tail" - (Lunar South Node, exactly conjunct 'mean' node), tightly opposite "Dragon's Head" and Mars in Leo, Waxing at first, then exact. Crisis ended on October 27th, with Mars exactly conjunct the degree and minutes of the 7/31 Solar Eclipse at about 7 a.m. Eastern time on the 27th. Talk about a 'Close Call'! That crisis showed us the importance of the conscious and sane use of free will by the principals involved: JFK, RFK and Khrushchev.

Also relevant then: Jupiter and Chiron were conjunct and both retrograde ("backing down") in Pisces, opposite Uranus (Uranium) and Pluto (Plutonium) in Virgo. The later = potential efficient total annihilation.

THEN: Young, mentally sharp, apparently physically fit popular President

NOW: Old, mentally confused, physically challenged very unpopular President

NOW (2022) --- Geopolitically and Astrologically

* USA's Pluto Returns: direct (already happened); retrograde (currently) and final direct later this year.) As I've written and spoken about this before, this timing is, somehow, the end of the USA has it has been, based on the average length of other empires --- a Pluto cycle, from start to finish.

* USA's natal Neptune Opposite transiting Neptune (on, off, on again)

* USA's Progressed Mars retrograde (Warrior in defeat, retreat, and/or "losing ground")

* Poked Mother Bear Russia via unsuccessful U.S. sanctions and proxy war in Ukraine

* Current Transiting Mars conjunct Transiting Uranus conjunct transiting "Dragon's Head" (Lunar North Node) in Fixed sign Taurus, exact Aug. 1 at 18+ Taurus (See ** below (Note this conjunction is conjunct Pelosi's natal Uranus within less than one degree of orb))

* China's Xi in two months separate Zoom meetings with President Biden subtly expressed concern about Biden's honesty, especially regarding the One China Policy (Taiwan as a part of mainland China), yet U.S. training Taiwanese military.

** Nancy Pelosi, third in line to be president, recently announced her plan to visit Taiwan, without Xi's approval, and presumably meet with Xi's adversaries.

** Taiwan military (including air force) stage a recent practice for an attack from mainland China (after Pelosi's announcement to go to Taiwan)

** Several Chinese government officials communicate that if Pelosi goes to Taiwan, all options (including a military option) are "on the table."

** Biden sends U.S. aircraft carrier towards China. (Note: The Chinese government, like the Russians, purportedly have a weapon that can destroy an aircraft carrier with a single strike.)

** Biden to speak with Xi over the phone on 7/28/2022


Nancy Pelosi: 3/26/1940, Baltimore, Maryland, 3:10 pm EST

ASC: 27 Leo 30' Square MARS at 26 Taurus 3' in 10th house)

M.C.: 22 Taurus 24' conjunct MARS-URANUS close MIDPOINT at 22 Taurus 45'

URANUS (in 9th house) at 19 Taurus 27'

VENUS (in 9th house) at20 Taurus 25'

NEPTUNE retrograde in her 1st house at 23 Virgo 49'
conjunct USA Neptune at 22 Virgo 25'

From Robert Hand's PLANETS IN TRANSIT, page 464, Neptune Opposition Neptune:

(For anyone having this transit who is unwilling to let go of old ideas:) [Note: BOLD ITALICS are my emphasis:] "this will be a time of confusion and defeat, when you feel that you must withdraw into yourself. This inner drive to withdraw is likely to be manifested as a need for some sort of hospitalization. Or you may choose to withdraw as a sign of completion rather than defeat".


Now, MYTHOLOGICALLY: The Realm of Pluto: It Is Different Here, Now


    To the ancient Egyptians, in the Plutonian realm of the Underworld, the world of the Dead and the realm of night dreams, everything is different from above ground, waking daylight. Regarding dreams, the surreal is commonplace, as in the title of the late Jeremy Taylor's WHERE PEOPLE FLY and WATER FLOWS UPHILL. You may recall dreams where left is right and right is left (relative to waking life).
    In the realm of Pluto, those there walk on the other side of the Earth that the waking people do on this side, but there bodies are opposite, heads down as they walk upside down. Rather than have gravity help excrement to move down and out, in the Underworld, excrement instead drains down to their heads and mouths. (Who says that mythology lacks humor?)

    Since 2022 is the year of the USA's Pluto return, it seems to me that those of us in this country are living in Pluto's Underworld. "I don't care what you heard, it's a crazy mixed up world!" sang the late great Little Walter, lyrics now more relevant than ever. Everyday in America is like being in a bad surreal dream, for at least 70% of people, with that percentage likely to increase significantly as the rest of 2022 unfolds.


Just a few of numerous bizarre 2022 (or recent years) U.S. news developments:

* SHIT IN PUBLIC: It's the law! For "equity" reasons in cities like Kalamazoo Michigan, public urination defecation and littering are no longer illegal.

* Government-paid Drag Queens read children's books to children and their parents and teachers in community libraries, public school kindergartens and elementary schools.

* College educated, even college teachers, testifying before Congress, will not define what a "woman" is, and will not deny that men can menstruate and birth children.

* Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, after the worst debacle in American history in his extremely costly, dangerous and disastrous handling of the U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, has since then been by no means cautious about U.S. military and weapons involvement elsewhere. As a geriatric Uncle Sam, almost 80, he "poked" the Russian Mother Bear, and when that failed, now very possibly he will endorse 82-year-old cadaverous Nancy Pelosi ("Hell's Belle") poking the dragon on her Sky Way To Hell (with apologies to AC-DC's "Highway to Hell"). Remember, "The Bear" and "the Dragon" are getting along better than ever.

Joe should write a book for world leaders: GET OFF OF MY LAWN-AND MY LAWN IS EVEYWHERE! (or, HOW TO ANNOY EVERYONE and NOT EVEN KNOW IT)

How many Americans have any idea how perilous things are? All irrelevant distractions fill "the news" most hear instead.

Take a walk on the Downside (with apologies to Lou Reid, "Walk on the Wild Side"):

"And the WOKE girls say, Don't, Don't, Don't..."

"This used to be a great country," said the fictional ACLU lawyer George, portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the old film EASY RIDER. I don't know if it ever was, but it sure ain't so now.

Wishing Many Blessings to Those Who Walk Upright on God's (or Gods') Good Earth,



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