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"It's Easier to Fool People than to convince them that they have been fooled."  
Mark Twain

This Edition:

"President Kamala Harris!?" and "FLAWED LEADERS"

APRIL FOOL 2022: President Kamala Harris?!

     April First, 2022 at 2:25 a.m. EDT is the time of the first New Moon of Spring, an indicator of some significant new change. An important part of the astrology of this new change involves a change of leadership, perhaps the former leader remaining, but now as a follower. This could mean an emergence of Kamala Harris as the ad hoc president. In the spirit of astrological speculation, the following includes the concurrent astrology of Joe Biden, of Cackling Kamala Harris, and the astrology of the U.S.A.

     Joe Biden’s chart ruler is Jupiter and so the house position change of transiting Jupiter is especially significant. Starting with the second half of the month of March 2022 shows such a change, it is best for him to be at home. Is this retirement time for 79 and half year old Biden? Meanwhile, he has remarkably difficult aspects: transiting Uranus opposite his 12th house Mars and Square his Pallas Athena and Vesta, with transiting Mars and Venus coinciding with the 3/17 New York Times announcing the validity of the notorious Hunter Biden laptop (reversing their pre-presidential election 2020 stance).

     Kamala Harris’ Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries are Squared by transiting Pluto in this 2022 year of the USA’s Pluto returns. Harris’ approval rating is the lowest for any U.S. Vice-President, and even lower than Biden’s approval rating. (This fits Kamala’s natal chart relocated to Washington D.C. which has her Moon in her 10th house on the Sabian Symbol “A large disappointed audience.”) However, transiting Jupiter, strongly placed in Pisces, rules her M.C. transits her 10th house now and Sextile her “Guardian Angel” natal Jupiter with transiting Neptune at their remarkable conjunction (exact April 12). This looks like lucking into a promotion.

    However, besides the transiting Pluto challenge, she also has transiting Saturn opposite her natal Mars. In her relocated to D.C. chart, her Mars is in her 1st house. Natal Jupiter retrograde in her relocated to D.C. chart can be interpreted as backing into a better professional opportunity when aspected by transiting Jupiter. Similarly, transiting Uranus is in her relocated to D.C.10th house, conjunct the beginnings and endings Solar Eclipse of April 30th. Will we soon see the end of Biden as president and the sudden beginning of President Harris? Kamala has the chart of an actress, and she is married to an entertainment lawyer and has an entertainment business stepson. So, she can easily become “acting president.”

    The April 1st New Moon is Square U.S.A. and Opposite U.S.A. Saturn. U.S.A. adversaries and allies are likely to not like dealing with the U.S. president. This happens as transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune Oppose U.S.A. Neptune. On April 20, 2022 transiting Saturn will be conjunct U.S.A.’s Moon, a most sobering, worrying time.

Hail to the cackling Chief!

CHIRON IN ARIES: The Second Decanate:
 [Preliminary: For Anyone Unfamiliar With Decanates:]

Every sign of the Zodiac can be divided into three sections of ten degrees each, called the Decanates. The first ten degrees of each sign have the same decanate ruler as that Zodiacal Sign’s ruler. For Aries, ruled by Mars, the first ten degrees of Aries, the Aries decanate of Aries, are particularly related to Mars issues, especially individual assertiveness.

The decanate ruler of the second decanate (10 degrees 1’ through 19 degrees 59’) of any sign is the same as the planetary ruler of the next sign of the same element. So, the decanate-ruler of the second decanate of Aries is the Sun (ruler of Leo). The second decanate of Aries is the sign’s Leo decanate. The third decanate ruler of each Sign will be the same as the planetary ruler of the remaining sign of that element. For Aries, the third decanate ruler is Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius), so the third decanate of Aries is the sign’s Sagittarius decanate.

That Said, …

Chiron in all 30 degrees of the action-oriented Fire Sign of Aries is about non-action as action. In the previous Chiron in Aries time in the USA this was about military-aged youth refusing to go to war, or some returning veterans who rejected their medals and opposed the continuance of that war. The first ten degrees of Chiron in Aries in that era was the hardest time to take an anti-war stance, including the Kent State and Jackson State shootings of unarmed demonstrators. The current Chiron in Aries era has been, worldwide, about non-compliance to government mandates and such. The first ten degrees of Chiron in Aries highlighted the individual’s courage to take a stand, alone.

“…. even the president of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked.” – Bob Dylan



At the very beginning of the previous Chiron in Aries Leo decanate era, Congress revoked the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, reigning in the king-like powers of President Richard Nixon. Shortly before this Congressional action, Nixon had ordered the “Cambodian Incursion” of U.S. troops from Vietnam into Cambodia when Chiron was on the Sabian Symbol “A man … expressing himself in two worlds at once.”

Since February 18, 2022 Chiron is now in the Leo decanate of Aries, whose decanate ruler is the Sun. Archetypally, Chiron involved with the Sun deals the “only human” (Chiron) leader (The Sun). Appropriately, the Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees+’ Aries is: “The President of the Republic, or the Ruler of One’s Country.” Two days later, Vice President Kamala Harris was seen by most, worldwide, as embarrassingly “un-presidential” in her “word salad” remarks in Germany about Russia and Ukraine. Less than a week into this new Chiron decanate period, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world’s attention is now on leaders of countries including Biden, Zelensky, Putin, Xi, Modi, etc.

Americans, raised on numerous CIA-approved military movies, and mislead by mainstream media, tend to reduce complicated scenarios to “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys.” Our President/Commander in Chief, is always the 100% Good Guy, and whoever he praises is a 100% Good Guy, and there is nothing good that will be said about whoever is “The Bad Guy” of the moment. However, based on what unfolded the last time that Chiron was in Aries, especially in the Leo decanate of Aries, expect this naïve, mostly unexamined situation deteriorate into yet another tragic U.S. bungled booggle.ond

In the Chiron in Aries Vietnam war era, the popular opinion about U.S. military involvement went from mostly unquestioned assumed easy victory (Aries decanate phase), to doubt of presidential leadership (Leo decanate phase), to near total popular regret (Jupiterian/Sagittarius phase).

Mythological Chiron was the wisest of beings. Chiron’s placement astrologically shows where wisdom is needed, but more commonly, especially in mundane matters, it usually indicates predictable human tragedy. For the Leo Decanate of Chiron in Aries, expect hubris to fail our most embarrassing purportedly human leaders.

When Chiron was in the Leo Decanate of Aries in 1972, The Fire Sign Theatre presented the presidential campaign of the candidate choice of the Natural Surrealist Party, George Papoon. His supporters (like me) were behind him because unlike the presidential favorite (Nixon), Papoon was famously “Not Insane!”










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