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Dale "Doc Chiron" O'Brien


DALE O’BRIEN, born in 1951, began his serious study of astrology in 1969. He graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Education. In 1991, he quit his land management and landscape contracts job for the Corps of Engineers (“blowing the whistle” on the way out) in order to become a full-time astrologer. For about fifteen years he was the head of the premier Washington, D.C. astrological organization of its era. He is (for many years) a member of professional astrological organizations ISAR (C.A.P.), AFAN, and NCGR. A Jim Lewis-trained Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter, his writings have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, From Here to There (An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping), and elsewhere. Dale has taught astrology at all levels and has presented conventionally and experientially for local, national and international astrological organizations, local non-astrological organizations as well as on FM radio (with Caroline Casey) and internet radio. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, he lived for five years in Atlanta, and he has clients and friends from all walks of life, and many parts of the country. Dale is also trained as a Dream Tender (Pacifica Graduate Institute)

How Dale’s Work is Different from other astrologers:

INSPIRATION: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “I am convinced that the universe is under the control of a loving purpose, and that in the struggle for righteousness man has cosmic companionship. Behind the harsh appearance of the world there is a benign power.”           (from his book, STRENGTH TO LOVE, written in prison)

METHODOLOGY: Unlike other astrologers who accept or make up astrological truisms, Dale observes and researches. For instance, he did no chart interpretation for his first ten years of study. Also, his BUSINESS ASTROLOGY TIMING techniques were put to the test observing the Corps of Engineers interaction with contractors. He’s received years of “feedback” about his advice from grateful clients, including an independent banker, small businessmen and women, consultants, therapists, etc.

RECOGNIZING POTENTIAL (positive, negative, greater or lesser): Consciousness is the prerequisite to utilizing free will. Often using astrology as coaching, Dale studies the potential of the individual in the context of a given time. Within a given time, there is a great deal of complexity, of cycles within cycles, from the dimension of a given era to the difference, sometimes of a single minute of time. Dale leaves out all the jargon as he aspires to help the individual maximize his or her potential within a particular context within any given time.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION of POTENTIAL: Unfortunately, most astrologers talk in high-minded platitudes about personal and collective potential, but they generally don’t know how to help people realize their potential with practical advice. Dale’s astrology “works,” with volunteered accuracy ratings from a low of 80% to as high as “always right. (Also see LOCATIONAL ANALYSIS, below, for another dimension of the practical application of astrology.)

ETHICS: Dale chooses only to work with individuals who are trying to live ethically and he particularly likes working for ethical people who are “underdogs” trying to live fulfilling lives and perhaps make the human world a better place, but not at the unnecessary expense of our ecological environment. Dale has done “pro bono” astrological work for good people who cannot afford to pay in these increasingly inequitable times. Therefore, he is not a “business astrologer” as such, but rather as an astrologer far more knowledgeable than most trying to help good, ethical people “BETTER THE ODDS” of success.

RELEVANCE: Beside his study of astrology, Dale has been recognized since college for his historical analysis, and has followed ecological, economical, political and cultural news and trends, which he integrates into his astrological perspectives, and vice versa. We are presently living in an astrologically unprecedented critical time. If proper actions are not taken NOW, it seems probable that there will not be seven more generations of humans.

LOCATIONAL ANALYSIS: Place is as important in astrology as is time. There are some places better than others for a given individual to thrive in some particular way. Dale is trained and experienced in finding those places for anyone who is interested and able to exercise that opportunity.

SECOND OPINION: As with other professions, second opinions are generally a good idea. The confirmation of another astrologer, or concurrence with a non-astrologer tend to validate decisions.



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