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Astro*Carto*Graphy chart of "American Elite"

As many ISAR members know, there has for some time been controversy around
what is "The" definitive chart for the USA. Another way to look at this issue is to consider two charts for this country, one for the American people who consider the USA to be a democracy, and another chart for the
Elite who actually run this country (now more than ever). It is not my
intention to stir up controversy regarding which July 4, 1776 is the definitive chart of the American people (and how they/we see their/our president and government). Rather, I'd like to further the seldom-made
consideration of the chart for the American Elite.

USA1 Cartography
FYI: USA 1: Natal (Mean) South Lunar Node: 9 Capricorn 35'; natal Juno: 10 Capricorn 58'; natal Mars: 12 Capricorn 23'; Secondary progressed Moon on 4/15/13: 10 Capricorn 3'; Transiting Pluto retrograde 4/15/13: 11 Capricorn 35'

Dale is a Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter, trained by the late Jim Lewis

[For anyone interested, I made a chapter-long case for this chart in the book FROM HERE TO THERE (An Astrologer's Guide to Astromapping)]. As a Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter, trained by the late Jim Lewis, I see each A*C*G map as validating confirmation for an individual's birth chart, but the same seems to hold for national charts.

I spent many long fascinating hours in conversation with (the late) David Solte about his "Scorpionic America" chart, based on the verbal consensus acceptance of the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777 in York, PA. However, I have two differences with David's assumptions. First, he argued this chart to be "the" chart for the USA. Second,
he used a somewhat different time for his chart than mine. Historically, David found that
the elite that day came to consensus sometime between 11 a.m. and 1 pm that day. For Sabian Symbol and other reasons, I use a time of 1 pm (or 1:00:30). I call that chart
"USA 1".

A*C*G lines and parans are permanent, analogous to natal chart placements. C*C*G lines and parans are analogous to the secondary progressions of the faster-moving planets and the transits of the slower-moving (outer) planets. When considering the "cyclo*carto*graphy of the USA 1 chart for Boston, MA April 15, 2013, we see C*C*G "Neptune on the Ascendant." From the cyclo*carto*graphy interpretation booklet: "Neptune brings...emotional excitement and tendency to victimization....You feel vulnerable....it is not usually pleasant....feel threatened when" (routines) "begin to break down. Confusion...can prevail...." C*C*G paran within 2 degrees = "Mars Setting / Pluto Rising". SOLAR MAPS' interpretation: "... it could be easy for violence to erupt under this combination."

Perhaps you will consider this to be a "chart to watch" along with related locational astrology.

Dale O'Brien

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