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Dale will present at the UA Conference
Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 4:30 pm

UAC 2012

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Imagination: Tropical Zodiacal Signs and Zodiacal Constellations

Now that Neptune has come home to (Tropical) Pisces, it is my hope that imagination will once again flourish in the practice of astrology. As an interpretive art of synchronistic occurrences, astrology can again be free of the unimaginative and restrictive expectations of scientific determinism. For example, some sidereal astrologers, along with non-astrology critics of Tropical astrology, have pointed out the fact that Zodiacal constellations no longer line up precisely with their Tropical Zodiacal sign counterparts. With science's expectation of precise correspondences, they dismiss our wondrous art.

What are these critics missing? Imagination! Astrology is the embodiment of multiple images. We have four different fascinating elements, each in three different states (modalities). We have a Zodiacal band of creatures seemingly natural (ram, cattle, crab, lion) and obviously mythic (centaur, sea goat, two fish bound together by common chord). Astrological imagery continues with mythically-named Planets, Zodiacal degree imagery (Sabian Symbols). etc. This imagery intertwines not only within a given chart, but is also interactive with the imagery of progressed charts, transiting planets, synastry, and so on. Added to this complexity is the relative free will of the relatively conscious individual.

Under such circumstances, the non-imaginative mind can only sidestep befuddlement with constrictive keywords and such. Our Souls, peeking out from behind our charts' imagery, are not only not respected, our Souls are not even seen at all. Science has no Soul. Science abhors Art's subjectivity and relativity, the stuff of Soul-making. The sky without Soul is the sky of modern astronomy. Science-oriented astrologers seem hell bent on destroying the interpretive sky-art of astrology by trying to turn it into something less than it seems to be for many of us.

But what of the imprecision of Tropical astrology's Zodiacal signs and their namesake constellations? The art of astrology uses metaphor, analogy and such. Science has little use for such techniques, because a modicum of imagination would be required to wield them. Imagine a people very much at home in their home country. Perhaps they are Italians in Italy, Africans in Africa, or the Irish in Ireland. Now imagine that those people were forced to move away from their homeland. Is there not something of Soul that has carried over from where they were? Just because these people find themselves in a new and very different place, under a different sky, do their lives become entirely the stories associated with the new sky? Do not Souls turn to imagery in their new nation? Do not Souls vivify their nation with imagery, and thus thrive in i-magi-nation?

I hope to see many of you at UAC in New Orleans in May, our first UAC under tropical Neptune in Pisces.

As Taj Mahal sang, "Time to leave your yesterdays, your yesterdays behind, And take a Giant Step outside your mind."


Atlantis Degrees

One of the ATLANTIS DEGREES seems to be 28+ Gemini:

Gemini Sabian Symbol 29 is "The first mockingbird of spring sings from the
tree top."
Like any Zodiacal degree image, there are wonderful positive potentials in this degree. However, in my opinion, human individuals or human enterprises with this degree may smugly (tree top = above it all) assume that their attempts to imitate and master Nature prove that they
are oh-so-clever. At least back in Maryland where I spent the first part of my life, mocking birds attacked cats and smaller birds  from above --- would-be dominators. The word "mocking" implies not just mimicry, but disrespect. I see a negative potential for this human (Gemini = twins =
twice as mentally (Mercury-ruled) "human," or anti-Nature. Technological hubris is contempt for Nature and Nature's Creator. This mindset fits
those dominance-oriented Atlanteans that Edgar Cayce called the Sons of Belial. (I prefer to abbreviate for succinct accuracy --- the S.O.B.s)


Sabian Symbol for Taurus 19 (18+): "A new continent is rising out of the ocean" Obviously, the rise of a truly new continent would not be Atlantis, and there are supposedly other lost civilizations that purportedly sank, such as Mu (possibly in the Pacific), Lemuria.... However, Cayce implies that Atlantis will actually rise --- a new continent, at least for most of
the living.

This degree implies lushness, fertility, and abundance. Plato and Cayce both told of the Natural abundance of the original Atlantis, which was at least partially related to it's early prosperity via nautical trade.

Sabian Symbol for the last degree of Aquarius: "Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white" is obviously not overtly Atlantean, but does imply the end of a great civilization, covered over by Nature. For Babylon of old, we have a covering by fields of flowers; for Atlantis, we have a covering by ocean. Decadence leading to decline is associated with Babylon (just ask a Rastafarian, mon). Plato and Cayce both told of decadence causing or corresponding the end of the once great civilation of Atlantis.



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