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Goodbye, Good Riddance, to Neptune in Aquarius;

Welcome Joyful Dream of Neptune

I turn around to see on sidewalk just behind me
Cute toy mouse Gray with White with Sky Blue low umbrella beside her
like SecondLine umbrella with sparkling silver pattern All looking brand new
Others had just walked past it or over it or else Mouse wasn't there before
"Some little child should have this" I think to myself
Then I notice on green grass near where sidewalks intersect
sits Peaceful Happy Little Girl seemingly Wise

Momentarily I think I should not interact because I don't want to be strange man
who frightens her or threatens her serenity
Just as quickly I realize that everything is OK
I stoop to either point out or hand Mouse to her
Before I can do so however
She points at the sky above me

"See! See!" she is saying (or "Sea! Sea!" or CC)
I raise up and turn to look where she is pointing towards
There in cloudless blue sky same color as umbrella is
Same pattern in Sky as on Umbrella
Silver Stars shine brightly in an approximate circle
with curving stars streak in middle (like Taoist symbol)
She is in euphoric ecstasy smiling full of Joy

[I awaken equally joyful in a state of consciousness like before I was six years old, when I was a similarly blissed out little kid. I remember traveling out and past the stars, even though I had no exposure then to astronomy, science fiction, astrology or such. Even hours later, Laura saw me "absolutely giddy" as she has not seen me before....] Days later now, I'm still feeling good, despite the seeming unchanged surreal awfulness of the news of the world (especially the real stories behind the stories).

From my extensive Dream Tending Training, based on both the most ancient and most "cutting edge" perspectives on Dream, every dream, including this one, has not only a personal relevancy, but somehow a collective one as well, even for Earth. My Dream teachers and I believe that all dreams come in the interest of health and healing.For that reason, I've shared this dream that visited me.

Thanks for reading both (if you did/will),
Most appreciative of each of you,









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