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" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled."  
Mark Twain

Dale O'Brien

        “Death is in charge of the clattering train!” is the final line of the poem “Death and His Brother Sleep” by Edwin James Milliken, published October 4,1890 in England’s PUNCH magazine. It addressed the inevitable tragic consequences of rich railroad owners over-working a train engineer (sixteen continuous hours on duty). Exhausted, he fell asleep at the helm, resulting in the crash of that passenger train.

       Sadly, that train tragedy was neither the first such tragedy nor the last. However, it was far from the very recent worst Death-in-Charge train-related catastrophe, and never have the rich railroad owners involved been richer --- or the least caring about human and animal life. Behind them were In early December 2022, President Biden and eighty U.S. senators, Democrats and Republicans, blocked overtime pay for railroad workers, and other basic concerns, including safety. Two months later, the consequences could not have been worse. This time, no railroad worker was responsible.

       Before continuing with the astrological story of the worst ecological disaster in American history, it is important to place the timing of this greatest of all American tragedies in the context of the contemporary astrology of the USA.

       You may know that the USA had its exact Pluto returns, the last of the three in December 2022. Astrologers' consensus on this phenomenon is that the USA is no longer what it had always been. Astrologers, however, do not agree on "the" exact chart of the July 4 1776 USA. Recent historical documentation indicates a narrow range in the morning time for that day. I won't here go into my research on exact timing of my USA chart, but Pluto's return in this chart is quite telling.

       Many know that the infrastructure of the USA (roads, bridges, etc.) is, and has been, in exceptionally bad and even dangerous shape. In an individual's chart, the Fourth house, at the bottom of the chart, is associated with one's residence. In a country's chart, the physical foundations/ infrastructure is the Fourth house. Pluto, the Lord of Death, is "the Lord Who Taketh Away." Even though Pluto has been transiting the USA Fourth house since 2009, it makes astrological sense, that the worst impacts on the physical environment should coincide with transiting Pluto in proximity to USA's natal Pluto. In recent years, year after year saw the widespread devastating wildfires, hurricanes, etc. undermined the USA infrastructure. But the worst was yet to come.


       February 3 2023 at 8:54 pm EST, one car on fire since 8:12 pm, a long train derailed in East Palestine Ohio. The train included cars with deadly chemicals. At least two cars where on fire even then. Within two hours, representatives of the Federal Government were on site. By some time on February 6, the EPA actively or passively allowed the Norfolk Southern Railroad to set afire the deadly chemicals on site and in the open air--- the most dangerous option possible!

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       Why was this handled this way? To speculate: When oil “spilled” after the Deep Water Horizon, an illegal chemical was spread not to clean, but to more widely disperse the oil into smaller quantities, saving the corporations (legally “people” -- sic) from lawsuits.  Similarly, to speculate, regarding the East Palestine disaster, open burning and long-delayed remedial inaction the toxic contamination spread made inevitable financial lawsuits against the corporation “people” unlikely to prevail.

       Chiron is all about Soul, where Spirit and Natural Body come together. By contrast, a corporation, legally declared a person, has no soul. Sustaining the corporation and the corporate society inevitably results in human tragedies, from train wrecks in 1890 to the worst environmental disaster in
American history.

      Most Americans did not even hear about this incident until several days after the wreck and the toxic cloud, tens of thousands of dead fish and various animals, widespread contaminated waters and soils. The mainstream news focused first on a suspect (see Romanian Senator Diana Sosaca) 7.8 Earthquake in Turkey and Syria (2/6/2023, 4:15 a.m. local time), and later on various purported Chinese balloons over the USA. (note transiting Mercury with transiting Pluto then --- the Federal government did not want the incident talked about nationally.) Another story the Federal government wanted ignored came out February 8. 2023 as a Substack report by Seymour Hersh about the Nordstream Pipeline destruction of September 27, 2022.

     Pluto, death, can take away life immediately, like that of tens of thousands of fish in or near East Palestine, or years later via cancer (not the astrological sign), caused by, for instance, exposure to dioxin and other toxins in air, water and/or via food, animal or vegetable, raised in toxic soil.

     Why did I write such a somber article? First, the truth (Soul Journey Truth) is sometimes quite sad and quite bad. Second, remember that Biden, the Congress and the Senate, and Federal Reserve head Janet Yellin, immediately gave billions of dollars more to Ukraine’s dictator, and NONE to East Palestine and other contaminated local areas. The government does not care about we the people. Death is in charge of the clattering trains of the USA – as was the case of trains to Dachau?    

    It would be naive to think that everything will be OK for the USA when Pluto enters tentatively into the sign of Aquarius on March 23. Similarly, transiting Pluto into the USA’s Fifth house is likely to be a different grim story, but that story is for some other time.


Dale (O'Brien)




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