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" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain

WHO is CHiRON in Astrology:
An audio interview of Dale by astrologer Emily Trinkus

April 2023

Collaboration of The Ideological Powerful

Dale O'Brien

PRELIMINARY NOTE # 1: PLUTO is Only One Component of Astrology, just one "Player" in a complex
play of life, and is best understood in the context of other Astrological "players".

PRELIMINARY NOTE # 2: All fear is rooted in the fear of Death, and Pluto was/is the "Lord of Death", or
in Christian terms "The Lord Who Taketh Away" side of God. Dread or Fear of Pluto is not helpful.
As John Lennon sang, "Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear!"

       Within just a few days, the last time that Pluto entered the astrological sign of Aquarius in 1778, France began collaboration with the rebellious 13 colonies. The sign Aquarius is opposed to Leo, the sign of Sovereignty, royalty (think Lion, king of the jungle). Unlike previous alliances of sovereign nations against one or more other sovereign nations, in 1778 influential French ideological types aligned with the ideology of the signatories of The Declaration of Independence. Note that the French Revolution happened shortly after the American Revolution. In both cases, an influential minority stirred up the discontent of ordinary working class / middle class (not poor) people, wronged by their respective monarchs.

 Aquarius as a sign can be seen as a mindset of "Power to the CORRECT People."

       It is often pointed out that the American Revolution began a change of the form of government (Capricorn, the sign previous to Aquarius) from government royal-ruled illusion of self-described modern day "patriots" is that the rebellious colonies gave us "democracy." In fact, historically, their democracy was in the hands of at best 4% of the population. Then as now, the owner class ruled the working people.
       Similarly, these same neo-patriots describe "The Founding Fathers" as Christian. In actuality, the most influential "Founding Fathers", like Thomas Jefferson, were Deists who believed that God created the world and then pretty much left it at that. This essentially "Humanistic" and "Utilitarian" predisposition is archetypally Aquarian. It is probable that such a mindset was part of a turning away from another form of sovereignty --- that of the Pontiff of Rome.

       Like the pope, the king or queen of any nation was seen as the intermediary between God above and the peasants of The Earth below. Royalty and the Pope wore gold crowns, gold being the Sun-like metal of Sun-ruled Leo. Thus God above was supposed to guide the monarch. Similarly, each gem in the crown was meant to bring in the various helpful planetary perspectives. In this 21st century, in our nearly totally Godless society, though, there are no monarchs.
       A New Order of the Ages, an era of soverignrpublics, began the last time that Pluto was in Aquarius. What now, starting in 2023? This time there is a very real danger of the beginning of the "death" of "sovereign" republics. Note that mythological Pluto was "The Lord of Death." Who knows how many ordinary, relatively powerless people might die as "The New World Order" eliminates many of us, the perceived "useless eaters"? Even nuclear war, to some of the ideologues, is insanely considered as a possible solution to "climate change." Remember that Pluto is the first part of the word Plutonium. Ideological types (associated with Air signs like Aquarius) tend to not "come down to Earth" and can endanger physical human bodies and the entirety of the rest of life on physical Earth.
       To be Aquarian is to be Promethean, and the name Prometheus means "Forethought." His brother, Epimetheus' name means "Afterthought." The Aquarian mindset theorizes about a Utopian "better world" for "humanity." Later, the Epitmehian perspective may see instead a Dystopia for "What seemed like a good idea at the time."


       The new era government threatens to be the powerful collaboration of the ideological --- WHO, WEF, etc. Sometime in 2024 most of the formerly sovereign republics are scheduled to cede unprecedented power to the WHO organization. And so, right on astrological time, Pluto in Aquarius begins. Do you really think that "The Lord of Death", Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the WHO care about the health of the cyber-peasants of the world?
       The Sun is in the sign of Aquarius in the middle of the winter in the northern hemisphere, approximately the last third of January and the first two thirds of February. That time in 2024 will be quite different than other winters, because then Pluto in mid-winter Aquarius. This time coincides with the predicted disastrous suffering and probable deaths of ordinary European citizens amidst severe shortage of "energy" for heat. Of course this shortage was created for ideological reasons --- inhuman consequences in the interest of the perceived "good of humanity." Do you really think that the EU and NATO care about their "huddled masses" trying to get warm?


Photo courtesy of Matt Briney                                                                        

       "Deathly cold" = Pluto in Aquarius --- not an exaggeration! Europe can expect a probable "Valley Forge" winter to an exponential power. Consensus American history (not historically accurate) tells us that the coldest winter for George Washington and his army occurred in Valley Forge. Although encampment began in the later half of December 1777, by January 26 (Sun in Aquarius) 1778, Pluto had entered astrological Aquarius. Desperate to prevent mass desertion, General George Washington exercised the dictatorial might of Pluto in Aquarius. He changed military policy from "Deserters will be shot" to "Deserters will be hung" in front of the other troops. He said witnessing such hangings this would "strike terror" in those tempted to go home and get warm, and to get away from rampant illnesses caused by the poor sanitation in the camp. How austere will Pluto in Aquarius be this time?


       Pluto first enters Aquarius at 8:13 a.m. EDT on March 23, 2023. Over 2023 and 2024, Pluto will alternate between inching forward into Aquarius and then in apparent retrograde, returning to late Capricorn each of those two years. By early 2025, Pluto is in Aquarius to stay for 18 more years to come. Pluto leaves the "too early" first three degrees of Aquarius by March 5, 2025, when Pluto in Aquarius will be fully unwavering in power.
       Son-of-a-Nazi Klaus Schwab tells us that by 2030 we will "own nothing." Pluto, "The Lord Who Taketh Away", as "executed" by a collaboration of "Plutocrats", who may very well see to that by then, if not before.

"This is the Dawning of the Age That Will Bury Us, Will Bury Us"
as The Fifth Dimension/HAIR! song parodied by Don Caron, is more true now with Pluto in Aquarius than when posted during the Trump presidential era.



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