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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain

Pluto in Aquarius: ALIENS UNDERGROUND?!
(Extraterrestrials, Intraterrestrials)

~ Dale O'Brien

Mythological Pluto was/is not just the Lord of the Dead, but also was/is Lord of the Underworld. Aquarius is a "Fixed" Air sign, air contained in a closed environment. Each Fixed sign has the potential to control that element. So, Aquarius can be about "Air Force." Aquarius in our modern era is often seen as about Space, that is the space above the earth, where science fiction can become science fact. Each Zodiac sign image can be understood as metaphorical or analogous. Pisces can be seen as fish-like, Cancer can be seen as crab-like, etc. What about Aquarius? Could we, similarly, see at an archetypal level, Aquarius as human-like (but not necessarily human)?

            Following this astro-logic, our current and unfolding era at one level (literal and figurative lower level) fits a bizarre theoretical possibility: Plutonian human-like non-humans far below the surface of the Earth. Astrology seen as a form of mythology is real symbolically, whether also literally "true" or not.

           In ancient legends in North America and elsewhere there are/were stories of "people" living underground, whether known as "The Ant People", "The Skin Walkers", etc. In recent history, it is commonly known that national leaders of the U.S. and UK had underground spaces to escape actual or potential life-threatening adversaries. Mark Zuckerburg is the latest Plutocrat to announce his deep underground residence (in Hawaii). Does he know something that most of the rest of us do not know?

           However there is also a far less commonly known story about an underworld far deeper and far more vast and widespread. Clearly an abbreviated re-telling the later is a job for Astrology's Minority Report-er. Specifically, this lesser known movie-worthy story comes from Phil Schneider (born 4/23/1947; died 1/10/96 or 1/11/96)

My "journey" down this "rabbit hole" (pun intended) began with this brief video:
Underground Tunnels and Hybrid Breeding Programs

Time of birth unknown; 11 a.m. chosen in relation to transits at the time of his death.

           There is much more fascinating information about Schneider and his father than what will be included here. Phil was said to be prone to exaggeration and making himself out to be heroic (true or not?). I realize all of this sounds like fiction, and maybe some or all of it is. However Schneider was saying some very specific things more than 25 years ago that are now talked about in some circles. For instance, over 25 years ago, he said that the evil aliens feed off of and got a drug-like thrill from human adrenacome. You may have heard certain contemporary "conspiracy theorists" mentioned this as the drug of choice of certain powerful elites. Further, he spoke of how "they" control the weather. This is what is currently called geo-engineering, with patents for such going back to the same time that Western U.S. underground tunnels and such were made. Was Schneider experience ahead of his time?

           Phil Schneider had a high-level federal security clearance for his 17-year employment for the U.S. military as an expert geologist and structural engineer. He announced that he broke his vow of sworn secrecy in either 1994 or 1995 (sources differ) because of his concern about some federal and corporate collaboration with some aliens who live below ground. According to whistle-blower Schneider, who said in 1995 that he was dying of cancer, some of these underground aliens and their human (hybrid?) collaborators planned to destroy most of humanity by about 2029. Supposedly, about a billion worldwide would remain as slaves to the aliens, hybrids and collaborators. This year coincides with Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum, and the U.N.'s 2030 goal of a total transformation of humanity. (By 2030, "You will own nothing…") Those many V.I.P. thousands living below Earth's surface would presumably survive the devastation above.

Can you say World War 3?"

           As of 1995, Schneider said there were 129 underground small cities in the U.S., and two more planned or then under construction. Other countries have similar underground tunnels, etc. that Schneider also worked on, as well as some underwater, subterranean submarine bases. Each U.S. "base" was connected to others via a high tech high-speed railroad. Tunnels were rapidly made with state-of-the-art technology, and all below ground technology was/is decades-more-advanced than above ground. The first of these bases was said to be built in 1940 for the President, etc., but bases in the American West were built starting post WW II, 1947 or earlier. Keep in mind the threat of nuclear war at that time. Also note the classic Roswell New Mexico story.

           President Eisenhower supposedly made a peace treaty, the Greada treaty of 1954, with some of the hostile aliens, including uranium for their space ship(s) and having the aliens provide the names of their supposedly few abductees. 25 years later, though, there was a different story.


           In 1979, near Dulce, New Mexico (near the Colorado border), while geological trouble-shooting far below Earth's surface, Schneider and scores of U.S. military and federal agents (FBI? CIA? DIA?) supposedly got into a battle with "large Grays". The story goes that Schneider shot and killed one of those non-humans, but nearly died and was severely wounded by radiation directed at him from the Gray's body. Schneider repeatedly emphasized that although the aliens were/are in many ways far superior to humans, they were/are mortal. They can be killed, but are extremely deadly to humans.


           I have not found any explanation from Schneider about what happened between that 1979 battle and later collaboration. Most or all amazing human post WW II technological accomplishments were all supposedly from alien technology.

           If you can believe Schneider, there were/are eleven different types of underground aliens. Of those, four benign types, and one of those four "angelic" and good of heart. Another one of the good ones was smaller than typical human adult. (Yoda? The movie ET?) The Pleidians (origin story of the Cherokee) were not only benign, but were adversarial to the malefic aliens.

           Of the other seven types, the malefic ones, in three of his 1995 presentations, he only mentioned three: the Large Grays, the Small Grays and the Lizard-like aliens. (Is David Icke onto something?)


           Schneider, riddled by multiple health problems, threw away a lucrative career, risked being seen as a fool, the related stress contributed to his divorce, and he even risked his life. Why? Why did he "blow the whistle"? He sincerely believed in the goodness of humanity, even government and law enforcement personnel, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and a wholesome American way of life. If the evil were exposed and opposed, alien and collaborative, he believed that Good could triumph over Evil. Some cynics will smirk at his story; other cynics will see him as a stupid idiot sure to be ignored, forgotten, or worse. You be the judge.


           Schneider said that as soon as he started speaking out, there were thirteen attempts on his life (including being shot at) within just a few months. Several UFO/alien conspiracy type colleagues of Schneider died at or before 1995 under suspicious circumstances. For instance, a fellow Portland Oregon area friend and UFO conspiracy author was "suicide-ed." That is, his death was first declared a suicide, then the police declared that death an unsolved homicide, but the investigation was halted. Shortly thereafter, Schneider was wheel chair bound and needed to wear a catheter.

           His car remained in the same place and Phil did not answer the door for days when his friend came to check on him starting January 10, 1996. A week later, that friend and Phil's apartment manager found Phil's body. Supposedly catheter tubing was tightly wrapped around his neck, tied in the back. The police declared his death a suicide, but his friends, his fans and his ex-wife are certain that he was murdered for telling too much.

           Although I have no time of birth for Schneider, I calculated his chart for 11 a.m. to indicate "interesting" transits at the time of his birth. Note Uranus and Juno on the Sabian Symbol: a secret businessman's meeting, with Neptune nearby. Hmm. Also note transiting Mars and Mercury Opposite Phil's Saturn and Square his Sun and Square his Chiron, and exactly Square his progressed Chiron. What do you think --- suicide or homicide?

Body found 1/17/96; he died on 1/10/96 or 1/11/96

           Was Phil Schneider just mentally ill, one more American "lone nut", or might Pluto's transit of Aquarius be more than just theoretically foreboding? If he was really onto something significant, we will likely all know relatively soon.





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