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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain

~ Dale O'Brien

               Whether you are interested or not in mythological astrology, specifically Chiron's mythology, there is an uncanny correspondence between the timeless Chiron story and the state of the modern world. In researching mythological Chiron, it is critically important to minimize the simplistic cliché of the victim-oriented "wounded healer." The full story of Chiron is multi-faceted, and that is absolutely helpful to know when looking at individual astrological charts. However, a significant part of Chiron's mythological story deals with a critical collective concern, totally relevant to right now.

            The same story repeated and repeats over and over, with only different names for the individuals challenged to an enormous challenge. As the story goes, first, "evil despots seize power." In the past of course the power to rule belonged to royalty. Nowadays, we can simply say that the wrong people are in charge. How can we know that? The rest of this story gives the clues. To maintain their power, money, land and/or other things of value are taken from the ordinary people, not just as a slight tax. In pre-modern times most people worked the land as farmers and such.
            Another part of this story is that the land itself (Anima Mundi) does not provide adequately when most needed under the economic duress. Starvation, or "food insecurity" became the norm. The mood of most people was understandably very sad. Now we would term this widespread depression, medicated depressed people or not. The "powers that shouldn't be" turned the army against the citizens of their own nation. Now we would call that a "police state."
            As the story went, as the story goes, this grim reality would continue unabated until, if and when
Chiron would mentor a young male, who is the rightful heir of the throne. The training of such an individual would uniquely prepare him for the specific challenge to right the wrong. Besides being trained in many cases in martial arts and battlefield medicine (first aid), he was equally trained in ethics, respect for women and elders, etc.

           Then, when the time was right (presumably determined by Chiron with astrology, omens, etc.), the young male would begin his quest. Perhaps hearing such a general story reminds the reader of fictional stories and movies, particularly from astronomical Chiron's discovery period, approximately at least 1962 through at least 1992. If so, that shows us all of the timeless relevance of the Chiron myth. As the late Joseph Campbell said about myth: "never was, but always is." Unlike fictional writing and movies, we alive now have no guarantee of a happy ending.

           In fact, we currently have "anti-Chiron" evil mentors, who have trained the young (male and female, white and otherwise) to further their evil agenda of total control, causing widespread human suffering and death, and environmental devastation. (Mythological Chiron was the defender of Nature --- and not with "carbon credits" and such!)

           Specific "anti-Chiron" evil mentors include Klaus Schwab who chose young leaders to take over ruler-ship of formerly sovereign nations. These include, but are not limited to, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland in Canada, Jacinda Arden, Gavin Newsome, and Pete Buttigeg. Another "anti-Chiron" evil mentor is Anthony Fauci, who told children that Christmas could only happen because Santa Claus (?Santa Klaus?) purportedly got vaxxed. Yet another "anti-Chiron" evil mentor is Bill Gates who, amongst other insidious things, wants trees cut down and buried supposedly somehow for the sake of the environment.

           So, our collective challenge is not only as daunting as those of people in the past or in fictional stories, but even more so, in seemingly unprecedented ways. However, the story of every Chironic "hero", from Asclepius to Orpheus to Heracles and many others, tells us that the improbable is not necessarily impossible. "It ain't over until it is over."

           Just as our collective challenge is more ominous than those of other times (fictional or historic), the story can be modified this time. Instead of one Chiron and one would-be hero, this time there can be many Chirons and many would-be heroes. For anyone who is past the age of 50 (i.e., past her or his Chiron return), it is not too late to wisely mentor one or more of a younger generation, if sought by him/her/them. For anyone under 50, may you find your Chiron mentor(s) and restore Goodness, Truth, and Love to a world lead away from all that by insane evil despots.

From A GUIDE TO THE I CHING by Carol Anthony
Hexagram 44: Coming to Meet (page 203)

           We should … realize we cannot overcome evil. We can only undermine it through modesty (being conscientiously correct), reticence, and the power of inner independence (inner truth). We may recognize evil, but we must not allow it to draw us into its vortex. We succeed in this battle when, in spite of everything, we retain (or regain) our compassion for those who err. We remember that they err because they misunderstand the truths of life that would liberate them from the dark force. When we succeed in maintaining discipline during such challenging situations we come to meet the Creative halfway, and thus attain the help we need … to complete our task.





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