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Our Great Mother’s Performance On Extinction Rebellion Day

April 15, 2109: Thousands in England participated in Extinction Rebellion non-violent demonstrations as the Parisian cathedral Notre Dame burned. As the cathedral fire burned into the evening, former archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams addressed the assembled demonstrators, police and media. He said, “We are here tonight to declare that we do not wish to be at war. We wish to make peace with ourselves by making peace with our neighbor Earth and with our God.”

           The fire started while worshippers inside were praying the Universal Prayer, a prayer that speaks of love of all, even one’s adversaries, and responsible benign political leadership. This was about 6:30 pm, Paris time.
The Ascendant and first house of an event chart indicates the initiator of the event. For the Notre Dame fire, what if  “Our Lady” (= Notre Dame) was the initiator?
The Sabian Symbol image for the Ascendant speaks of a break from work at a time of peak heat. The cathedral was under reconstruction, replete with scaffolding.  Pallas Athena rises with strategic purpose, specifically as “a gang of robbers in hiding” going backwards. (Backing away from greed?) Athena defends the best of civilization, and here in Libra in a diplomatically peaceful manner.
            Athena here is stressed by the agedness and physical impermanence of her stone “home” on one side, but by government control on the other side. Note that for well over a hundred years the cathedral has been owned by the state, not the Roman Catholic Church. Consequentially renovations have been “strictly business” with no sense of “the Sacred.”

            The chart’s ruler is Venus in the house of work and service in the sign of the love between the Loving Mother and Her Loving Son (befitting the Mother of Jesus). Her Sabian Symbol: “The Purging of the Priesthood.” (Hmm.) Venus conjoins Neptune on the symbol: “In a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance.” It appears that “She” blesses work done with reverent love and artistry. Note that during some of her approximately 850 years some construction and restoration were done as “labors of love.” Because it will take years to renovate, services will be held just outside in those, thus the “tent meeting” like arrangement that were born of this circumstance.

            A few degrees further into this house we find defender-of-the-environment Chiron in a FIRE sign conjunct sacred flame-tending Vesta in the same FIRE SIGN. It appears that “She” wanted work to be temporarily stopped as “She” does Her part to participate in Extinction Rebellion action.
            Corporate American news outlets seldom report environmental demonstrations, but were all over this dramatic famous locale fire event. Seeing the fire reminded us all that we should not take anything for granted, as much can change for the worse in a very short time. In France, after more than twenty consecutive weeks of “yellow vest” protests, thousands in person watched the “old lady” burn, just as thousands of French people had watched heroic 19 years old Joan of Arc burn at the stake (also in Spring) almost six hundred years ago.
           Although many feared the cathedral’s total destruction, Notre Dame’s beautiful “face” and breast-like bell towers survived. While most were shocked to see the leaden skyscraper spire fall, that “strap on” phallic symbol was an imposition of men, not feminine at all. Is this seeming rejection of the nature of the purging of the priesthood? Beyond shock, spontaneous prayer and singing of “Ava Maria” brought together young and old in a city with only 4% Catholic Church attendance.


           All 180,000 bees and their three roof hives miraculously survived the fire. These bees do not abandon their hive, no matter what. When smoke and fire come, the smoke sedates them. They gorge on sweet (Venus) honey and protect their queen. These worker bees had their own “siesta” and live on in reverent loving work, seemingly as if with “Her” blessings.  Perhaps it is not too late for Love, for Peace and Environmental Sustainability.

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