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Full Moon 3/20/19


Chiron’s Advice to a Wounded King: Listen to Woman, Listen to Girl

(What follows is in answer to a reader’s request to write about the Full Moon of March 20, 2019. Reader communications, including requests, are absolutely welcome. As ever, feel free to forward to others. I’d appreciate that --- Thanks!)

FIRST, Setting a Context

            The ubiquitous clichéd adjectives for Chiron are “wounded” and “healing” or most often combined as “wounded healer.” Like many other clichés, there can in deed be truth in these words, but taken out of their mythological context they can be very misleading. “Ch-ironically” the usual astrological “cut and paste” of these words contributes about as much to real soul-healing as a band-aid on a severed limb. Such processed astrology is about as nourishing to the soul as processed food is nourishing to the body. In fact, scientists have found that conventional processed foods can even be carcinogenic. I make no such analogous accusation against conventional astrology, full of the usual Chiron clichés shared at astrological conventions in corporate hotels usually divorced from Nature and Natural foods.
            That said, mythology tells us that Chiron was the wise mentor to one “hero” after another in that character’s youth. The individual “hero” may have been a great hunter, a great warrior, a great leader, a most amazing healer, a profoundly exceptionally amazing musician, etc. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the advisor to many a future leader. In later stories (neo-mythology) Chiron is again advisor to the young individual male but sometimes Chiron is the active advisor to the active adult leader. For instance, nearly three decades ago I wrote of such a neo-myth of Star Trek, for The Mountain Astrologer, based on Nimoy’s exact date and time of the creation of the character Spock.

The Education of Achilles by Bénigne Gagneraux (1785)

            Because probably most readers are familiar with the Star Trek Captain Kirk – Mister Spock relationship, theirs’ best illustrates a Sun – Chiron relationship (Kirk – Spock, respectively). Further back we have the King Arthur – Merlin relationship. In both cases (definitely in the case of Kirk) the leader would not have done as well, or at all, if not for his mentor. Frodo and Gandalf: ditto. Imagine such a leader without that wise advisor, or if the advisor is ignored.
It would be too simplistic to assume that when astrological Sun and Chiron aspect one another in a chart that is a guarantee of some such wonderful success story. Astrology only shows us positive potentials, which are rarely the actualities. In this case, there is the positive potential of a V.I.P. cooperating with wise mentoring. The tragic potential of Sun  - Chiron is the tragic foolishness of the would-be (or former) V.I.P. who presumes his actions are wise, even noble. Ch-ironically such a character does no good for himself (and it tends to be a “guy thing”), no good for his group or cause, and no good for anybody.

"I Said That to Say This.”

The Full Moon of March 20, 2019 has Sun Aries with Chiron Aries opposite the Full Moon. Sun is on the degree that sets off Spring, opposite the Moon on the degree where Autumn will begin in six months. Usually a Full Moon is the emotional culmination of all that has gone down in the previous two weeks, and of course that is true this time as well. However, this time the Full Moon also sets the tone for the coming season. Usually the Spring Equinox affirms the life force, usually enough to get each of us moving forward with life-affirmative spirit. This time it is a more complex challenge. Why? There was a significant Sun – Chiron event that occurred between the New Moon of March 6 and the Full Moon of March 20.

“Beware the Ides of March” (March 15)

            Chiron in Aries deals with the issues of wise effective action, the tragedies and consequences of violence and war. The last time Chiron was in Aries American political “hawks” versus “doves” battled over continuing or ending the Viet Nam debacle. “War is not the answer” is part of Aries Chiron message.


Approximately 1:10 pm: 28 years old Australian male white supremacist Brenton Harris Tarrant posts to Facebook a manifesto, including appreciation for Trump and hope that his (Tarrant’s) actions will trigger a race war in the U.S. (He posts while Moon squares Chiron). Like fellow Aussie bloke Rupert Murdock (3/11/1931), owner of Fox News, Terrorist Tarrant was trying to stir up hatred in a country seventeen hours behind him.
We have a sixty years younger man from Down Under trying to bring America down.

1:40 pm: Tarrant begins his mosque massacres, killing 49 and seriously wounding 50, including deliberately shooting a small child right in the face. (Sun and Mercury retrograde are conjunct within 1 minute of arc on Sabian Symbol “The purging of the priesthood degree”, and with Mercury and Sun conjunct Chiron.)

Astrology’s Sabian Symbols for each of the 360 degrees are best interpreted not literally, but rather in the manner of the interpretation of dreams. In this case, we have a twisted action to negate a religious form of expression. This world traveller chose the only capital city of any country in the world named “Christchurch” for his atrocity. Other religious Sabian Symbols for that time: “A boy with a censor serves a priest at the altar”; “A woman entering a convent” and “An old adobe mission.” Note also that Neptune was conjunct Vesta (pious religious devotion). This was a one-sided battle in a “religious war” where the other side was not firing at the perpetrator. This was war only to Terrorist Tarrant and his ilk.  
A relevant non-religious Sabian Symbol then: “a butterfly with its RIGHT WING MORE PERFECT.”
Tarrant had the financial where-with-all to do his world - travelling thanks to his dealing in crypto currency (Uranus in Taurus) – or in his case, more like “creep’s toe” currency. Remember what crypto currency wrought when anyone sings its praises: cyber gloves to handle blood money.
Other Sabian Symbols imagery may not look or sound as uncannily appropriate. However, I strongly encourage everyone (astrologer or not) to purchase (Australian) Lynda Hill’s book, THE SABIAN ORACLE: 360 Degrees of Wisdom. Therein, she shares the positive and negative potential (‘the caution”) of every degree and its image. She does so with uncanny brilliance. To wit, just two of several “cautions” for that day and time:

CHIRON Caution: “Feeling separate because of different views. Demanding the spotlight. Not knowing when to stop.”
VESTA Caution: “Social incompatibility. Acting like a brat and getting away with it.”

(just a little bit of) the Astro*Carto*Graphy of the grim event

  • Sun and Chiron were setting together at almost exactly Christchurch’s latitude
    (Sun – Chiron shows up yet again, emphasizing the theme of the event)
  • Mars Upper as Pluto sets (Solar Maps: “…. you need to watch your own temper because it could be easy for violence to erupt….”)

"Listen to the woman, listen to the girl."

            If Chiron were beside the leader at this time, he would say, “Listen to the woman, listen to the girl.” The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Aries, the degree of the Sun on this Full Moon, is also female: “A woman has risen out of the ocean; a seal is embracing her.” It is time for females to challenge every leader, male or female. Mythological Chiron was the defender of the forest and all creatures, and lived in Nature, close to the beautiful Aegean Sea. It is time for leaders, no matter how wounded, no matter how vulnerable, to do the right thing for Gaia and all Her creatures, including Muslims everywhere.

This Full Moon Message Particularly for Women

            Jung and the Jungians have advised each of us to try to ”hold the tension of  the opposites.” In this case, Sun’s ruler is Mars; Full Moon’s ruler is Venus. Venus, with “male, don’t tell me what to do” Lilith are square to Mars, ruled by Venus, all three in fixed (stubborn) signs. “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is more true now more than ever. Heterosexual men, especially violent “Incels” and Lesbian women are likely to be particularly at odds around this time.
Also note that Venus-ruled Uranus is quincunx (awkward relationship) with Venus-ruled Moon. LYNDA HILL’s “caution”: “… Aloofness. Feelings of physical, spiritual, racial or intellectual purity that can lead to smugness, bigotry or a false sense of superiority. Ice cold feelings and responses. Not taking notice or being concerned about another’s feelings ….” And: “ … Seeing no future … Not letting go.”
            No doubt things look bad, in lots of ways now. However, life somehow goes on. You might just want to live it. Although he was hardly my favorite human, Winston Churchill did have some good advice here and there, including: “When you are going through Hell, it is important to keep ongoing.” Somehow all of this, “This too will pass.” Will you pass through it, or choose to simply “pass” up life? The choice is yours.

            How to go on when faced with despair? Blues Power works for me. Specifically, try males and females blacks and whites ethnically diverse band SOUTHERN AVENUE and their gospel-like song of inspiration: “Don’t Give Up”.  

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