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"It's Easier to Fool People than to convince them that they have been fooled."  
Mark Twain


               Even though we know that there is no real life Superman or Wonder Woman, unfortunately we cannot say the same about what might be called the real life equivalent of comic book Super Villains. In fact, there are uncanny parallels to famous comic book villain LEX LUTHOR and World Economic Forum leader KLAUS SCHWAB.

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   Superman nemesis Lex Luthor originally premiered as a mad scientist, later re-imagined as a multi-industry multi-national CEO with political aspirations. As a typical modern antagonist, he presented himself as a well-intended would-be leader. He used a fantastic invention to try and rob a bank. Klaus Schwab and his cronies, especially Bill Gates, advocate for mad science including eugenic Borg-like trans-humans, nuclear power as part of a technological “ecosystem” (sic), genetically modified food for genetically modified former humans. All this, including bought off corporate media and corporate politicians would be managed by a handful of multi- billionaires. Of course this whole process is already well underway. Like Lex Luthor, Klaus Schwab implies the WEF will have block chain financial control. Bitcoin, by comparison, would be two bit.

   As Fukushima, near seismic fault lines remains potentially deadly, even as is, the 2021 Olympics in Japan are on schedule, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are endorsing nuclear energy, nuclear energy is part of the Democrats’ Green (sic) New Deal.



   Lex Luthor’s gang of criminals was called the Injustice League. Klaus Schwab’s WEF would be better termed WTF (World Trouble Forum) or EVIL (Economic Villains’ Injustice League). In 2020, “Workers lost $ 3.7 trillion in earnings during the pandemic. WOMEN n and “Gen Z” saw the biggest losses.” (Source: Julian Kaplan at INSIDER) Meanwhile (and I do mean mean), “Nearly 500 new billionaires joined the ranks of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and Elon Musk last year as the world’s richest become $ 5 trillion richer.” (Source: Avery Hart at INSIDER). Note that some of those new billionaires are in Big Pharma: Big Vax = Big Cash.

"Its A Big Club, And You Ain't In It." --- George Carlin (listen on YouTube, 4:24)

   Try and visualize so very much “money” held by so very few. Imagine a hall with 1,000 millionaires. Onstage is a billionaire with his own wealth equivalent to all of theirs combined. Now imagine a hall with 1,000 billionaires and one man onstage with the equivalent wealth of all of theirs. Jeff Bezos may soon be that man. During the Christmas shopping season at the end of 2020, Bezos’ Amazon posted a note online, in words to the effect of: Support small businesses: Shop Amazon. (Sic) Meanwhile, do you believe Bill Gates cares at all about you?  (See The Corbett Report’s “Who Is Bill Gates?”)


(Including What Wikipedia Doesn't Tell You)

   Klaus Schwab was born March 30th, 1938 in Ravensburg Germany. (The Raven’s walled town) As with any other image or symbol, Raven can have different meanings or associations, including positive ones. However, the place and time that Klaus Schwab was born into in 1938 fits the Jungian association of Raven with the dark side of the psyche. Quoting Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”: “Darkness there and nothing more…. Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared dream before…. Perched upon a bust of Pallas…. On the night’s Plutonian shore….”

   Hitler and the Nazis were in full power in March 1938, having taken Austria just days before Klaus’ birth. Terrorizing and persecution of Jews was underway; concentration camps were recently opened. Less than a month earlier, former U.S. President Hoover had a mutually cordial meeting with Hitler in Berlin, discussing housing, jobs and agriculture.

   Klaus’ father was Eugen Schwab. He worked for an engineering company based in Switzerland, but whose subsidiary in Germany was using slave labor (presumably Jews) for manufacturing armaments as well as “heavy water” for the Nazi’s would-be nuclear weapon program.

  The year Klaus turned six was the year that Hitler and the Nazis, in desperation and denial, amped up their Nazi youth and Pimpf programs.


     Boys, like Klaus Schwab, belonged to a Hitler-designed indoctrination training. Boys ages 6 to 10, like older Nazi youth, belonged to a pre-Nazi Youth indoctrination group called Pimpf. Like older Germans, they swore a loyalty oath to Hitler, a bastardized form of the Lord's Prayer. Hitler demanded:    "My program for'youth'is hard" weakness must be hammered away" a new youth will grow up, before which the world will tremble. I want a brutal, domineering, fearless and cruel youth". There must be nothing weak and gentle about it. The free, splendid beast of prey must once again flash from its eyes" That is how I will eradicate thousands of years of human domestication" That is how I will create the New Order." Hitler wanted Hitler youth, like Klaus Schwab, to continue the Nazi agenda far beyond 1938, a "New Order" for thousands of years to come. Klaus Schwab will do his best.

    Tremble, world, tremble, or,...

    The allies invaded Germany just before young Klaus turned seven and Hitler killed himself a month after Klaus' seventh birthday. I know nothing more about Klaus�s childhood, his mother, family, what happened to his father after the war, etc. Of course to present himself as "Santa Klaus" rather than Bad Santa (lumps of Plutonium in your stocking), it would make sense that he wouldn't want to share his early life story.

     Note that one by one, the members of the “baby boomer” generation will already have felt, or soon will feel, the stress corresponding astrologically with the difficult transits of Saturn and Pluto. Alarmists years back screamed that “death panels” would be part of “Obama Care.” However, unless starvation prevention is not legislated at some level(s) of government, the ad hoc death panels might well actually become the mostly millionaires (many septuagenarians) of the Congress, Democrats and Republicans, the Senate, the White House and “Wall Street’s billionaires --- their hard-hearted puppeteers.


   No time of birth seems to be available for him, and since so little is known about him, I’ll propose no speculative (“rectified”) chart. Every person’s astrology has positive and negative potentials. Although we should “never say never” it seems highly improbable that Klaus Schwab at age 83 will change from his stated positions, his demeanor, and like Hitler and the Nazis before him, his insistence on the imposition of “order” (“The New World Order”), from Hitler’s Third Reich to Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution in the midst of “The Fourth Turning.”

   Each person’s chart reflects the circumstances that she or he was born into, both close to home circumstances and “big picture” circumstances. Klaus Schwab (KS) was born with the conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Taurus (“…a storm is threatenin’… war, it’s just a shot away… mad bull that lost his way” --- Gimme Shelter, Jagger/Richards) = modern mechanized Nazi Blitzkrieg Storm Troopers  / KS: technological competitiveness

   KS’ Sun, Saturn Ceres conjunction in Aries: Whoever is the tribal chieftain/warlord in charge makes the rules; austere control of food and/or money to buy it. Appointing himself lifelong head of the World Economic Forum tells us that KS himself plays this role. Perhaps this conjunction is in the tenth house or the first house.

   Transiting Uranus is now approximately conjunct KS’ Mars Uranus conjunction (Uranus return). Meanwhile, this month transiting Mars in Leo on one side and Saturn in Aquarius on the other side make a Fixed sign T-cross. All these Fixed signs are about power and control.

  • KS’ Jupiter in Aquarius also returns in 2021
  • KS’ Chiron in Gemini: the issue of knowing how to say things; catch phrases
  • KS’ Mercury Square Pluto: issue with hiding/withholding information or revealing it.
    Clearly KS wants to hide/withhold information, for instance about his father, etc.
    Who knows what else!
  • KS’ Sun in Aries with Moon in Pisces: trying to be nicer and gentler than  
    he really is
  • KS’ North Node (Rahu) in Scorpio, ruled by Mars, conjunct Uranus, on the “trick or treat degree”:
    Hiding behind a “mask” to get what he wants and/or he and his fellow tricksters getting free treats
    while everyone in the world is wearing masks.  
    No matter how much is acquired, with Rahu here, there is a “can’t get enough”  
    feeling = greed
  • KS’Transiting Pluto opp. KS’ Pluto next year = Pluto return for USA

"You will own nothing and you will be happy."

      As absolute ruler, Klaus Schwab's self-created legal position grants him the power to choose his WEF successor, a family member of his choice. Similarly, no one is invited to the forum, and nothing promoted by the WEF happens without his approval. Know that nothing on the WEF website or any WEF video was/is/will be seen without his explicit approval. That said, a WEF video, since withdrawn, described the world of 2030. First and foremost, "You will own nothing and you will be happy." How might that be possible? Over the course of 2020, Bill Gates, fanatical advocate of GMOs, now owns more farmland than anyone else. The firm Black Rock now owns more residential property than anyone, and the second biggest landlord is billionaire Warren Buffett. Oh, and as Mick Jagger sang (presumably in grim jest): "I've got Bill Gates in my bloodstream!" (This song's sale is to help lockdown destitute musicians.)

Recent statistics (approximate):

  • 87% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck
  • 42% couldn’t afford a $ 400 emergency
  • 19.3% are “food insecure” --- long lines and increased demand at food banks
  • $ 1.7 trillion = total student debt
  • $ 1.3 trillion auto payment debt
  • 3 million homeowners in mortgage “forbearance” subject to home loss any time soon
  • 12 million renters on rent “moratorium” subject to homelessness any time soon
  • 24 states plan to end unemployment bonuses in September 2021
  • 100,000 small businesses were permanently destroyed by lockdowns, etc. in 2020
  • Even now, more people than ever are already homeless (I don’t know the number)
  • Widespread crop failures * Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsome purportedly
    gave 300 million gallons of water to fracking (which permanently destroys ground water).
    Meanwhile, he has denied water to some California farmers.
  • “Wall Street” said that if the Democrats chose Bernie Sanders, then Wall Street would endorse
    Trump. Biden and Kamala Harris were the least popular primary candidates of Democrat voters
    surveyed, but being the most Wall Street-friendly, former Senator “Credit Card” and Harris, who
    failed to prosecute Steven Mnuchin.

--- Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues, 1931,
by Skip James

     Still feeling financially secure? Most money now is electronic, so balances can be "reset" by cyber attack, wiped out to Zero --- but by who? Would son of a Nazi Santa Klaus do you wrong? And/or, what about an "electronic wallet" for each of us, amounts and right to use determined by "them." Uranus is mythologically connected to technology/innovation and theft. Taurus is an Earth Sign, ruled by Venus, and associated with possession of real physical stuff, including paper dollars and metal coins. Uranus in Taurus is likely to lead to a "new, easy, better" way which would be to do away with physical money and paper checks (aka Covid cooties carriers).

Serf the net, serfs, like serfs of old labored on land they did not own.


     Klaus Schwab on CNBC less than a year ago warned us to "prepare for an angrier world." Ya Think?! His demeanor was "Bring it on!" Elsewhere he predicted a cyber security crisis that will make the Covid crisis pale by comparison. He declares in his speeches and in his book that Covid 2020 showed the world that there is a need for a financial "reset" and he and his cronies are the ones to reset the system. He and they believe that their type of techno-capitalism will save humanity and the planet.
     This is completely contrary to what indigenous leader Evo Morales said on the first day of the Deep Water Horizon tragedy, the same day that Chiron entered Pisces. He said, "Either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies." He meant WEF and related international capitalism, not what Ellen Brown calls "Mom and Pop Capitalism." Mom and Pop capitalism got hit hard in 2020 while the greedy predatory type soared to new heights (or sunk to new lows, depending upon one's point of view). You can't "social distance" in a small shop like you can in a big box store. Was this an unfortunate circumstance, or something more SINister?

     The insidious plans of Super Villain Klaus Schwab, and his gang including Wild (hair) Bill Gates, Jiff Bozos and Elong Must are not yet a done deal. In the stories of those that mythological Chiron trained, each one, outnumbered and against seemingly overwhelming odds, amazingly succeeded in restoring right order through courage of the heart, ethical behavior, applying the wisdom of their mentor, Chiron. Realize what is at stake here, not just your financial well-being, not just the financial well-being of other regular people, the well being of Nature, but also your Soul, the Souls of Humanity, and Anima Mundi. Let's not let the old son of a Nazi and his greedy psychopaths and the like destroy everything good.

     Chiron currently in Aries is a time for each person, whoever and wherever she or he may be to stand on one's own in goodness and in truth. Chiron was in Aries last when the country, and the world, went from being perfectly OK with violent racism and the horrendous Vietnam War to just the opposite, tolerant coexistence and bringing the troops home. What lead to this remarkable change was separate individual actions, or deliberate non-action. "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" was an inspirational slogan then. A singer-song writer here, a movie-maker there, a draft resistor, etc. No one knew whether actions and conscious non-actions would succeed or fail, but each of us who cared acted with the courage of the heart simply because it was the right thing. (It was ethical --- mythological Chiron taught ethics.)  
    This time the racial tolerance needs to include, not exclude, everyone, including not vilifying regular white males while giving a pass to the worst divisive dominator power-abusing white males like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Fauci. How to battle soulless evil? With soulful goodness, including truth- sharing, humor, song, art, prayer, loving sharing, and other ways that this just one guy can imagine. We can't win if we don't try, and maybe trying our best is all that Soul needs.

Interesting timing, ABSOLUTELY COINCIDENTAL, for Grand Master Klaus' Cyber
Polygon July 9, 2021:

*  Exactly one-week prior, at least 200 and possibly as many as 1,000 U.S. companies hit with ransom ware cyber attack, supposedly by the Russian REVIL gang (keeping with the comic book villain theme, R for Russian, so, Russian Evil), but never fear, Son of a Nazi Man is here (and everywhere!)

*  One month earlier, 60 House offices, Dem & Repub, ransom ware attack, this time purportedly by Chinese hackers

*  May 30: JBS meat, Brazilian-based international company and member of the World Economic Forum hacked in U.S. Canada and Australia. Note that WEF said by 2030 we will only be able to eat meat as a special treat. I presume that cat food and dog food won’t be approved for payment from your electronic wallet, except for the elite, of course

*  Exactly two months prior: Cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline

Ixion on 7/9/2021: 1st degree of Capricorn: Sabian Symbol: An Indian Chief claims recognition and power from the assembled tribe 



* Footnote: See YouTube video with this title, a Don Caron parody of the song "Age of Aquarius". Even though Trump is thankfully no longer president, our dilemma is, if anything, far worse!


Still from Corbett Report "Hopeium"




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