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"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape
finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. "  --- 
Marcus Aurelius


The 2020 Uranus Return for The New York Times

       Common knowledge, second only to Sun Sign stereotypes, is about Mercury retrograde. Consensus: Mercury (in apparent) retrograde is a time of a lack of information. The overwhelming majority of astrologers would not likely assume Mercury retrograde to be a good time to start a newspaper, especially one of the nation’s and the world’s most respected newspapers. And yet, here is an inconvenient truth for the astrology-minded majority: Mercury has always been retrograde for THE NEW YORK TIMES.
       THE NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, 9/18/1851, now THE NEW YORK TIMES, (NYT for short) celebrated their 100 year anniversary 9/18/1951. LIFE magazine for that date declared the NYT “The Gray Lady.” The name endured, and so does the NYT’s astrology. Finding an exact time for the NYT’s chart is unavailable, but what we know for sure is that Mercury was/is definitely retrograde, and on the Sabian Symbol “The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed” --- appropriate for a daily newspaper. Moon was/is in Gemini through 5:37 pm that day.

       Most remarkable, their astrology has a close conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus in the Earth sign Taurus, all three in aspect to Mercury retrograde. The conjunction of any two of those three planets is significant, all three together, far more so. Note Saturn and Pluto (with Ceres) were exactly conjunct 1/12/2020 in Earth sign Capricorn, drawing international astrologers’ attention and commentary, including my own. Read article "Holy Toledo". On 9/18/1851 Saturn and Uranus were on the same degree and Pluto just three degrees away. Sabian Symbol for Saturn and Uranus then: “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Uranus returns exactly on March 2, 2020, the third of three recent returns, about 84 years since the first return. Previous Uranus return was within 55 days of the death of Adolph Ochs. (See below.) Now, early 2020, is a very big deal time for the NYT.


    On January 20, 2020 The NYT unprecedentedly early, endorsed Democratic Senators (ex-Republican) Elizabeth Warren and (low single-digit popularity) Amy Klobuchar for president. This date is exactly one year before the inauguration of the president, and before any presidential primary or caucus, and the start of Trump’s impeachment in the Senate. Uranus transited between NYT’s Pluto and NYT’s double-parked Saturn and Uranus.

CNN poll, 1/22/2020: Bernie Sanders (in the lead) 27%; Joe Biden 24%; E. Warren 14%

One recent poll found an approximate approval rating of NYT reliability of reporting and editorial opinion: 50% (A profoundly lower percentage than in the paper’s past)

Past NYT endorsements: for President: Republican Eisenhower (both terms); for New York state Governor: Republican George Pataki; for New York City Mayor: Republican Rudi Giuliani (Yes, really!); for New York City Mayor multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg.


            In 1896, Adolph Ochs, as soon as he took controlling interest, lowered the price of NYT from three cents to just a penny to compete with other New York papers, a smart business move. Around the same time, their logo was introduced: “All the news that’s fit to print.” The slogan was likely part of the NYT success story. However, the astrology of Mercury retrograde “not all the information” significantly contradicts the inclusiveness implied in that statement.
            Decades before Fox News declared their programing to be “Fair and Balanced” The NYT with their Mercury in the sign of The Balance implied the same thing. However, saying isn’t doing. Who decides what’s fit to print? The quick and easy answer is the editor(s), but the real answer is the owner(s). Editors and their families need those pay checks. The NYT is definitely a for profit enterprise. Do you really think the owners of the NYT care more about “the truth” than profit? The (Zodiacal) Signs of THE TIMES’ astrology lays out the more probable story.


      The ancient Romans pretty much took Greek Gods and Goddesses, stories and all, and gave them new names. Before He was called Mercury, the Greeks called Him Hermes. Hermes thought it would be great fun to fool Apollo into thinking that Apollo’s cattle had disappeared. Hermes somehow had taught the cattle to walk backward (RETROGRADE) out of their field. Apollo came to the field after this, shocked to see that his cattle were not there. Looking at their tracks that ended mysteriously, He assumed that they had disappeared. Lacking all of the information, Apollo made an incorrect, if logical assumption.

       A MINORITY REPORT perspective to astrology integrates the relevant mythology, Sabian Symbols and other astrological factors into understanding possibilities impossible to see with the typical “keyword” approach of the astrological majority. Mercury retrograde in a chart does not always, or even usually indicate deception and duplicity. However, it might, especially when two-headed, two mouthed Gemini is significant in the chart. For the NYT there is Moon in Gemini. For contemporary politics, we have Sun Gemini Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Boris Johnson, war criminal Henry Kissinger (who approved of Trump’s keep-them-guessing style), oh, and Amy Klobuchar.


      Any aspect involving Mercury and Pluto, as is the case for NYT, involves the issue of confidentiality and/or revelation of what has been secret. Starting in the early Cold War era, the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird placed CIA operatives in major media (including the NYT undercover as reporters, etc. and using media staff as CIA informants, etc. with the cooperation of owners, etc. (See Carl Bernstein’s The CIA and the Media and Frances Stonor Saunders’ The Cultural Cold War.) So, again with NYT, their slogan was invalid. Rest assured though, Sun Gemini George H.W. Bush, ex-head of the CIA said that the arrangement was ended once it was exposed.

      NYT ‘s Judith Miller went to jail rather than reveal the source of false information that she presented in 2003 as true regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Her report was used by the “W” Bush administration to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Miller was later outed as a CIA spy and forced to resign from NYT in 2005. A partial headline from THE GUARDIAN, 5/28/2004 read: “…The New York Times has burned its reputation on a pyre of lies about Iraq.” Think about this. Lies are planted in NYT by the CIA, the NYT’s false story is used to justify consequent widespread terror, billions of dollars are wasted, U.S. – initiated mass murder and suffering, including to U.S. troops who are still in Iraq. Gray Lady, pot of gold intact, her hands dripping the blood of innocents, has no remorse. NYT stocks are still doing quite well, and millions of clueless Americans still waste the last hour of the last day of every year watching a lit ball fall, on TV or in cold Times Square. Judith Miller moved on to work for “Fair and Balanced” Fox News --- a lateral career move.
         Concurrently in 2003, then NYT’s war correspondent, fluent in Arabic, Chris Hedges gave a commencement speech at a college graduation. He spoke out against the Iraq invasion, accurately predicting its failure, and appealed for peace. He was removed from the stage. NYT warned him that he could not speak out against NYT policy. Hedges resigned, a professional divorce from Gray Lady Macbeth and her pot of gold.


         Pluto in mythology was associated with great hidden wealth. The word Plutocrat is appropriate. Richard Tarnas made a brilliant case for astrological Uranus to most accurately correspond to Prometheus. Prometheus was a thief. His theft of fire is associated astrologically with technology. Uranus, Prometheus and Saturn (Chronos to the Greeks) were all Titans. Chronos was an absolute ruler who ate His Olympian Children. He worried that one of them would bring Him down. The Olympians were usually wary of the Titans, who wanted to literally bring them down, and bury them. The Olympians correspond to most all of the Gods and Goddesses whose names are given to the planets and major asteroids of an astrological chart.
       Note that in the NYT grand triple conjunction, we have two Titans plus Pluto, all together. Two of the three are on “a pot of gold” degree in materially comfortable Earth sign Taurus. So, NYT’s astrological potential was to “steal” and maintain great wealth and power (Fixed sign Taurus). Saturn and Uranus together indicate the potential to make or break rules as they see fit.


         Gold was discovered in California in 1848. Approximately 300,000 came west in 1849 seeking fortune, which few found. By 1850 most of the surface gold was gone. The beginning of real big money in California gold came coinciding with the triple conjunction of 1851. The hidden (Pluto) gold was accessed using Uranus/Promethean technology to steal it from Earth (Gaia). Saturn in the form of legal corporations hired poorly paid human labor to do the dangerous work. Funding and profiting from these ventures came from Wall Street, NYC.


       So, The NYT was in the right place and the right time with the right astrology to become enormously successful and to maintain continuing longevity even when print newspapers are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. In addition to the printed newspaper, the NYT at the launch of the popular internet era quickly created an online version and has even developed a video presence. In fact, THE TIMES has changed with the times from the very beginning of the twentieth century. Adolph Ochs somehow got the city to rename Long Acre Square Times Square, adjacent to NYT base of operations in The Times Tower, starting in1904. Even though NYT moved operations to a new building in 1913, they kept the tower building for unique unprecedented purposes.
       Time balls of old were dropped from poles on buildings at certain locations in the U.S. at noon to coordinate time. Make-their-own-rules and tradition NYT came up with the idea of dropping a ball not to coordinate daily hourly time, but to mark year’s end. THE TIMES ball drop was at night, and the ball was lit. The tradition continues to this day. Starting 11/6/1928, NYT had an electrical news “ticker” commonly called “the Zipper” on the side of their tower. The Zipper was removed from the tower’s wall to make way for the most valuable advertising space in the country, and probably in the world. The Gray Lady’s pot of gold stays full.

         The throwing down of Ouronos (Uranus) by Chronos (Saturn) and later the throwing down of Chronos by Zeus (Jupiter) involved castration. New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day occurs in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Father time (Saturn) carries a sickle. The “ball drop” of the old is like the severed testicle (albeit only one) of the old, with the New Year represented by a male baby. NYT’s astrology has the two appropriate Titans with Pluto, Lord of the Dead: castrate the old year and thus kill it. “May old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?” “The times, they are a changing” yet THE TIMES remains astrologically the same.

N.Y.T.: Greedy, not “Jewish"; Greedy, not “Democrat”

        Anti-Semites dismiss NYT as having a pro-Jewish bias because Ochs and his descendant NYT were/are Jewish. NYT: Pro-Israel yes, but the deserved condemnation of the NYT severe non-reporting/under-reporting of the Nazi horrific treatment of Jewish people and the Holocaust proves this slander as untrue. In a pathetic attempt to defend themselves, the NYT claimed that they didn’t want their paper to be seen as “Jewish.” Real translation: NYT cares more about profit (keeping paid readership) than to share disturbing true news about horrible inhumanity in action. While Nazis filled pots with Jewish gold teeth, wedding rings and Stars of David, the Gray Lady held on to her own gold stash.
       Similarly, the NYT has not been supportive of all Democratic candidates and representatives. When push comes to shove, NYT seemingly favors only those Democrats friendly to corporations and Wall Street, including those Democrats favorable to war profiteering, nuclear proliferation, and never increasing taxes on the rich.



      Populist Democrat Bernie Sanders (2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns) is not the first populist that “The Gray Lady” has tried to politically destroy by words written or unwritten. NYT was absolutely adversarial to “underdog” populist Democrat William Jennings Bryan. Bryan unsuccessfully ran for president three times, in 1896, 1900 and 1908. Note the year of Bryan’s first presidential run. It was the same year that Adolph Ochs took full power at NYT. Republican/Progressive Robert La Follette fared no better with the Gray Lady a little later.
      Bryan surprised everyone when he became Democratic candidate for president because of his speech advocating for a “bimetallism” base for the U.S. economy, silver and gold, not gold only. He and his supporters believed that such a change would be in the interest of the ordinary citizen, not just the very wealthy. “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold” was the memorable line from that speech. Astrologically it should be noted that gold is the metal of the Sun; silver is the metal of the Moon. The Sun is associated with royalty and V.I.P.s; the Moon is associated with “the public” (ordinary people). Of course The Gray Lady would not like anyone whose ideas might threaten her pot of gold and that of her base. Gold is the base metal of the elite, literally and/or symbolically.

      For a newspaper with Mercury retrograde, expect ignoring (not covering) news about someone or some phenomenon, and/or not giving different perspectives on news about someone or some phenomenon.


       The NYT promoted their pro-Warren-Klobuchar announcement by sending their token editorial board member African American from a Brooklyn walk-up, Mara Gay, to an all female love fest at corporate Dem-friendly MSNBC who brought out their own African American token cheerleader. The NYT endorsement coincides with billion-dollar campaign loser Hilary Clinton’s denouncement of Bernie Sanders. Sanders had campaigned for Hilary in 2016. Instead of gratitude, Hilary dishes out attitude. Feel the burn, Bern. Don’t forget that almost-president Hilary wanted Julian Assange killed with a drone strike.
      Further, multi-millionaire ex-Republican Hilary made the outrageous accusation of pro-Russian leanings of active military member Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabard. Tulsi is rightfully suing Trump-wedding-guest Hilary for 50 million for defamation of character, etc. Hilary didn’t stop there, she similarly slandered 2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein, M.D. Stein had personally tried to investigate dubious voting results in predominately African American precincts --- voters most likely to have voted for Hilary, not Trump.
      Mara Gay and the MSNBC impromptu girls club declared that “women rock.” Let she who is without hate cast the first rock.” Hilary’s “basket of deplorablea” just keeps getting bigger all the time. That is necessary presumably to balance the scales: hers and her base’s heavy gold on one side, a basket of less well off people make up the other side. Don’t despair, Pink Pussy Hats. The Gray Lady likes the Hate Lady. They’re the bad kind of golden girls: female Robin Hoods in reverse.

The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil slams mainstream media’s
anti-Sanders bias on Tucker Carlson tonight

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Dale (O’Brien)






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