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Solar Eclipse July 2nd, 2019 

Every Solar Eclipse is a significant beginning and ending, as every ending of something is the beginning of something else. An eclipse shadow path indicates particularly important Solar Eclipses for a country, and/or close aspects of the eclipsed Sun to the nation’s “birth” chart. For instance, the 7/2/2019 Solar Eclipse path goes through Chile, Argentina and very close to Uruguay, and even touches the edge of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. However probably important, I’ll leave the astrological interpretation of those South American countries to others. Rather, here we will look at our declining U.S. Empire and our current president’s Solar Eclipse astrology.
      I continue to work on and share in different contexts  PHASING The FACTS: American History in 28 Phases (Final Phase “The Fool” began with Trump’s Inauguration) (Online May 4th for Kepler College; May 20th in person in Ashland Oregon; in late summer or early autumn in Eugene, to be video recorded for YouTube) Email me if you or anyone that you know might be interested in this subject. Look for email announcements, or email chironguy@pacinfo.com.
      Using the declining British Empire as a model, in its final phase other nations abandon the dying empire and its formerly dominant currency. This change is underway for the USA, effective 6/6/2019, less than a lunar “Moonth” before this summer’s Solar Eclipse. Although China and Russia lost millions more in World War II than any other nation, neither was invited to, or even mentioned, in the 75th anniversary of D-Day. No matter, China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin were meeting in Moscow, setting a significant new beginning in motion, notable excluding Trump’s teetering empire.

  The July 2nd Solar Eclipse falls in Trump’s 11th house, making stressful aspects to Trump’s birth chart. When a Solar Eclipse makes stressful rather than harmonious aspects to one’s chart, the “endings” nature of the Eclipse is felt, rather than the sense of “beginnings.” Amongst other things, the 11th house is the area associated with friendship.The Donald had often spoken of his “very good” friendship with China’s Xi, as he
had also implied about his relationship with Putin. Whether that was ever really true, or even appeared to be true, that has been completely eclipsed already, even before the coming eclipse. On 6/6, Xi publically announced Putin as his “best friend” as the two agreed to work cooperatively together on business and trade. That includes China providing 5G technology to Russia. Remember that Trump had Canada arrest CFO of China’s Huwai 5G leader, with possible extradition to the U.S. (“With friends like that, …”)
      China, Russia and other countries are abandoning the U.S. “petro dollar” for gold and other trading options. The 7/2 Solar Eclipse also makes stressful aspects in the USA July 4 1776 chart and the 11/15/1777 chart that I see as representing those who really run the U.S.

July 2nd, 1776: United States Declared War on Great Britain 

Just as a shooting war officially began for America then, a “new beginning and ending” in Trump’s “trade war” has begun, but this time China and Russia are less overtly declaring a defensive trade and economic war on the U.S.
Similarly, THE GUARDIAN on “Moon day” June 10 reported:
 Trump and Macron’s Symbolic Friendship Tree Dies  

      German’s Angela Merkel is retiring; UK PM Theresa May recently announced her resignation in the month that bears her name. Mexico? No way, Don J. Can Trump find a world power leader friend? Can he find any friend at all?

Is Trump (No Mister Rogers) Sesame Street’s Big Bird’s Evil Twin?

      Might Sesame Street’s fictional oversized yellow Big Bird have a human evil twin, Orange-tufted Donald Trump? After all, Trump is a Sun Gemini (The Twins), as is Pence, Rudy Giuliani, and Trump’s mentor, war criminal Henry Kissinger. At the very beginning of Trump’s presidency, Kissinger visited The White House and (in so many words) encouraged Trump’s chaotic and deceptive duplicity.
      TV Big Bird claimed to have a friend that no adult in the room could see for years. Big Bird would use this “friend” as a scapegoat for anything that went wrong, anything for which Big Bird should assume responsibility. It turned out that Big Bird did have one friend after all: Mister Aloysius Snuffleupagus (or “Snuffy” for short). Snuffy
looked like a sun-glass-wearing prehistoric elephant, predecessor to the fossil fools’ Republican Party mascot. 


A Few Random Notes About the Solar Eclipse 7/2/2019

  • A Solar Eclipse can be studied in relation to a nation’s “birth” chart, but also by setting a chart for the capital city of a country for the time of the eclipse at that location. Such a chart set for D.C. (amongst other things) looks the chart of a surprise “divorce” from two formerly loyal “others” who collaborate together in pulling away and starting something new together, possibly involving technology.

  • Sabian Symbol for this eclipse: “A clown is caricaturing well-known personalities.” Note that Xi spoke uncharacteristically about Putin as his “best and bosom friend” as if mocking Trump’s expression.Also note that eclipse chart Venus is on the “mocking bird” degree.

  • Eclipse chart has the rare conjunction of Saturn (retrograde) and Ketu (the Lunar South Node) on the Sabian Symbol for a warship and both conjunct Pluto (retrograde) on “a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.” Within hours of Xi and Putin snubbing Trump, Russia and the U.S. accused one another of a near collision of one of their ships with that of the other. The U.S. ship was the Nuclear-capable guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville, a warship named for a land battle that the U.S. lost. The ship was named after the Civil War battle that insurgents’ leader Robert E. Lee won AGAINST the United States, with a total death count of over 30.500. The S.S. Minnow it ain’t.

“The Last American Vagabond” quoted a Boston professor, sixty years a sailor, who explained how by the universal laws of navigation that it was the U.S. ship that was on a collision course, with the Russian ship evading catastrophe at the last possible minute. (Note that the Chancellorsville’s motto is, appropriately, “Press On.”) The partial, brief out-of-context video released by the U.S. navy, CNN, etc. do not show the full video, or explain what the full video shows. It seems that the U.S. ship was “playing chicken” with the Russian ship. (Note that the opposite degree Sabian Symbol image features chickens.) This news story (fake news or Real News version) parallels a recent U.S. fighter pilot in the Middle East accusing his Russian counterpart of flying dangerously too close to him.
      If the U.S. has Blue Angels, what are Russia’s pilots? What are Chinese pilots? An empire of innocents sees no other as innocent or angelic. Note Barry Spector’s MADNESS at the GATES Of The CITY (The Myth of American Innocence). Former President Carter, 94, recently described the U.S. as the most warlike country ever in history. Always remember that only the U.S. has ever used nuclear weapons on targeted civilians. Meanwhile, remember, or know for the first time, that a forgotten Soviet submarine commander saved the world from nuclear war. Peace whispers “please no”; war shouts Shock and Awe, and war’s victims say to themselves “Awe, shit.”
      Trump (“Make America Hate Again”) is unilaterally destroying nuclear arms control treaties, with Putin the only world leader speaking out about how dangerous this can be for the whole world. Meanwhile the corporate Democrats and their very well paid, very well played corporate media spokesmen and spokeswomen and comedians demonize Putin’s Russia as somehow an eminent great threat to America. Life now like a twisted Ground Hog’s Day meets Duck and Cover, the sequel, and all theater exits are locked. The orange-haired dangerous man isn’t in an Aurora, Colorado theater, he’s in the White House, or playing with his Mere-a-lego.
      The original rationale of mutual nuclear armament of the U.S. and the USSR was “M.A.D” = “mutually-assured destruction, with the assumption that no leader of either country would be “mad” (insane) enough to start such a war. Dare we now really rest assured that abandoned, mocked and humiliated Trump, dodging impeachment, can maintain the sanity of a war-weary Eisenhower or a smugly self-confident Obama? Meanwhile, disregard “Little Rocket Man.” What about Modi in India? What about Israel’s Netanyahu?  Hmm. To paraphrase The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”: Nuke murder, it’s just a shot away, it’s just a shot away. 

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