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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain


The Mythic Consequences NOW
of Snake Venom Poisoning

Dale O'Brien

(before addressing the Concern in Our Foreground)

       "It is a myth" is a common way of dismissing anything that one deems "fake news" or "misinformation." Amidst the political controversy over what is fake news and what is not, there is another way to look at things. Relatively new perspectives, such as "Woke-ism" in the general population, or in astrological circles, the assumption that "The Aquarian Age" is entirely wonderful, can be seen as newly emerging "myths." Will they endure the test of time and bury forever much older mythology (and much older astrology)? Or, will they fail to do what timeless mythology has offered humanity, everywhere in the world, in every era, truth about the human condition, told in imaginative stories?

       Until our present time, mythologies were always imaginative, that is, full of images. Those images might include frightening monsters and amazing beings that fight such monsters. Biblically speaking, we can think of, for example, Goliath and David who fought him. By contrast, modern would-be mythology, Woke-ism, consists of word jumbles of abstract concepts, in new terminology in purported battle between the new "politically correct" perspectives and those declared incorrect and obsolete. Similarly in modern astrology, the "New Age" of Aquarius is declared in every way better than the past or passing away Age of Pisces. Concepts are of the mind, and as such have no Soul, --- and no sustainability.

       But what if, instead, much older mythic stories and characters mirror our current horrid and critical human condition? Before passing away, noted mythologist Joseph Campbell prophesized that the only myth that would be important in the coming era, (the era that the rest of us are living in now), would involve the planet Earth and everyone on living on Earth. Joe and others likely assumed that a brand new fitting myth would emerge, but instead a very old, but that nearly forgotten mythology fits Joe's requirements.

       The Power of Myth: Joseph Campbell told us that the story of a myth "never was, but always is." For example, even if there never existed a physical centaur who purportedly lived in some cave, the timeless human relevance of the Chiron "myth" should not be discarded. Soul Healing Fiction can be powerfully helpful!

Mythological Chiron lived in Nature and single-handedly battled those who would destroy Nature for nihilistic fun. Chiron, like traditional Native Americans, saw, with empathy and compassion, all species on Earth, not just humans, as "relations." Chiron taught hunting, not as some thoughtless sport, but as part of living as a human being, living in ecological order. Chiron taught medicine, but a holistic and plant-based medicine. Long-lived Chiron mentored, one after another, inspirational human beings, the most amazing healer, the most gifted of musicians, and, several "heroes" who, "against all odds", stored rightful order to society.

There was/is a common recurring story for the need of such a hero.

"Evil despots had seized power", usurped from rightful rulers. The army of such a despot was used not for foreign conquest or for defense of the town or region, but instead was turned against the people of that place (like a modern "police state") to keep the despot's power absolute. To do this, the people were forced to give physical tribute, profoundly impoverishing the people. Worse, all this occurred while the local Earth was in severe decline, so food and other resources were scarce. Of course in such an overall condition, almost all of the people there were in great despair and seeming hopelessness. (Sound familiar to now?)

       Fortunately, those Chiron stories did not ultimately end tragically. In each case, the rightful heir to the throne, or the needed hero, was from a young age trained by Chiron. The training of each varied to each unique circumstance of specific challenge. Commonly included, though, were training in Nature survival, physical fitness, martial arts, battlefield medicine, but also non-physical training, such as navigation by the stars, and ethics.

       Ethics? Really? Yes. Case in point: a young male would-be hero was trained by Chiron to always respect and help women and the elderly. Early in his quest, the young man came to a raging river that he must cross. Before attempting crossing, a feeble-voiced old woman, her head and face covered in a dark shawl, asked the young man to carry her across the turbulent river. At first, the young man scoffed, "I don't even know if I can make it across myself, let alone carry you!" Remembering Chiron's words, though, he did indeed accede to her request. He/they barely made it across, and in fact he lost one of his sandals in the process.

       Safely on the other side, the "old woman" lowered her cowling to reveal her as the Goddess Athena. For having done the right thing, she promised her assistance to him in his quest. Still, he wondered why the oppressed people would unite behind an unlikely leader wearing only one sandal. As it turned out, there was a prophesy among that people.

       Namely, some day, a stranger wearing only one sandal would enter their town. The legend said that the people should follow him and by doing so, their horrible oppression would somehow be over. Can "doing the right thing" really make a difference, even now, when up against overwhelming odds? Maybe so!

Another Quite Relevant-to-Now Chiron story

       Myths have been described as collective dreams. In contrast to one's own very personal dream, collective dreams can have widespread relevance, adaptable to different gender, a myth of one or two characters can be applied to unlimited numbers of people.

       For instance, consider a more detailed story of the cliché of Chiron, Wounded Healer. Chiron mentored and befriended Heracles, Perhaps the greatest of Heracles' "Labors" was slaying of the monstrous Hydra, a great Water SNAKE. The blood of the slain Hydra was deadly poisonous to any mortal being, human or animal. Chiron dipped arrows into this deadly snake poison and gave those arrows to Heracles. Long-mythic-story-short, Heracles accidentally shot his dear friend and mentor with such an arrow.

        Although Chiron was mortal from his mother's side, he was immortal via his "father" Chronos/Saturn. So, Chiron did not die like any mortal would, he also was not immune to pain and suffering as any immortal would. Instead, he could neither die, nor could he forego suffering. Hence: Chiron, Wounded Healer.

       "So what?" you might say. Well, consider this retired Chiropractor (read: Chiron practitioner) Doctor Bryan Ardis with the research aid of brave Doctor Carrie Madeji, MD, DO, Osteopath (Chiron) and Internist, determined that at least some (? Maybe all?) of the Covid-19 purported/re-named "vaccine" replicates the toxic effects of Snake Venom (and poisonous shellfish venom), with relevant research on such going back to 1977 - the year of astronomical Chiron's discovery. Link to video, on rumble: CoVenom-19


       On February 11, 2020, the day that Eugenicist Bill Gates-funded World Health Organization named and hystericised Covid-19. That was the same exact day that astrological Chiron entered his dark, final phase (exactly 30 degrees from the Chiron return of the astronomical Chiron discovery chart). So, we can say that we are, and have been, living since then in an era of a Dark Time for The Soul of Humanity, and Anima Mundi. Blending relevant Chiron mythic stories now can not only show us our collective dilemma, but also possible clues to move through this time with body and soul as intact as possible.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (Con-sider-ation: To Be With the Stars)

       World Economic Forum son-of-a-Nazi Klaus Schwab and his there-is-no-soul and confessed dictator-helper Hariri mythically qualify as "evil despots" who have usurped power (along with Klaus Schwab's protégés in the EU, Trudeau, Gavin Newsome, Buttigeg, Jacinda Arden, etc.) The greatest transfer of wealth upward occurred rapidly as part of the Covid-con, as did Despotic/W.E.F. Bill Gates acquisition of the majority of U.S. farmland for GMO crops, and a time of huge Wall Street asset managers becoming the majority landlords of U.S. rental properties. Meanwhile Geo-engineered weather devastates/devastated crops, created shortages, poverty and even localized famine.

       Early February 2023: The worst environmental disaster in U.S. history strikes the U.S. "fly over" "Heartland" and all the sorely-needed relief money instead goes to a murderous, corrupt, environmentally destroyed Ukraine.

  • Evil Despots seize power: ✅
  • Transfer of ordinary people's wealth upward to the Evil Despots: ✅
  • Army-like Police State (research Federal Government's hollow-point bullets): ✅
  • Devastation of Crops and Natural Resources: ✅
  • Most of the citizenry in despair, severe emotional depression, etc.: ✅


Pick your poison: Fentanyl injection, or "safe and effective" (sic) un-ending "jabs"

It should not take much imagination to see mythological parallels between a poison-tipped arrow and a (perhaps unintentional) poison-bearing, arrow-like hypodermic needle, for an opioid or for a purported solution (pun intended) to a purported crisis.


    Great, relevant timeless myths are for EVERYONE, not just a few. No matter how powerful, "Evil Despots" are very small in number. That leaves everyone of the rest of us, in some tragic expression of the myth of Heracles accidentally wounding Chiron.

    The latest evil depots relative to this myth have been alluded to, but this is one myth to unite us all, "vaxed" or not.

* The HATED UNVAXED. Mythic Chiron, like any minority individual, suffered discrimination from those who disdain inadvertent (not Uranian rebellious) non-conformity. Think of Rudolph the Red-noised reindeer, banned from "reindeer games." Now think of one of the greatest tennis players of all time, unvaxed, banned from tennis competition. Have no doubt, though, that the collective situation can become much worse than the plight of one sports V.I.P. link at Children's Health Defense to Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav's NEVER AGAIN video series.

* Almost all who were "vaxed" had no idea what could go wrong, either relatively quickly, or perhaps instead, some time later. Like mythic Chiron, they were ACCIDENTAL VICTIMS. Those accidental victims, recently, included those "mortals who "DIED SUDDENLY", especially the young athletes, mostly male (Chiron in Aries now), and/or fit young soldiers (mostly male).
Those accidental victims include innumerable thousands, probably ultimately innumerable millions worldwide, with damaged hearts and other physical health problems as the result of "the jab." Links: The Highwire; ICAN (The Informed Consent Action Network); VAERS data at Children's Health Defense

* THE GRIEF OF HERACLES: Inadvertent Harm to a Loved One, (etc.) Imagine how very sad and hurt that Heracles must have felt to see his dear friend and mentor suffer so. Now imagine the angst felt recently by those responsible for the damage done that they never meant to do. These include, but are not limited to, parents who had their children vaxed, but also well-intentioned administrators, doctors, nurses and others who above all meant no harm.

* THE CHIRONIC HEALERS. Dr. Ardis and other "alternative" practitioners have already found and made available helpful natural remedies for those who have been vaxed and also preventative wellness protocols to help keep both the vaxed and unvaxed healthy.

    Paraphrasing persecuted Truth Teller Julian Asange, if lies can lead us to war, perhaps The Truth can lead us to Peace. Similarly, what about the lies since 2/11/2020 that have terrified and impoverished so many of us, and the lies about the widespread "mysterious" and "random" destruction of our food and environment? Does a Soul Healing Truth offer, at some level, an antidote to hopelessness?

    I sure hope so!

Chironically, Dale

P.S.: The term "Healing Fiction" is borrowed from a book of the same name by the late Depth Psychologist (and fan of mythological astrology) James Hillman


  Copyright Chiron Soul Journey Truth 2023