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" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled."  
Mark Twain

(Chiron’s Dark Phase)
Dale O'Brien

Astrologically speaking, every "planet" like the Moon, goes into a dark phase before return. Chiron's dark phase began February 11, 2020 (exactly 30 degrees before return to discovery position at 3 Taurus 9'). 2/11/2020 was the same day that the WHO named both COVID-19 and Sars CoV-2. Whereas the Moon goes visibly dark when in late phase, Chiron is now in his Dark Phase until his final return in April 2028.
      Dark Phase, Dark Years, metaphorically "cold" Darkest Night (time of the Dark Knight); think dark winter (see Whitney Webb on "Dark Winter").

Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab both welcomed the COVID crisis as an opportunity for "a Great Reset." Harari denies the existence of any Divine Being and of the existence of Soul. Further, Harari, Bill Gates and Schwab welcome any radical reduction of the human population. Harari sees humans as "hackable animals" "improved" by being reduced to computer-flesh hybrids, each surviving person, just brain material, will, if Harari gets way, will become one part of one mind. (He doesn't say who controls that mind. Guess.)


Probably the greatest unrecognized mystic of modern time, Blind Willie Johnson (born 1/22/1897) became blind as a boy because of watching a Solar eclipse with his naked eyes. As a Spiritually-aware adult, he approached "The Great Mystery" of God and of Soul from question to affirmation to gratitude. In song, he asked the timeless question:

Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can,
Won't somebody tell me, just what is the soul of a man?

A later verse in the same song:

I saw a crowd stand talking, I came up right on time,
[They] were hearin' the doctor and the lawyer,
say a man ain't nothin' but his mind.

Obviously, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Further, speaking about the pandemic of the "Spanish" Flu in his song "God Don't Ever Change"

God in the time of sickness
God in the doctor too
In the time of the influenza,
He truly was a God to you.

But that was then, and Klaus is now. Churches and other places of worship were locked down, and can be again, in the name of a supposed pandemic, the first in the history of humankind to quarantine the young and healthy, and require their statistically unneeded "vaccination" and consequent unprecedented widespread cases of "died suddenly." Meanwhile, the World ECONOMIC Forum, big businesses, such as Walmart, were open while churches were not.

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy: "This is a War"
(click here for soundtrack)

This is a war on religion
This is a war on the children
They give you the cure with the sickness
This is a war on tradition
This is a war on religion
This is a war on the children [...]

This is a war that we livin' through
They won't reveal to you that they all slowly been killin'you
They don't tell you what the hell you agreein' to
Sheep in a herd and you don't know who leadin' you
Keep on proceeding to follow
Your mind is hollow
While you being coddled
By government swallowing up everything that media tells you
Without a question or a problem
All these sheep bein' slaughtered [...]

This is a war, they ain't playin' fair
They feed off ya fear,
They want you scared
Death and despair, it's all in the air
So just beware, you think I care?
The more that you know, the more its clear
This is a war, its clear,
This is war, its already clear [...]

-- Jimmy Levy & Jesse Friedman, 10/8/2021



In the era in which we are now living, some concerned people speak of those just going along with any and all (funded by Pfizer) media, those unthinking people are termed "sheeple", as also implied in the lyrics written above. This specific animal choice as metaphor is "Ch-ironic" since Chiron transits most of these dark years through the sign of Aries, the Ram --- ram, sheep...


Perhaps it was the (late) astrologically savvy James Hillman who said that when Spirit incarnates into Matter, there be Soul. Christians may immediately think of Holy Spirit, Mary and Jesus. In Greek mythology, immortal Chronos (Saturn) impregnates a mortal female and there be Chiron, there be Soul. When Christian missionaries first told two South American shamans the story of Jesus, the two agreed about Christ "probably the greatest shaman of all time." Shamanic healing involves Soul retrieval, as Soul loss involves body and spirit. Who has Soul? Presumably individual humans have soul, but others? Original indigenous people, Carl Jung, and many of us alive now, believe that Earth Herself has Soul. What about groups of people - Soul Brothers and Soul Sisters? Include or exclude, as you might, who has Soul and who does not, if there is anything at all to Chiron and Soul, everyone of us, living or dying since 2/11/2020, worldwide, vaxed or unvaxed, are now going through The Dark Years for Soul.


Dilettante astrologers glibly reduce astrological Chiron to key worded cliché "wounded healer", but they do not know, or neglect to share, what was/is the mythological wound of Chiron. Chiron dipped some arrows into the blood of Hydra, a deadly poison that would kill any mortal being. Totally Immortal Beings, by definition, cannot die, and perhaps would even feel no harm if shot by such an arrow. His long story short, Chiron himself was accidentally shot by one of those arrows. His inherited immortality prevented his death, but his mortality could not escape great pain and suffering. Astrology is of course the correspondence between the celestial and the human terrestrial. The naming of COVID on the same day as the beginning of Chiron's Dark Phase changed the focus of the world and of course lead to recently dictionary-renamed "vaccine" injected into the bloodstream with arrow-like hypodermic needles.


Mythological Chiron was/is a mentor, teacher, advisor and even friend to a series of "underdog" mostly unlikely "heroes" who against all odds each restored the rightful and better order to a people after "Evil despots" had "seized power", often for very long periods of time. When such a despot and his minions usurped power, the ordinary people struggled to survive as their resources were taken to sustain the despot(s) and their police state- like army. Meanwhile, Earth went into decline, so starvation threatened. Astrologically, the stories of those long-forgotten against-all-odds Souls (real or imagined) parallel our current reality.



As if we in the USA didn't have enough challenges in these "dark" years, in terms of the July 4, 1776 USA astrological chart, through the end of 2022, the USA went through "dark" and terminal years coinciding with the USA coming to and going through their final Pluto return. Although officially over, obviously the USA in any and every regard is not in any better shape since a few days ago. Connecting the two overlapping times of darkness, USA's and world's, the Free Speech First Amendment MAY be "dead" forever. (Hopefully not!) It should be pointed out that there is also a significant overlap of interest between the World Health Organization and the USA government, V.I.P. citizens, and organizations. U.S. is the number one funder of the WHO, and U.S. citizen Bill Gates is the number two funder of the WHO. Further, we have Fauci, the U.S.-based CDC, etc., etc.


The arc of the moral universe is long, but bends toward justice
said MLK, referencing abolitionist Theodore Parker (1810-1860)


"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts [...] " - William Shakespeare

What role or roles are we and will we each of play in this era of the Dark of The Soul?

    • Are you/will you be one wounded and suffering from "the poison"?
    • Will you, instead, like Heracles, witness the suffering of your dear friend Chiron?
      (Perhaps that might be your life partner, a parent or sibling, or your own child)
    • Further, like Heracles, feel the tragedy of actually being the one to have accidentally be responsible
      for Chiron's suffering? (injection doctor or nurse; a didn't-know-then parent)
    • Will you, like RFK, Jr., Del Bigtree and others, be a reluctant underdog fighting against all
      odds to help restore a better world?
    • Will you instead be a frightened denial coward, afraid of the nightmare of Despotism, and hence
      one of their minions?
    • Will you be a Nature-based healer who helps the "wounded"?
    • Will you deny your own soul and that of others, like Yuval Noah Harari?
    • Are you Klaus Schwab, the evil despot who has seized power via, among many others, Gavin Newsome, Buttigeg, Trudeau, Jacinda Arden, Macron, etc.?
    • Will you hold onto your Soul, no matter what?
    • Will you, in your own way, "fight" (non-violently of course) for the "underdogs"?

WILL SOUL SURVIVE? Time, and what each of us do or don't do with that time, will tell.

Dale (O'Brien)



  Copyright Chiron Soul Journey Truth 20223