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"...When the heart is never open, that's how every empire falls. "  --- R.B. Morris

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Let's all drink to the Salt of the Earth! --- Keith Richards & Mick Jagger

And so it begins. In about two months, January 12, 2020, marks the official day of an astrological unprecedented new beginning time for the world. Several planets come together in the sign of Capricorn, most notably Saturn Pluto and the planet-sized asteroid, Ceres. The last time these three came together was in 710, the year of the first Muslim raid on Gibraltar, with the “Moors” conquest of much of what today is Spain coming just months later. (Look for more, and more in depth, in the next Minority Report.  Many astrologers (with more likely between now and then) have theorized about this coming celestial phenomenon.  And yet, there is no need to wait for worldly manifestation. Change is now.

            November 2019, in the real world, the coming BIG story has already started to get all too real. However, with Mercury in apparent retrograde 10/31 through 11/20 in the sign of Scorpio, truth this month can be withheld, lied about, overlooked, misunderstood, or only partly understood. Some truths are likely to emerge between 11/20 and 12/7. (See, for instance,EVO MORALES and the RIGHTS of MOTHER EARTH by Ellen Taylor, 11/29/2019, for CounterPunch, online.)

Still from  "2012 Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow" video by PapaJohn
And many beginnings...


On October 20, 2019 Indigenous and Socialist leader Evo Morales of Bolivia (population about 11 million, 35% poor) was reelected by a huge margin. President since 2006, Morales’ administration reduced poverty by about 50 to 70%, and extreme poverty by over 35%. Widespread hearsay with zero evidence declared the election a “fraud” by Morales and/or his Socialist Party. However, The Center for Economic and Policy Research said that with over 84% of the votes scrutinized, they found no impropriety. Further, the late-reporting districts were those heavily favorable for Evo. Requesting no recount, Morales was willing to take part in a re-election. His offer was rejected. Even if the impropriety had been true, Morales is legally entitled to finish out his term through the end of the year and partly into January 2020. That was not to be.

            In the midst of subsequent civil unrest, multi-millionaire-backed right wing fanatic Jeanine Anez, flanked by the military, in a near empty senate, gave herself an illegal elevated position to make her able to be president, and then put the presidential sash upon herself. It was the will of the people --- 4.2% of them anyway, based on her party’s vote tally for the October 2019 election. Thus this Fascist Fashion-ista Blonde Leo Sun Sign made herself, essentially, Queen. She immediately recognized U.S.-groomed Juan Guido, who had theoretically usurped the neighboring Venezuela seat of power. A general came to Morales, whose home was ransacked, (as was the home of his sister), and demanded that he step down. The homes of other Morales supporters were burned to the ground, including Evo’s sister’s house. The children of Morales’ party representatives were kidnapped. They would only to be set free if those representatives would resign. TV stations and print press were seized or destroyed, so the people got/get “fake news” instead.

Evo Morales re-elected by huge margin

            In short, this was a coup, much like many in the history of South America and Latin America, especially in Bolivia. You wouldn’t know it to be a ruthless coup, though, by reading, listening to or watching American corporate news, and even corporate news elsewhere. Even The Guardian of the UK is now no guardian of the truth.

            Morales resigned Sunday November 10th. On Tuesday November 12th, Mexico sent a Mexican military plane to bring Morales, his Vice President and others to Mexico. Flyovers and refueling were denied to the plane by unnamed South American countries.

Morales arrived in Mexico shortly after 11 a.m. Saturn and Pluto (see above) already very close together, straddle the ascendant of the astrological chart of his arrival. On Sunday the 10th Pluto was on the Sabian Symbol “a relay race.” Pluto can be seen as “the Lord who taketh away” which is fitting for Morales to surrender the reins of power. The culminating Full Moon conjunct Vesta occurred the morning of Evo leaving his country, and Pluto had just moved to the Sabian Symbol “ a general accepting defeat gracefully.”


            Within about 12 hours of Chiron entering Pisces, on April 20, 2010, in Bolivia, Evo Morales gave the opening address to The Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. (The Rights of Mother Earth soon became a part of the Bolivian constitution.) The U.S. government chose not to attend. Evo announced that the world has now come to a place where either Capitalism dies, or Pachamama (Mother Earth) dies.

            That evening, the Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded, beginning weeks long hemorrhaging of the “blood” of Mother Earth (i.e., oil) into the Piscean realm of the seas. (Aerial photos showed the spreading oil appearing blood red.) Long before the oil well was finally being capped, Obama approved even more deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, as then, things look very bad for Mother Earth, but hostile-take-over-Capitalism hasn’t so much as sneezed --- yet.



            Lithium-ion batteries make smart phones, electric cars, laptops, etc. possible. Australia and China each have significant lithium sources under production, as do much smaller operations in the U.S., along with significant ventures in Chile and Argentina. However, the second largest lithium reserve, about as big as the state of Connecticut, practically untapped, is (guess where), yes, in Bolivia, near Chile and Argentina. (Bolivian lithium has been estimated to be worth close to $ 95 billion dollars! No wonder they call it “white gold.”)

            Lithium is a salt, and this vast salt lake is called the Uyuni salt flat by outsiders, but is known by indigenous Aymera people as Salar de Tunupa. The salt lake lies between three mountains, believed to have once been three giants: females Tunupa and Kusina and male Kushku. Although Kushku was married to Tunupa, he turned away from her for Kusina. Heartbroken, Tunupa cried and cried while breast-feeding. Her sad tears and breast milk combined to become the salar (the salt).

            An impressive sight seen from above, or up close as a popular tourist sight, when wet from recent rain, this site it is an incredible mirror of the sky above. At 12,000 feet, and so incredibly broad, no horizon is visible. When dry, millions of spectacular hexagons are visible. The long-weathered top crust needs to be broken through with great difficulty to get to the brine (of salty tears) below. This brine needs to be pumped out and dried before the lithium can be transported for processing.

            Morales nationalized hydrocarbons, the electric grid and the telecoms. It was his intent to have Bolivia be as self sufficient as possible in utilizing the lithium. Industries unwilling to share profits with Bolivia were turned away. An upstart German company was willing to cooperate, as was China. Not only an effective Socialist leader, Morales had spoken out against Trump, to his face, at the U.N. It is easy to see him as a marked man, the most recent in a long line of enormously popular democratically-elected Socialist leaders to leave office under dubious circumstances.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) and Common Dreams have written objectively about this story, including reports on November 15, 16 and 17, for example. Meanwhile, The Washington Post, owned by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos (born January 12th) had a “different” take on this story. His/their slanderous lying headline for 11/11 read: “Bolivia Is In Danger of Slipping Into Anarchy. It’s Evo Morale’s Fault.”

            So far, at least 32 unarmed protesting Morales supporters have been shot to death, and at least 700 more injured. A female Morales/socialist mayor was seized, her head shaved, splattered with paint and otherwise abused. While reporting on the protests in front of a live camera, with armed soldiers and at least one military vehicle with a machine gun visible, a female non-Western television reporter was pepper-sprayed in the face at point blank range by a Bolivian policeman. Calmly, live on camera, she said, “I hate to be the story because we are here to report on what is happening in this amazing country.

            The abusers of women and the abusers of Mother Earth are often one and the same, from Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” to the streets of post-Morales Bolivia.

“Gentle hearts remember, what was that story, is it lost?
For when religion loses vision, that’s how every empire falls. --- R. B. Morris

         Meanwhile, safely guarded indoors, “Queen” Dictatoress Anez declared the military and police immune from prosecution, and she had all 700 Cuban medical doctors (who had served Bolivia’s poor) thrown out of the country. Literally bible-totting  (with a chic purple cover) Madam Dictator had previously said that the indigenous people are all Satanists and should go back to the mountains because the city is only for Jesus Christ and the Christians. Presumably she has not yet read the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” passage, nor had she probably read the “Great Commandment” to love one another, the story of Christ and the woman of Samaria at the well, etc.,etc.

Indigenous Bolivian mask of China Supay, "The Wife of the Devil"
Note the European blue eyes and white complexion.
Image courtesy of Ellen E. Taylor
(Read her important article: 
EVO MORALES and The Rights of MOTHER EARTH atCounterPunch for the full story.)


            With the great lack of mental/emotional tranquility in this situation, lithium might be of help. Long before lithium was a battery, it passed a “battery” of pharmacological tests. By 1966, it was a common prescription for various mental/emotional disorders. Illegal use was easy. In 1990 Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wrote and first recorded his song “Lithium.” (This was the year before the first commercial manufacture and sale of lithium batteries.) He described the song as a fictional story of the extreme emotional pain and confusion of the emotional aftermath of a guy whose wife died. To cope, he has turned to religion, and presumably lithium. Regarding religion, Cobain had looked into comparative religions and had recently been recently interactive with a friend’s parents who were evangelical Christians. 

            This dead grunge rocker reference is not mentioned as a trivial tangent. The awkward pain of this story and song seem related to the painful mess that is Lithium-Bolivia now, and the U.S.A. and world veering toward January 2020. Artists/writers/lyricists may speak of fiction, perhaps of the era of specific creation, but perhaps also as prophetically relevant far into the future, even thirty years on. Cobain's fictional character's emotions and random thoughts shared include dubious religious belief, denial, pain and sadness, ambivalent accountability, alienation, apathy to the point of not caring if death is eminent. Call it existential angst.

            Asked to define “nirvana” Kurt described “freedom from pain, suffering and the external world.” Put another way, the term nirvana implies freedom from the heaviness of life. Saturn’s metal is lead, the heaviest element until the creation of Plutonium, which is much heavier. Saturn and Pluto together now, and getting closer every day is and will be the emotionally heaviest of times.

            Besides the greed motive, perhaps many people in the world are longing for an antidote, or at least a coping device, in the form of lithium: Sad Tears for Sad Souls. Perhaps your lithium drug addiction is the smart phone in your hand, or for me, the laptop so often in my line of sight. On average, each American is estimated to check her or his phone 52 times a day, up from 47 times a day last year. For those younger amongst us, those numbers are many times more than that.  If you drive an electric or hybrid car, the lithium exposure time is even more so.

            Far from the mirror magic of the high Andes, worldwide, day and night, millions of fingers swipe frantically over the mirror-like surfaces of selfish selfies gadgets. So now, most everyone, unknowingly, has got Tunapa’s blues in our hands. Daily, every one of us can, like Kurt’s song’s tortured nameless widower, can try to tell ourselves, over and over.

“…. I’m not gonna crack…I’m not gonna crack…I’m not gonna crack…

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”
    But if we can’t resist, and we do crack, the tears of real human power and goodness are what lies beneath the tough, dry rigid crust of daily attempts at grim survival:
Blues Power: Grieve and let live!

As Ghandi (leader of the Salt March of 1930) said when asked what he thought about Western Civilization, “It would be a good idea.” No Motherless “ism” can sustain human life, least of all take-all, give-nothing capitalism. For now, instead, I thank Ever-lovin’ Mother Earth for another blessed day.

Dale (O’Brien)

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