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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain

            What time is it? The Doomsday Clock says 90 seconds to midnight, the closest to global catastrophe ever. For your information: the destructive power of modern nuclear weapons, and the sheer number of such weapons is infinitely worse than "low yield" bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. While Putin has used admirable restraint, Zelensky's army has repeatedly fired at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Meanwhile, what about China? 

            What good is astrology? It is easy to see advantages in using astrology for understanding self and others, for business timing and other personal applications.
However, when it comes to the astrology of our formerly Natural environment and the astrology of huge entities like the super power China, might ignorance be bliss? If so, read no further, enjoy your bliss-krieg of overwhelming distractions of all sorts. If instead you are open-minded enough to read on, I encourage you to consider spiritual and philosophical perspectives, if you dare, to help put the following astrology into a much larger and less personal context.

Chiron in Aries in April 1969: The hit song:  "IN The YEAR 2525"
            Zager & Evans, a duo with multiple Aquarian planetary placements, coming from a flyover state Christian University, sang a prophetic song that has come true 500 to 10,000 years earlier than foretold. In just a bit over three minutes, they predicted the threat of near term extinction, possible irrelevance of woman, pharmaceutical mind control, machines replacing flaccid passive bodies, test tube babies, the end of heterosexuals, the depletion of the Earth, mass starvation, "a billion tears", and God considering implementing The Judgment Day. (Yes, you could sing the "G" word then.)
            The song was written by Rick Evans, born 1/20/43; died Feb. 2018 in Santa Fe.

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Lyrics: Click here

Enter Pluto: the "Lord of Death"

CHINA (October 1, 1949, Peking (Beijing), 3 pm AWST
("People's Republic of China")
[Note: just 33 days after the USSR's first nuclear weapon test]

Chinese Astrological Animal: EARTH OX

...Waitin' for the End of the World…
Dear Lord I sincerely hope You're comin'
'cause You really started somethin'..."
--- Elvis Costello, 1977

CHINA to Its Adversaries, starting in 2025: NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY

            Note China's Ascendant at 1 Aquarius 15' and Moon at 3 Aquarius 3'. Transiting Pluto comes to that Ascendant in early March 2024, retrogrades, then returns in earnest to that Ascendant early January 2025. A new or the same president of the USA is scheduled to be inaugurated days later on January 20, 2025 with Pluto conjunct Sun within Zero degrees 8'. By late February 2025, transiting Pallas Athena will conjoin China's Moon and transiting Pluto conjoins China's Moon. The times, they are a-changin'.

One foot in the grave, the other foot on the banana peel?

            Meanwhile, the metaphorical sabers rattle as transiting Mars opposes China's Mars and Pluto. Independent of astrology, geopolitical speculators see China emerging as the preeminent world power. Many "neocons" and at least one four star USAF general see a looming war of the U.S. and allies versus China starting as early as 2025. Further, the increasingly dysfunctional state of the purportedly United States and its economy might be distracted by a hot war on the other side of the globe. Military realists know that such a war would be a horrific disaster (Disaster: "against the stars" = astrologically stupid and tragic.)

Audience members listen to Maj. Gen. Michael A. Minihan

Cause for Concern, and Then Some!

       Without astrology, the world knows that China's nuclear arsenal and probable bio-weaponry pose an ongoing serious cause for concern. When we look at the astrology and Astro*Carto*Graphy of modern China, the concern should be seen to be exponentially greater still. The majority of astrologers take an abstract "keyword" approach to explain each planet. A Minority approach to astrology is rooted in the mythological. Pluto in this regard is seen first and foremost as the ancient Roman "god of death", or from a Christian perspective as the "Lord Who Taketh Away." Mars was the ancient Roman "god of war."
            Note in China's chart, Mars and Pluto are together in the Fixed (power-oriented) sign of Leo the Lion, and in the house of "significant other" either as China's advisory or China's "partner." Traditionally, each planet was astrologically associated with a metal, such as the Sun with gold, the Moon with silver, etc. Planets not visible to the naked eye have similar physical element correspondences: Uranus/uranium, Pluto/Plutonium.
            So, Mars and Pluto together, in the chart for a country, indicates a serious potential for nuclear war, and/or some other form of mass destruction. This is particularly so if Mars and Pluto are together in an angular house such as the seventh house. The warrior (Mars) fights to death, of self, of other, or both. As "partner", this can be seen as China and the USSR, or later as China and Russia. By contrast, as "open adversary" this indicates a nuclear and/or weapons of mass destruction adversary. Without astrology, the obvious choice of such an adversary is the United States. The Astro*Carto*Graphy of China restates this, as indicated by the A*C*G maps (See further below.).

           A significant pattern emerges in societal awareness songs from the last time Chiron was in Aries. Zager & Evans (see above) were both born during WW II. Hit song "War" "Motown" songwriters Whitfield and Barrett Strong and "War" singer Edwin Starr were also born during WW II. Edwin Starr recorded "War" during (Chiron in Aries) 1970. It seems that at least some of those born into that WWW II time of devastation ending in annihilation sang out about danger, about a warning (with a nod to Pete Singer.)

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              Note that a given location can be impacted without being directly under a particular planetary line. For instance, Washington, D.C. is only about 250 miles from China's Mars & Pluto lines, which converge at 37 N 38'. The near D.C. underground Continuity of Government area is even closer to China's Mars & Pluto lines in the U.S. By the way, expect fires at least 100 square miles from impact of just one thermonuclear bomb.
              Also note that that latitude, and at least one degree above or below that latitude has a similar resonance. For example, San Francisco is 37 N 46'30" (Might a PLUTOnium bomb take out the Golden Gate?) Blast-Blackened Lives Matter!
              These lines in the U.S. are only relevant if China ever wanted to either threaten or act as the aggressor. Even a purported threat, (that was just a U.S. weather balloon), was shot down by the U.S. off the South Carolina coast was on China's Mars Ascending line.

                By contrast, on the other side of the world, China's Pluto and Mars were descending, emphasizing an actual or potential aggression toward China from an adversarial nation or nations, involving the South China Sea. Note that the Mars line goes right through Taiwan, specifically Taipei, continues up to South Korea and the DMZ. Meanwhile the Pluto line encompasses all of Japan, and China's Juno descending line goes right through Hiroshima, where China's G7 adversaries met recently in May 2023. Note the death (Pluto) adversarial trauma for China and Japan in relation to one another, especially related to WW II.
                The U.S. military regularly sails and flies in this South China Sea region. Imagine what the U.S. would think and feel if China's military sails and flies off the coast of, say, California or Florida. Until and unless the U.S. stop such provocations of China --- and soon --- well, draw your own conclusions.
                Mars-Pluto Astro*Carto*Graphy, commentary from the Solar Maps program: "... Power struggles could prove volcanic... easy for violence to erupt under this combination... Energy can be successfully directed into the military..."


              The Sabian Symbol for China's significantly strongly placed Moon relates to "healing." Notice that Wuhan is in close proximity to China's Moon Rising line (only about 165 miles away). Note that China's chart relocated to Wuhan has an Ascendant of 4 degrees 49' (Transiting Pluto will be here by 2026, 2027). Speculate if you will.
              Speaking of that Moon line, it continues up to the China - North Korea border. North Korea's "mirroring" (The Moon) of China and North Korea being on the same side as China. By contrast, China's Mars descending line over South Korea indicates a potential or actual adversarial relationship between China and South Korea.


              Cyclo*Carto*Graphy shows planetary lines as a combination of the transits of very slow moving planets (Pluto) and the transits of faster moving planets (Mars). In China's C*C*G Mars and Pluto lines correspond closely on and around 1/20/2025.


              Of course there is far more that could be said about China's astrology, A*C*G and about China's C*C*G for on or around 1/20/2025 (and relatively soon thereafter).
              It is not my intent to make some grim prediction or evoke dread and paranoia. My purpose instead in sharing these astrological, A*C*G and C*C*G perspectives is to warn of the devastating potential tragic consequences of the re-election of Joe Biden and his war-hungry neocons, or of any political adversary that would also like to start a hot war over or near Taiwan. Two Kennedys saved the world form mutually assured destruction in 1962. RFK JR could save us all from mass murder/suicide. If not him, may it be ANYONE not war-crazy. If not, you may want to be prepared to have what most astrologers call a "transformative Plutonian experience" (aka death.)


Dale O'Brien became a Jim Lewis Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter in September 1991. Since then, he has offered and continues to offer, his astrological and A*C*G services to good and peaceful people. chironguy@pacinfo.com

              Between now and 2025, I suggest that you take the advice of The Musical husband & wife duo, War & Treaty: "LOVE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW" (Lyrics include: "... Love for the nation…")

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And to put everything into context: Remember the lyrics to Willie Dixon's:

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and the Chicago Blues All Stars, 1971

Hear the same song from Dave Alvin, included on Freight Train Boogie 2 (A Collection of Americana Music):

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(Note: even better audio version, IMO, on Dave's CD Songs From An Old Guitar)

Peace – Why the Hell Not?!




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