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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain


The glorious Fourth again appears
A Day of Days ---- and years of years,
Where all the mighty gains we see
With all their Boasted liberty,
Is only Change of Masters.

--- 1785 [Pluto in Aquarius], from Hannah Grifitts*


The Revolution resembled the breaking of a dam, releasing thousands upon
thousands of pent-up pressures. There had been seepage and flows before the
Revolution, but suddenly it was a if the whole traditional structure, enfeebled
and brittle to begin with, broke apart, and people and their energies were set
loose in an unprecedented outburst. Nothing contributed more to this explosion
of energy than did the idea of equality. --- historian Gordon Wood **

[It was supposedly about "equality" then, now, about "equity".]

     Equality then was for about 4 % of land-owning white men, not for anyone else. Will "equity" similarly advantage some low single digit percentage of the population?

     As many know, July 4th 1776 USA's Pluto is 27 degrees 33' Capricorn and Pluto by transit has recently returned to that degree (12/28/2022), corresponding to the official end of the USA Empire. Now Pluto is in early Aquarius, then backing back into late Capricorn, 2024 and 2025, before a long stay in Aquarius through early 2044. We can look back to the history of the USA late 1770s through 1798, astrologically analogous, for clues. Long-established sovereign royalty-ruled nations recognized then non-royal-ruled USA. Now long-established countries, including the USA, defer to globalist U.N., W.E.F. and W.H.O.
     Looking back at early U.S. history, disregard the war stories and also disregard the glorification of America's most famous slave owners. Even disregard the political ideology angle. Instead, notice how the unprecedented changes devastated life for ordinary American people.

People make history... Common people --- men and women...
They do the work, carrying on the business of everyday life.
They bear the brunt when things go wrong.
They manipulate the system as best they can, trying to improve
their lot within the parameters of the world as it is presented to them.
They fight the wars.
They grant or withhold support.
They test the limits of authority in everyday contexts.
Since they pose a never-ending threat to the elites who control the
circumstances of their lives and profit at their expense, they force
people in positions of power to engage in constant supervision and
periodic repression. --- historian Ray Raphael***


       During Pluto in Aquarius then:

      During the war: Washington requested Congressional approval to increase the number of lashes allowed to punish disobedient soldiers from 100 lashes to 500 lashes. Washington also had deserters hung in front of the troops, rather than shot in order to "terrorize" the other soldiers to discourage their own attempted desertion.

      During the War: A USA precedent: Many of the rich elite dodged going to war, sending the poor instead.


6/27/1777: 19-year old French Marquis de Lafayette arrives to help the Revolution

2/23/1778: German Baron Von Steuben comes to the USA to help the revolution

June 1778: USA formerly secret ally France declares war on the United Kingdom

6/21/1779: Spain declares war on the United Kingdom

September 1779: George Washington expresses concern about U.S. soldiers, even under a general's order, looting food, etc.

       More Revolutionary War soldiers died of disease during the war years than died from combat.

       Many civilians during those war years suffered from widespread disease and what is now called "food insecurity" including the Revolutionaries' confiscation of livestock and food stocks.

       Proportionally, more African Americans, free or enslaved, died in the Revolutionary War than did white Americans.

       The legend of the Iroquois Confederation of Tribes inspired the thirteen arrows held by the iconic American eagle, (13 representing the former colonies). Divided, a single arrow or two or three could be easily broken, but if held together, unbreakable, as could separate, disunited tribes. Ch-ironically, the formerly united tribes split during the Revolutionary War, some tribes siding with the former colonists, others siding with the king's army. Both sides of the tribal divide suffered the consequences of their disunity.

       After war's end, 80,000 to 100,000 former loyalists were banished from the former 13 colonies for siding with the ultimately losing side in the war.

       Some individuals were physically brutalized for doing basic agriculture business with certain others during the war.

       1786: USA government faced default on outstanding debts, necessitating replacing The Articles of Confederation with The Constitution.

       Aug. 1786 through 6/17/1787: Shay's Rebellion: Common people, including many Revolutionary war veterans, resist taxes they can't afford and suffering profound economic losses as consequence, even losing their own farms.

       9/28/1787: The Constitution, without the Bill of Rights was presented only in the interest of a more financially functional governmental structure. Many state representatives and their constituency balked at the Constitution in its original form until the Bill of Rights was included. The revised version, with the Bill of Rights, was ratified June 21st, 1788.

       October 1787 through August 1788: The Federalist Papers circulated under a pen name, written by the anti-democractic Federalists Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Like Federalist and president-to-be John Adams, they detested and distrusted the common people, who they called "the rabble." Hilary Clinton later coined the term "the deplorables." Then and now, the wealthy elite slight minority were/are certain that they alone should govern all.

       1791 through 7/17/1794: The Whiskey Rebellion Again, the federal government faced resistance of common people, including Revolutionary War veterans, under taxation pressure. Elderly George Washington went on horseback after the common people making their own whiskey. The upshot: the common people were forced to pay taxes. Meanwhile, Alexander Hamilton set up the beginning of the American Way: tax breaks for the rich (a big distillery), and tax burden for small businesses (the do-it-yourself stills operators.

       Note: The Federalists, opposed to states' rights, dominated the entire time that Pluto was in Aquarius


      • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accurately expressed concern that since the recent Covid Crisis, every
        one of the Bill of Rights, except the threatened Second Amendments, has been done away
        with by the current version of the very anti-democracy "Democrats", the modern version of the Federalists of old.

      • If there will be a presidential election in 2024, many pro-"Democrats" and many of those
        opposed to these purported "Democrats" have already gone on record as expecting an
        invalid election in 2024.

      • Many relatively small farm owners have lost their farms triggered by the Covid Crisis,
        with the new largest owner of farmland in the USA is Bill Gates, who funded 88% of The
        World Health Organization. States' government advocate Thomas Jefferson saw the strength
        of the then-new-born USA as based on "yeoman" small farmers. That was then.

      • Just as foreign collaboration saved the American Revolutionaries, now the non-USA-based
        World Economic Forum has trained, amongst others, California Governor Gavin Newsome, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, and (Who the heck is this small town mayor and how
        did he get here?) U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. President Biden and his administration are expected to surrender all national autonomy to the World Health
        Economic Forum.

       To echo Don Caron's 2017 (Pluto in Capricorn era) parody of the song "Age of Aquarius, is this the dawning (or post-dawn) "The Age That Will Bury Us"? (Although his concerns about Trump's presidency are mild concerned to our present USA demise) now that "the Lord of Death" Pluto has entered Aquarius. We, and the rest of the world, will soon see.


An oldie but a True-ie from November 1969:
(A song released the last time Chiron was in Aries)


* Linda K. Kerber, Women of the Republic: Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America
(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1980), page 84

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SEE ALSO: Woody Holton, UNRULY AMERICANS and the Origins of the Constitution, (NY,NY, 2007)



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