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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding
oneself in the ranks of the insane. --- Marcus Aurelius

" It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled." 
Mark Twain

(The Astrology of Israel/Gaza, Autumn 2023 through 2024)
~ Dale O'Brien

                There are 360 degrees in the Zodiac and 360 degrees of longitude worldwide. Astrologer Edward Johndro (died 1951) put the 360s together, Geodetic-ally, west to east starting from The Prime Meridian at Greenwich England.

               Amazing muralist/researcher/writer Robert Hieronimous (Wikipedia), (the late) astrologer Chris McRae and others validated Johndro's correspondences. So, from 0+ East Longitude through 30 degrees East Longitude = Aries the Ram; 30+ through 60 degrees East Longitude = Taurus. (There is a fascinating application to these Geodetic correspondences for the different portions of the USA, but that is another story.)

               Our focus for now is all about the Taurus geographic region, especially Sun in Taurus Israel, and on Palestine. From this perspective, Gaza City and Tel Aviv correspond to 4+ Taurus. Sabian Symbol degree image: "A youthful WIDOW, fresh and soul-cleansed from grief, kneels At an OPEN GRAVE to receive the secret of eternal life." Live at that degree of longitude at your own risk!

               Chiron was discovered on the previous degree 3+ Taurus "The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." Chiron in any chart indicates a problem area, tragedy unless wisdom prevails. The Lunar Eclipse of Oct. 28, 2023 was on the next degree 5+ Taurus. Hence the world's attention is here and now, for at least months. Both sides in the current deadly Middle Eastern debacle are stubborn as bulls. Both transiting Jupiter retrograde and transiting Uranus retrograde (the latter conjunct Israel's Sun) linger in the sign of the bull. Potential good change is retrograde - not moving forward. Don't expect sudden positive change there now, or soon.

               I find helpful insights for our "Tropical" astrology by looking at the mythology of the constellation of the same name, even though there is less of an in-line relationship of Tropical sign placement and constellation of the same name. Think of it this way: someone, oneself or one's ancestry, from one country/culture moves to another land, yet holds onto much of his or her ancestral heritage (e.g., an Irish American). So, what's up with the constellation Taurus? Well, there are different possibilities for Taurus, one of the oldest of constellations. The commonality in the different mythic stories is would-be romance complications. In one version, Ishtar (Venus), spurned by heroic Gilgamesh, sends down an angry bull to kill Gilgamesh - a mad bull, as in the Rolling Stones' December 1969 (Chiron in Aries) "Gimme Shelter."* (Warmonger Obama's favorite Stones' song.)

               A multi-cultural version: "Gimme Shelter"

               *"Gimme Shelter" expresses the urgency we all face to unite together as a planet, and offers us wisdom with the words "War, children, it's just a shot away... Love, sister, it's just a kiss away." Let the music remind us that we are all in this together.
Note: You don't need to join Playing for Change to listen. Enjoy!

               So, what's up with Tropical/Western Taurus? Purportedly a Feminine sign ruled by female Venus. One version of mythological Taurus has Zeus/Jupiter disguising his paramour Io as either a bull, or as a young heifer, trying to avoid the ire of his wife Hera/Juno. In another version, Zeus turns himself into a most handsome bull in order to seduce Queen of Phoenicia (modern day coastal Lebanon) and take her away to Crete. Choose your preference or reject them all. However, I reduce the choices to either the passive young heifer victim of Biblical lore, or the dangerous mad bull --- war, rape and murder --- just a shot away --- unless redemption by Love --- "just a kiss away." If you see the images of widespread destruction of Gaza, it looks like some huge mad bull stomped a lot of it from above, the angry bull from the sky.

Mad Bull, or Holy Cow Sacrificial Offering?

           But is that the whole Taurus story here, or in addition or instead is there another mythic/biblical story? Less than a month before the Hamas began to attack Israel, coinciding with The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, five "red" heifers from Texas were delivered to Israel, intended for a very special purpose. (Four of those young female calves are still qualified for that special purpose.) The Christian Texan deliverer and the Israeli recipients had and have the best of expectations. However, we are living in an era of much discord and separation not only between peoples and nations, but also within nations and within religions. Approximately half of modern Israel are said to be atheists. Pious Jews there do not agree on everything, nor do American Christians agree on everything, red heifer sacrifice included. Speaking of divisions, how many know, or remember, that Israel created Hamas, not realizing that creation would become a dangerous nightmare for Israel?

Some words about the red heifer sacrifice:

* See The Bible, Numbers 19:2

           Note that touching a dead body, or being in proximity to such, is why a cleansing is needed involving the red heifer sacrifice. This fits in with Geodetic degree 34+ East Longitude (widow at an open grave), adjacent to Jerusalem at 35N14.'

           It is estimated that the valid heifer(s) will be age-ready for sacrifice approximately by Autumn 2014. Theoretically, might that be Chanukah (begins Christmas 2024) (re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem)? Instead, might that be Sukkot (starts 10/16/2024)? Perhaps it might be Yom Kippur, 10/11-12/2024? Or, will it be (astrologically most viable) Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah (starts 10/2/2024).

           One week after the Hamas attack (10/7/2023, 6:30 a.m. local time), there was a "ring of fire" Solar Eclipse.

           There will be another "ring of fire" Solar Eclipse on 10/2/2024, on the same degree (10+ Libra) as the Ascendant of the Hamas attack chart!

            So far, the astrological and geodetic analysis presented here emphasizes the "where" of astrology. The other component of astrology emphasizes the "when." When Chiron is/was in Aries, wars are particularly stupid, tragic and unsuccessful. The last time Chiron was in Aries the Vietnam War dominated. Note that Mick Jagger, who co-wrote "Gimme Shelter" said that the lyrics of that song involved the seemingly apocalyptic implications of that war. This time we have had the Ukrainian war failure. Don't expect any "good" and "successful" war fought while Chiron in Aries, including the current one in the Middle East. Mythological Chiron, a centaur, was part animal. The less wise see "the other" as less than human when Chiron is in Aries. In the Vietnam Era, the de-humanized were the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese, then called "gooks" --- or worse.

            In the current war, equally bad or worse human atrocities can be rationalized because, purportedly, "the other" is seen as an animal or such --- less than human. The scope of human tragedy cannot be under-estimated, and the war has barely begun. Minority Report Astrology, at best, sees the positive (or negative) of every individual, irrelevant of nationality or organized religion. Dare I say it? Pray for Peace.

P.S.: Bonus:

Tunnel Vision
Commentary on the 10/7/2023 Attack Chart

            Astrologers likely immediately notice the T-cross (or Grand Cross depending on orb) in this chart: Ketu/Lunar South Node conjunct Mars in the 1st house, opposite Rahu/Lunar North Node conjunct Eris in the 7th house, both sides square Pluto in the 4th house. Pluto is the lord of Death and the lord of the Underworld, quite at home here. The major terrestrial battleground, engaged or avoided, are the infamous tunnels below. Eris, mythically uninvited, is a mythic representative of Israel. Famous for throwing something to stir up discord, is appropriate. Rahu/N. Node in Aries is rageful and lacking foresight, but Pluto in the house of "the end of the matter" wins in the end. Ketu/S. Node indicates for Hamas a karmic condition involving justice/injustice. Mars is ready to fight, hence the attack. However, Pallas Athena exactly conjunct the Ascendant more emphasizes Hamas' defensive strategy rather than attack.

            Buried alive in the tunnels is more likely to be the fate of the Israelis (and purportedly already some U.S. military allies). Of course this situation is also dangerous for Hamas. However, they have (if you can forgive the term), the "home field" advantage.

            Note all these placements in "Cardinal" signs, not "Fixed" signs. Expect the dynamics of war to change easily and frequently: first the invasion attacks, then the shelling and bombing, next the land invasion. Years and years of the same repetitive incessant rocket attacks seem unlikely.

            Remembering Chiron in Aries in the Viet Nam War era, expect some Israelis to be opposed to being sent to their probable death. Remember the U.S. Viet Nam vets who deserted, the "draft dodgers", and even the "fragging" of some gung ho West Point low level officers, and the tragedy of death and dismemberment (wounded warrior) by "friendly fire." History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes in painful mourning.

            The open end of this T-cross is the chart's tenth house, Hamas' leadership, and/or (derivatively), increased insecurity about safety (Cancer) in Israel.

            Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, tunnels turned tombs. Ain't progress great? "Greater Israel" looks astrologically highly unlikely. Chiron in Aries tries to tell us all that war is not the answer, but "When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"





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