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WHEN SUN ASPECTS CHIRON (or vice versa):
"READY" OR NOT: Of Wounded Kings, Grail Knights (male or female),
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock


Many years ago THE MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER published an article that I wrote on the STAR TREK television character Mr. Spock. An astrologer’s dream come true, in actor Leonard Nimoy’s autobiography, I am not Spock, Nimoy gave an exact time and place for the invention of the character Spock. This gave us a precise astrological chart for this fictional neo-mythic character. I’ll spare the reader the details of that article here, but I will instead only mention that I made a (well-received) case for Spock as an embodiment of Chiron. Where would the Solar Hero Captain Kirk be without Spock? However, Spock, like mythic Chiron, was a humble, unassuming fellow who never wanted to be in charge, despite his considerable and diverse skills, knowledge, as well as wisdom.

spock & kirk

Now let’s expand our focus to not only include the neo-mythic Spock story, but also to include an entire mytho-poetic genre: The Grail King, and the Grail Knight. I personally cringe and bemoan the usually thoughtlessly clichéd and ham-handed-manipulated near ubiquitous use of “wounded” to describe Chiron everywhere/anywhere in any context. However, when Chiron is involved with the Sun, stories of wounded kings and other VIPs do seem relevant, based on my study of Chiron in over 2,000 accurate birth charts, plus 20 years of client and astrologer input.

Astrological Sun without Chiron is complete, whole, and consistent, as reliable as the daily rising and overhead culmination in the sky of the physical Sun. For those individuals who tend to not fully own their own Solar nature, there is a natural tendency to see someone else in her or his life as the “Shining One,” the Special One, the V.I.P. Where the Sun appears in a particular house will tell us in what area of one’s life where this assumption/association is likely to be made. Life goes on in this context until Chiron aspects that Sun, particularly by Square, Opposition, or Conjunction. Of these three aspects, the Conjunction is the most significant, implying a significant new start.

In various stories of a Grail King or Fisher King (most appropriate to Sun and Chiron’s conjunction in Pisces in late February 2012), a formerly vital and successful old king has fallen ill, or wounded, and the kingdom is in a parallel state of decline in vitality. A son-like knight is drawn to be by the sickly king’s bedside, but in actuality this event is a sign that said knight is meant to assume a more active profile, to go out on his noble, important, and challenging quest. Such Solar heroic actions redeem the meaning and significance of the king’s life and rule, and make the king’s death noble, rather than merely tragic and unfortunate.


To expand our focus yet further, older readers (or their parents or their grandparents) remember or know the stories of the demise of Solar leaders like Joe DiMaggio, JFK, RFK, and/or MLK. What will one do without one’s leader? When Chiron aspects a person’s Sun, each individual answer’s this question with one’s chosen form of action or inaction. Some, devastated by the seeming fall from Grace of their Great One, implode into a weakened state very much like that of his or her Solar hero. Others, despite or perhaps because of the loss, rise to a greatness of character in the aftermath of tremendous psychic (soul) pain and sorrow. Sometimes the individual is called to give the eulogy, takes over the business, becomes the acting (or permanent) head of the family, or such.
dalai lama

An alternate story of Chiron coming to one’s Sun by transit corresponds to the time in which the present day Dali Lama received his Nobel Prize. Despite his humility, he realized that he could be a different sort of “shining light” in the world, utilizing this unsought recognition to be an even greater force for good in the world.

With Chiron aspecting the Sun, thus we see that for individuals too full of their own importance there is likely to be some great humbling, for instance scandal in the life of an ego-centered celebrity. For one who’s ego was comfortable trying to maintain a low profile, like it or not, it’s recognition time, with an opportunity to use one’s own new shining celebrity status to play a greater role in the world. For those who had put Greatness off on some other, there is an opportunity to rise to his or her own potential greatness. For these types, like Spock, this can be enormously awkward, uncomfortable, undesired circumstance. However, circumstances seem to say to such any individual, “Like it or not, it’s your time to lead.”

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