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August 2017 Solar Eclipse and
Time-relevant Astrology
Solar Eclipse Chart
In Two Parts

August 2017 Solar Eclipse: A “Time Out” (or Time-Out-of-Time)
Opportunity for America (Part 1)

Other than the dramatic visual experience of the August 21, 2017 “Great American Solar Eclipse, this event reminds us of how differently we can define and value time. Many Fundamentalist Christians see this eclipse as the beginning marker of “End Times.” Many astronomers see this as the unique best time to truly know the science of the Sun’s corona, etc. Most ordinary people are fixated on clock time in order to know when the darkening of the Sun starts, when is totality, and for how long.

From an astrological perspective, there is a “time zone” of sorts, the area of the orbits of Titan Saturn (Chronos) and Titan Uranus (Titan Prometheus), and Chiron, who orbits in-between, sometimes going more toward one of these, away from the other. Saturn time is chronological: calendar time, clock time, time demarcated arbitrarily, yet culturally agreed upon, with the past as frame of reference. By extreme contrast, Uranus is ever future-oriented. However, Saturn and Uranus both give us linear timeline perspectives. Saturn gives a starting point. For instance, B.C. or B.C.E. being timeline into the past while A.D. or C.E. starts at the same point in time and goes the other way, ever-forward toward the future.

Fundamentalist Christians, along with certain others, add another particularly important “point in time” --- “The End Times” time, the end of the line. Uranian types, by contrast, tend to see science fiction about the future ever-becoming science fact, even eternal youth, even immortality --- genius technology as the atheists’ eternal savior of humankind. Uranus defines time on a time line of the devalued “old” and obsolete and the ever-new ever-forward modern/latest and greatest.

One brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein, however, awoke to the horror of the consequences of unexamined Uranian pursuits, involving Uranus’ element, Uranium. He said, in hindsight, that if he’d known that his work would lead to horrible nuclear annihilation, he would have instead become a WATCHMAKER (Saturn/Chronos). Hindsight is the meaning of the Greek Epimetheus, whereas his more famous brother, Prometheus, has a name that means “forethought” or forward - thinking, or progressive.

Here in American in 2017, the Saturnian Trump fan fundamentalists consider themselves ready for Armageddon and The End Times. Meanwhile, the political “progressives” seemingly naively believe that just one more emailed signature will fast-forward us all into a much better future.

However, before our deadly toxic technology, even before town clocks, there was (and is) another way to be with time. Call it Shamanic Time, call it “Indian Time,” call it Chiron time (or what the ancient Greeks called Chiros time). Chiron time is cyclic time including the cycle of the four seasons, the Lunar cycle, the Solar year, the cycle of Venus, etc.

Time-relevant Astrology in the 8/21/2017 Solar Eclipse Chart (Part 2)

8/21/2017: Eclipsed Sun with Moon in Leo are tightly Trine Uranus in Aries. When we include a 7+-degree Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius (with black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius), we have a Grand Fire Trine (also including Mars in Leo, just a few degrees from eclipsed Sun in Leo with Moon in Leo. So far, this astrology tells the familiar story of the Titans’ timeline. Further, Sun, Moon and Uranus are on “too late” degrees. The words to a Tom Petty song come to mind, “Runaway Train on a one-way track, Runaway Train never comin’ back, seems I should be getting’ somewhere….”

However, if the whole eclipse astrology story ended with this bad old-new time, I wouldn’t have bothered to write a simple doomsday scenario. Eclipse chart Chiron in Pisces is Quincunx (about 150 degrees from) eclipsed Sun in Leo with Moon in Leo, and Semi-Sextile (about 30 degrees from) Uranus in Aries. Sometimes getting “side-tracked” is the best thing that can happen.

Any difficult aspect of Chiron to Sun indicates some version of the “Wounded King” archetype. Chiron Quincunxes often relate to problems with physical health, in need of holistic healing. America’s “king” now is “The Donald.” Just as transits to his natal chart indicate, he’s likely to have debilitating mental, emotional and physical suffering.

Meanwhile, the individual, particularly a male individual, is meant to go on his (or her) quest for truth, for genuine goodness, for life meaning, for respectful love and for sincere spirituality. Chironically, such a sincere pursuit may even lead to a soul healing of the Wounded King, even if upon his royal death bed. From trance, Edgar Cayce said that no soul is meant to be left behind. This sounds like Bodhisattva advice from the simple Christian man from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, site of 2017 maximum solar eclipse totality.

Many Americans are not familiar with the whole George Wallace political story.
Sun in Leo, he was a natural leader who started out being, for his time, a racially respectful judge and candidate for office. However, losing to a racist opponent provoked his negative Leo Sun pride, and he gained and held high office fanning the flames of white racism. Further, he even made a significant run for U.S. Presidency. In that process, shot and no longer able to walk he became a “wounded king.” However, before he died, from his wheelchair, he reaches out to the black community with sincere apologies. He asked for and received forgiveness. Miracles do happen.

The voice of Chiron is a usually quiet voice that whispers, “There is always an alternative possibility, a different way.” There is always Chiron time. Chiron time is the eternal NOW, between the past-referenced Saturn time and the Future-focused Uranian time. Negative Saturn types delight in psychics’ and astrologers’ failed predictions. Uranus-obsessed astrologers are ever focused on their next prediction, often of the coming Utopia that they fail to notice repeatedly does not manifest as easy as their certainty would declare.

Chironic astrology, by that name, other name, or no name, reminds us that living consciously, soulfully in the Now chironically has us living as pre-modern people did, in touch with Nature, including our physical bodies, in community with “all our relations” and all beneath the meaningful astrological sky always above us.

Eckhart Tolle espouses “The Power of Now” as the only place in which anything and everything meaningful, wonderful and miraculous happens. Chiron is the wisdom part of “the Serenity Prayer”: a prayer to God to accept that which we cannot change (Saturn), to change what we can (Uranus) and to have the wisdom (Chiron) to know the difference. Note that mythological Chiron was considered the wisest of beings, wiser than any human, even wiser than any God or Goddess (no matter how otherwise amazing).

The astrological sky is always above us, day or night, or Chironically seen under totality of a Solar eclipse, even when night comes during the day. Cayelin K. Castell wrote insightfully about the unique nature of time during a Solar eclipse. We seemingly, relatively quickly, get an extra night, and an extra return of the Sun, another new morning.. As Cayelin reminds us, this gives us each an opportunity for revision (re-vision) and re-imagining, and starting out on a different timeline. Different timeline?! --- that is heresy to close-minded negative Saturn types, but wonderful wisdom to Chiron types. Cayelin also writes about her mystical awareness of multiple timelines, experienced in a shared ritual in a most sacred space.

Chiron’s timelines are multiple and Chironically, timeless. Chiron timelines are cyclic, not linear. One Chironic timeline, for instance, is mapped out in every birth chart. We each start life out in the fourth house as an infant in the home’s nursery feed and cared for by other. We each then go through many years of life, perhaps ending in much the same way we began, feed and cared for by other in a nursing home. Similarly, we can follow our Soul’s Journey Truth, sign by sign, house by house.

Linear time, Saturnian or Uranian, is the ultimately soul-sad way of the broken hoop. Chiron attempts to restore the Sacred Hoop of time. “Will the Circle Be Unbroken By and By, Lord, By and By, In the Sky, Lord, In the Sky.” Is that song mere “Pie in the Sky When You Die” fundamentalist Christianity, or is the restoration of wholeness found through Chironic astrology, as Shamanic astrology (note Damiel Giamario’s wonderful work), or otherwise. (“Other Wise” perspectives). Put another way, poet Wallace Stevens said something to the effect of, “ I cannot bring a world quite round, but I can patch it as I can,”

With Chiron currently in Pisces, sign of moving water, Indigenous Water Protectors and their kindred spirits journeyed to Standing Rock. Will your Solar Eclipse re-vision direct you along a “red Road” timeline? There are many meaningful paths. Listen to the Quiet Voice Within for guidance on August 21st this year, no matter under totality or otherwise.

Remember that shamanic healing is about fighting for soul. Perhaps that sincere action of soul will evoke a miraculous physical healing, but if not, fighting for soul, including Anima Mundi, is ultimately all that truly matters. This is the timeless wisdom of those who lived in shamanic community. Shamanic community is alive deep inside all of us, even in this crazy world of End Times Christians and rocket-away-from-Earth Gaia-destroying multi-billionaires.

Blessed Be., and Bless US, Every one of us, because we are all in this together.



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