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Is ASTROLOGY a Science?


Hello, my name is Destiny B. I'm a high school senior. I have to do a senior project to graduate and I chose to prove that astrology is a real science. I need a mentor for my project and I was wondering if you could be my mentor?

Destiny Bullard

Hello Destiny,

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not think that astrology is a science. Science is relevant for anything that can be studied methodologically, with predictability of results --- experiments that can be replicated with the same or very similar results. Astrology contains a variety of complex and changing variables, plus the scientifically unpredictable free will of the individual. Although mathematical science is necessary to calculate a birth chart, or the chart of any given time, that data can really only be interpreted artfully, not scientifically. If it were otherwise, we could reliably predict everything that everyone will ever do. Obviously, no astrologer nor type of astrology can do that.

It is interesting to note that with your first name that you might be interested in astrology as science!

Best Wishes anyway,
Dale (O'Brien)


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