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Chiron Rising from the Latest Santa Susana Disaster, November 2018

CHIRON’S CHUMASH CAVE, Southern California:

Before Boeing, before NASA, before Rocketdyne, before Edison 1909, before California statehood, before Spaniards named the place after a legendary female saint, before it was called Burro Flats cave, there was (and is) Chiron ’s Chumash cave. Pictographs in the cave include one ever in alignment with Winter Solstice ’s annual shaft of light. In the era of Google maps, Chironically, the exact location of the cave is unmarked, known only to a select few. Mythological Chiron ’s home is a cave in the last shamanic area of ancient Greece, wild well into the twentieth century. Chiron himself would likely feel right at home in the Chumash tribe ’s sacred cave.

On 11/8/2018 at 2:24 pm PST the Southern California “Woolsey fire ” is said to have begun on the site of the former Santa Susana Field Lab, just two minutes after an electrical malfunction. A chart for this time shows Chrion reluctantly (retrograde) rising, within less than half a degree of the close midpoint of Mars in Faustian Aquarius and Uranus (namesake of Uranium) in fire sign Aries. Mars was on a Sabian Symbol degree associated with troubleshooting electricity. Mars was in the twelfth house, tightly square Juno at the beginning of the third house (nearby community). Uranus was part of a tight grand cross involving the Lunar Nodes, Ceres, along with Venus retrograde. Just hours earlier, Jupiter had enter the mutable (mobile, expanding, spreading) fire sign of Sagittarius. Overhead was Pluto (Lord of the Dead, for whom Plutonium was named). Exactly conjunct Pluto was Vesta. The deadly nuclear danger of Santa Susana loomed (and looms), sextile to Sun in the eighth house of death on a Sabian Symbol whose negative self expression is related to self-undoing.

From any non-astrological perspective the concurrent Northern California “Camp ” fire that turned Paradise into a wasteland is in many ways more dramatic: more deaths, more widespread, less contained, etc. However, the astrology of what should be called the Santa Susana fire makes a strong case for the possibility of nuclear contamination. Although the authorities deny any such thing, the complete results of the testing are not in as of this writing, while Mercury is retrograde, out of bounds, in detriment, and square Neptune retrograde! Note that authorities associated with Santa Susana tried to suppress (for twenty years) the truth of the worst American nuclear disaster. Further, Physicians for Social Responsibility have doubted the healthiness of the site, as well as the probability of that 1959 fiasco ’s devastating human aftermath. Further, the same group, and other locals, also doubts the most recent “clean bill of health” regarding the recent fire at the same site.


Daniel Ellsberg, nuclear war planner, revealed in a recent interview by Paul Jay of THE REAL NEWS that as truly heinous as he clearly was, Adolph Hitler did one thing right. When Hitler was told of the potential devastation of all life on Earth via nuclear weaponry, he ended Germany’s nuclear weapons program. The U.S. knew this, but continued with the Manhattan Project, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and many more, and more deadly nuclear weaponry.

A mere quick glance at the chart of the bombing of Hiroshima shows Uranus (with Mars) overhead for the Uranium bomb. The Nagasaki bombing chart has that deadly violent duo in the eighth house of death, with Pluto overhead for the chart of mass murder with the far more deadly Plutonium bomb. Note that Plutonium was not made by the Creator of Life, but can and was only made by purportedly humans, the destructors, the creators of death, by the scientific manipulation of Uranium. From the mid 1960s to this very day, keyword astrologers naively astro-babble over Uranus and Pluto, especially when in aspect to one another. Doing so, they miss the unprecedented dangerous psychopathology of our modern time. Capricorn is the first sign of winter. Since Pluto’s entry into this sign, beginning Square to Uranus in warlike Aries, we are living (so far) in potential NUCLEAR WINTER.

Mythological Chiron created a “power weapon” to give a would-be hero a potential advantage over his adversary. That all-to-human couldn’t handle it. It is also good to know that the same Chiron was the defender of the forest and its creatures. The legendary wisest, most ethical, most compassionate of all beings, he is the archetype of the environmental activist, greatly outnumbered, doing his best to defend Nature. Astrological Chiron often reminds us of a wiser, simpler, alternative way to be. The chart of the Santa Susana fire is a good example. Whether the Santa Susana fire was or was not carcinogenic, the astrology of this fire’s chart reminds us to never forget the deadly potential of anything nuclear, be it in the form of weaponry, active or inactive reactor, or nuclear waste.

No Nukes is Good News.

Part One: By Way of Introduction

“To everything there is a Season, and a Time and a Purpose under Heaven.”

  --- The Byrds (1965) by way of Pete Seegar (1959) by way of Ecclesiastes 3:1
(not recently) by way of Divine Inspiration of Imagination (timeless)

"What a drag it is, gettin' old." --- Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Astrology at best reminds us that life is not linear, but cyclic. There is the continuing cycle of day and night, the monthly cycle of The Moon, the continual cycle of the four seasons, etc. Not only is life not simplistically linear, the various cycles roll on with a common sequence. Understanding the sequence of astrology’s quickest cycle, that of The Moon, is instructive to understanding the annual cycle of the seasons, and even the cycle of every planet in our solar system, no matter how far away. The Moon’s cycle is only a “moon-th” of time, hence our word “month.”  By contrast, the cycle of Pluto is well over 200 years, generations long.
           As remarkable as these sequential correspondences are, even more amazingly is how other seasons-based cyclic analysis outside of astrology tells us the same truth. We can call this “accidental astrology". In articles to follow the Lunar cycle, the seasonal cycle, the cultural sequence of a late mystical poet and other cultural cycle analysts will be blended together. Step by step, it should be easy for any one to see --- no astrological experience necessary. Open-minded skeptics are most welcome to read and receive.  
            Astrology, realistically understood, is really so much more than a mere trivial pursuit. Knowing where one was born in place and in time, and knowing where one is at any point in time, properly seen, is to be centered in truth and meaning. Many individuals are already fortunate enough to know and appreciate this gift of astrology. However, far fewer realize that together we can also find where we are in a much bigger, all-encompassing context, as a nation, if we know where and how to look.

Are You Stumped by Trump? How Could Trump Be Our President?

In at least some traditional cultures, shamanic or otherwise, the people come together in times of crisis. This happened and happens even with the most angry, afraid and unwise people. For instance, since a little over a hundred years ago, the Ku Klux Klan in America burns crosses to summon their people together. This ritual imitates how the clans of Scotland would send the message that it was time to gather together.
As said, wise shamanic cultures also came together in times of crisis. Us moderns might find it quite bizarre, even insane, but for shamanic cultures, at such times the shaman, before anything else, reminds the assembled people of their common creation story. I’m certainly no shaman and we are not at this moment together in person. You are wherever you are, and here I am. Nonetheless, I will share our U.S. nation’s creation story, as I know it to be, and where we have come from since, and where we are now. It is helpful to me to know this. Perhaps it might be helpful for you to know this story as well.
            I do not know how many people in the world are in this “final dark phase” with us, or whether it is just we “Americans”. What I do know is that all of us anywhere in the United States of America are going through our final dark phase. The very last phase of the Lunar cycle is always dark. A New Moon will be born from darkness immediately after the final dark phase of what had come before. So what is dying now in America? To answer that question we need to know what was really born oh so long ago. Hint: it was not what you likely learned from your “American history” teachers, but rather what our actual American history told us from beginning to present.
           Darkness happens every night. Some nights are longer than others, some shorter. Every winter is darker than the other three seasons of the year. There is no need to be afraid of the dark, or of winter. However, to make it through the night, to make it through the winter, it is good to know how to be (and not to be) to best fare during this time.
            The ever-increasing frenetic pace of our society, sound bites, tweets and such may already have you screaming out as you read this, “Get to the point!” That is not in any way a helpful emotional mindset to move through our time of great crisis. Linear thinking’s goal is to get to “the point,” the goal, the end. The dead end. Death. “Depression and opiates, any one?” (None for me, thanks.) “Tweets don’t fail me now” thinking doesn’t seem to be helping our President, or our souls, or Anima Mundi.
            So, instead I invite you to see not just some one simple point, but many points throughout American history, and points along the way from different cultural analysts. These are not random points, but making up a curving line through time and the Zodiac, coming nearly “full circle” now --- the Zodiacal circle.

Dale (O’Brien)

Coming Soon!!!

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