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Part Two of Two: and including updates to Part One

If you recently read Part One, skip down for Part One and a half and Part Two.

Briefly: Part One, includes information about The recent Solar Eclipse coinciding in much of the world with the Epiphany, most timely-relevant geographic regions outside of the U.S.A., especially Europe and the probable impact on the value of the Euro….

       As mentioned in Part One: The ordinary way of things annually (Solar cycle-determined) is ordinarily reassuring. However, when a Solar eclipse occurs, even a partial one like this one, the ordinary way of things is “eclipsed.” Darkness, even partial darkness is disconcerting. Have you felt uneasy lately? If so, that’s likely to be intuitive astrological attunement, not some paranoia to suppress with distraction or medication.
A Partial Solar Eclipse looks like someone took a bite out of the Sun. It can feel like something is gnawing at one’s soul, something hard to articulate.
       “What’s up” in the celestial sky with this eclipse? “What’s comin’ down?” Answer: lots, as in “heavy” stuff comin’down. The recent partial Solar Eclipse occurred very close to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. Different planets correspond to particular metals. Saturn’s metal is lead, the heaviest element until the discovery (and human-made) radioactive element Plutonium. Note that lead is used to try to contain plutonium from radiating poisonous death.  Pluto was/is the mythological Lord of Death. So, symbolically we have entered into probably the “heaviest” time ever in our lifetime, perhaps even in the history of modern humanity.

       By declination with this eclipse Sun, Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are parallel to one another, in the year before a similar alignment by stellium in 2020. The visible eclipse may be over, but back to normal now is not in the astrological forecast for any time soon.

       Within less than 24 hours of that eclipse, planet Uranus seemingly stood still, that particular planet is demanding our attention, astrologically speaking and in regard to Astro*Carto*Graphy.

       Astrologically, this includes paying particular attention to the specific Zodiacal degree of  Uranus “taking a stand.” There are 360 degree-images called “Sabian Symbols.” Lynda Hill, in her essential book, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, has written as part of  “The Caution” for us now regarding this degree: (Beware) “…. Getting lost in abstractions. Rejecting what’s obvious on an intuitive level in favor of more intellectual answers…. Not listening to obvious messages.”

       This important advice is relevant in at least two ways. First, most modern “Western” astrologers speak of outer planets, including Uranus, in abstractions. Abstract clichés for astrological Uranus could be perhaps innocuous, maybe even helpful in other contexts, but what are they missing now? Second, what intuition wants to rebel against is “business as usual” which is that this not environmentally sustainable and that which increases an obscene income gap, with fewer far richer and tremendously more and worse off poor, even in the wealthiest of nations.

Part 1 and Half - way ‘round the World: UPDATES!

       UPDATE # 2: As mentioned in Part One, the Partial Solar Eclipse was visible in much of China. The subsequent Uranus Station is very significant. On January 11th it was announced by China their intent to launch in 2020 a massive space station capable of taking out any/all satellite communications. Uranus is associated with technology. Uranus’ Sabian Symbol: “The Music of the Spheres.” English translation of China’s name for the space station: “The Harmony of the Heavens.” The phrases sound nice, but Uranus/Prometheus is Thief. In this case, the “music” is discordant and “the harmony” should unfortunately be read as “HARMony” (or for Wall Street, read “HARM money.”)  

UPDATE # 2: Also as mentioned in Part One, for the recent eclipse, Uranus A*C*G lines command attention now. In Part One much was written related to Europe’s Uranus A*C*G line, but India was also mentioned. My A*C*G interpretation for this particular Uranus A*C*G line is “Discontent Beneath the Wheel.” Note that in India an estimated 150 million people (about 11% of their population) plan to go on strike on January 15th 2019. That’s about 46% of the population of the USA. An 11% strike in the U.S. would be like about everybody of working age in California and Washington State not going to work. (As if that would ever happen.) Hilary Clinton won’t likely be there for the strike, although she recently went to India for the wedding of the richest man in India. She seems to like to go to very rich men’s weddings, like going to Trump’s wedding years ago.

Part 2 of 2: U.S.-centric Perspective Relative to Recent Eclipse

       Uranus Station: In the Astrocartography of the recent eclipse, there are four most powerful possible dramatic insistent stances: Taking a stand AGAINST (Europe, e.g. --- see Part One); IDENTIFICATION with/as Prometheus (North island of New Zeland); PROMETHEUS in TARTURUS (India); PROMETHEUS thieving in OLYMPUS (see USA, below).

       In France, as mentioned in part one, the eclipse-related “yellow jackets” demonstrators are not simply pro- or anti- “left” or “right.” What they have in common is a rejection of the political and economic state of things for themselves. Regardless of ideology, if any, they have donned their safety vests as if to say “Don’t throw us under your driverless bus.”

       The astrology and Astrocartograpy tells us where and how this chapter of time begins, but does not tell us whether and how things do or do not work out.This uncertainty is the case for all of the various countries in dynamic action now, those mentioned previously and the very big story of the U.S.A. in at least the first half of 2019.


Stealing Fire by Firing the Government: The Art of the Steal

       Years ago Rick Tarnas wrote brilliantly (if incompletely) about astrological Uranus as Prometheus. Titan Prometheus stole fire from the Mount Olympus and brought it to humans, the archetypal beginning of seemingly unending (linear) human progress. Most astrologers don’t think of or else ignore the THIEF dimension of Uranus.* At eclipse time, Uranus appeared as overhead around the 100th degree of West longitude, that is Uranus/Prometheus the THIEF in the Highest Place. (This A*C*G line is essentially a NAFTA line, but for the sake of brevity and an unprecedented U.S. story of great concern, I have no comment here about Canada or Mexico.)


PROPHETIC POEM from 100 years ago:

From W.B. Yeats’ poem, “Second Coming” written in 1919:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre      
The falcon cannot hear the falconer; [ a military drone?]
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loose, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
…. a vast image…troubles my sight:…
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the Sun,
Is moving its slow thighs…
The darkness drops again...
And what rough beast slouches…

(“lion body” Trump: Trump’s Rising sign (physical self-awareness, physical appearance) is LEO, the Lion. He is vain about his “mane” (his hair) and like most felines, he doesn’t like to get rained on, even for the 100th anniversary of the end of WW I.)  

            “The center cannot hold” as the country is polarized for or against Trump.One poll has 56% opposing him vs. 44% Trump’s chumps. As in the 2016 election, the majority looses.

Scene of the Crime: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Partial Eclipse, “Partial” Government Shutdown

            The Sabian Symbol for the moment of Winter Solstice and about 24 hours thereafter is “An Indian Chief Claims Recognition and Power from the Assembled Tribe.” (One descriptor of the U.S. president is “Commander in CHIEF.”) Seven hours after Winter Solstice 2018 and about a fortnight before the Solar Eclipse, Trump “partially” shut down the federal government indefinitely, with about 800,000 federal employees expected to work without pay. We cannot say that this amounts to slavery, as slaves were fed, clothed and housed, even if inadequately so. This is grand theft, government hijacking. Meanwhile, corrupt capitalism and environmental exploitation rule supreme throughout much of the U.S., at least for now. (See below).

            Highly elevated Uranus/Prometheus the Thief is triumphant and apparently stationary at eclipse time, indicating that the one in power here is not at all quick to come down or to back down. Even if/when Trump might end the shutdown, he has threatened to declare a “national emergency.” Were he to do so, by law, among other things, he can shut down electronic communication and/or freeze bank accounts (per expert NYU’s Elizabeth Goiten, writing in a recent ATLANTIC article). This and other law, interpreted by and initiated by Trump, some experts have written, could be used to approximate or actually initiate martial law.

            Almost half of those Republican Congress people and Senators who are firmly behind Trump have spoken of “postponing” the 2020 presidential elections purportedly because of purported “voter fraud.” Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has for some time expressed deep concern that Trump may be the last American President.

The Great Divide: The 100th Parallel

            The most significant feature of the U.S. Astro*Carto*Graphy of this particular eclipse features the 100th parallel of longitude. Traditionally this is the only featured degree of U.S. longitude. One reason for this fixation was that this approximate parallel was the boundary between the green East and the arid West (although the green line is now further east of there now, coinciding with climate change). U.S. Americans divide themselves in various ways, but one way has been in terms of  “out West” and “back East”, with 100 degrees West longitude as the arbitrary dividing line.

            The Solar Eclipse coincided in the U.S. with the evening of January 5. 2019. On January 10, President Trump went to another place of division (and a divisive issue politically), the U.S. – Mexico border. In theory he could have gone to that border at any longitude, from about 97 degrees to 117 degrees. He (astrocartographically appropriately) chose to go to about 98 and 1/3 degree of longitude --- close to 100.

            The only place in the U.S. where any A*C*G line crosses this 100th parallel line A*C*G line is just barely on the U.S. side at the U.S.’ other border, with Canada. All this combined seems to imply a dramatic picture of the U.S. now under Trump. It is as if Trump choosing to speak for The USA is emphasizing that who “we” are is defined by who “we” are not --- negatively definitive, adversarial, and contrary. An emphatic divisiveness and controversy splits the U.S. internally and internationally, with Trump our inflexible “Divider –in-Chief.”

    The Recent Eclipse Astrological Chart Shows the U.S. “TRUMPed” Yet Again.

         So much for the map of the 48 contiguous states, now onto the relevant astrological chart for the U.S. in relation to this eclipse aftermath. At the time of the eclipse, of the 360 degrees possible to orient the U.S. in relation to this time, for the D.C. based U.S. eclipse chart, we get a point of orientation practically exactly the same to the birth chart of Donald Trump. This means that the country’s story is now Trump’s story, giving us no choice but to be caught up in his sense of reality (or unreality.) (See also below for Lunar Eclipse of just minutes into January 21, 2019.)

            One highlight (or low light) of this eclipse time (lasting at least months) beginning between January 6th and January 20th was/is likely to include at least one serious, organized “prime time” brief structured talk. At 9 pm EST on January 8th he gave a televised speech about (what else?) his reasons demanding Democrats to approve his multi-billion dollar border barrier.


           Another spotlight (like in a prison yard) is likely to be on one or more of his children being looked at in the serious light of legality. Three of his older children are astrologically suspect. Various Trump family members dubious involvement in Trump’s charity has already been exposed, at least partially. Don Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting is prime for exposure.

            The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is boys and girls in gymnasium suits. Because both genders are involved, and plural for both genders, Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr. are viable targets of attention, or even the seldom seen Tiffany Trump. Not that Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr. have recently been investigated for various potential legal improprieties. Saturn transits are involved when legal matters are in the forefront.

  • ERIC: born January 6th 1984 --- his Sun was/is eclipsed; transiting Saturn will align with his Sun this year. He is, in essence, on astrological probation for a year.
  • IVANKA: eclipse squared her natal Saturn; transiting Saturn squares her natal Saturn this year.
  • DON JR. (thinks refugees should be literally treated like dogs) Saturn has been transiting near his Sun; Saturn squares his Pluto this year.

Planets Saturn and Pluto conjoined with the eclipse could indicate collusion among these siblings, even perhaps Ivanka’s husband, Jared.

  • JARED KUSHNER has significant transits of Saturn and Pluto this year.
  • TIFFANY: eclipse squared her M.C.; transiting Saturn conjoins her first house Uranus and Neptune conjunction this year
  • DONALD J. TRUMP: eclipse squares Chiron and is retrograde Jupiter, both in Libra, related to issues of equality. Transiting Saturn squares these two this year.

ECLIPSES COME IN PAIRS, and the Second One is Not “Peachy Dory” for Trump.

       Only minutes into “Moon day” January 21st, EST, just after the two-year anniversary of Trump’s inaugural ball, there will be a “Super Moon” Total Lunar Eclipse visible throughout most of North America. The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse will be: “Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head.” This eclipse is likely to feel like overwhelming lunacy to him. This occurs on Sunday night, and in the privacy of his bedroom, unless in an institution such as a hospital or mental institution. Since Trump is known for sleeping little and “tweeting” at night, his emotional overwhelm may not be contained, as it best should be.  
           Solar Eclipses: Significant Endings and BeginningsEclipses historically have sometimes corresponded to the end of the reign of one monarch, replaced by a new one. However, in my astrological opinion based on eclipse analysis, we are unfortunately likely to have a president who is simply “out of it” but not out of office, at least for now.


Although California’s chart has been enormously stressed, seemingly worse so every year, 2019 might just be worse yet. Added to this, the eclipse Astro*Carto*Graphy indicates that Trump’s villain-ization of California, especially of the fire-devastated Paradise area. Between eclipses Trump directed FEMA to provide no aid to Californians victimized by the fire.

         It seems like the governors of Oregon and Washington and to a lesser extent California could successfully find ways to be relatively environmentally responsible despite Trump’s administration hostility toward the environment and these “Blue” states.

WALL ST. and the U.S. Economy

        I am neither a financial expert nor a financial astrologer. However, from the relative Astro*Carto*Graphy of the eclipse, compared to the Euro, it looks to me like the Wall Street  economy will be doing better, if only by comparison.

        On the war-machine and environmentally destructive side, military-related industries in the NorthWest, like Boeing, look to continue to do well, as do non-sustainable energy exploitation from Texas to the Dakotas. Everything looks worse and worse for the environment and much of humanity, but the comparative few
don’t care.

            Despite Trump’s tariffs devastating economic impact on Midwest farmers, it looks like they’ll of course not like it, but will remain loyal to Trump anyway.   

        We’ve just touched the surface of some few probabilities and possibilities related to this eclipse. Once the actual eclipse is “over”, much will be revealed, perhaps revelations expected, but perhaps revelations otherwise. Will the gift of gold spike out of purchase range? Will more people speak up, frankly-incensed? Will myrrh (or mirth) embalm the dying corpse of international capitalism? Regardless, revelations by definition are relevant. Truth can be revealed; what was hidden can come into the light.
         Capricorn knowledge and wisdom shows us that life is first and foremost about survival in a material world. Materiality isn’t all that there is to life, but lfe as we know it is embodied. Soul only exists where spirit is embodied. No matter our worldly challenges, individually or as a people, like the Epiphany’s three astrologers, we should celebrate Spirit’s incarnation into matter, no matter what!

NOTE: Certain particular individuals, certain particular countries, etc. are seemingly more impacted by certain eclipses. For instance, someone born on or near, or some major organization started on or near January 5th or 6th is likely to have some radical change. How personally relevant might this eclipse be for you? If so, how so? Consult an astrologer, if you can, if you are not sure.

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