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Some CAPRICORN SUN SIGNS (Bold Italics = recently in the news, 2017)

(Compilation and notes from Dale O’Brien, December 2017)

(Most of those on this particular list of Capricorn Sun signs are political, or those with a political bent of some sort. Most famous apolitical “Capricorns” are left off of this list, but some apolitical types are included because of being exemplary of Capricorn symbolic or mythic imagery lived out or otherwise creatively expressed. Other apolitical types are included here and there simply to have someone for every date in this time range.)

It is not surprisingly that several famous heavy weight boxing champions were Capricorn Sun signs, not all included on the list below. Surprisingly, many very successful children’s storybook authors, male and female, are Sun in Capricorn. (Most of them are not listed here.)  

ALSO NOTE that there are many Sun in Capricorn individuals related to  or connected to Donald Trump. I call this subgroup “Trumpricorns”

Maybe Sun in Capricorn: Michael Flynn born sometime in December 1958, in Middletown, R.I.

Maybe Capricorn, December 21st, depending upon time of birth:

Emmanuel Macron (1977)(P.M. France); Lynn Frazier (1874)(m)(Sun in Cap. If born 4:58 pm or later; cusp 2:13 pm until near 5pm (Non-Partisan League; slogan, “The Goat That Can’t Be Got”; popular near-socialist U.S. Senator and Governor (North Dakota), but recalled (See Gray Davis); Benjamin Disraeli (1804) England conservative P.M.); Roger Williams (1603)(rel. and pol. Colonial leader); “Beach Boys”- co-leader Carl Wilson (1946) [Sun 29 Sag. 19’1” conjunct Mars 3 Cap. 16’ 33”; Sun-Mars midpoint: 3 stained-glass windows in a gothic church, one damaged by war: Carl resisted draft)

Definitely Sun in Capricorn: those born Dec.22nd through Jan.19th, inclusive:
December 22nd: Ted Cruz (“Domionist”)(1970); Edward Bernays (1891); Diane Sawyer (1945) (born in Kentucky; Republican V.I.P. father; wrote for, defended Nixon; her TV special: “Saving America’s Children of the Mountains”); Lady Bird Johnson (1912); Frank Kellogg (1856) U.S. Sec. of State 1925-1929 who wanted to outlaw all war)

December 23rd Akihito (emperor of Japan) (1933); admiral James Stockdale (1923) Ross Perot’s 1992 Vice Presidential candidate (significant “Third Party”): Eddie Vedder (1964); Joseph Smith (1805);); Madame C.J. Walker (Sarah Breedlove) (1867) [daughter of slaves, first female self-made millionaire (African American cosmetics and hair products); philanthropy; civil rights advocate]; dancer and renown actress Fredi Washington (1903) (“I don’t buy white superiority”); Robert Bly (1926)

December 24th: Jeff Sessions (1946); Hamid Karzai (1957); I.F. Stone (1907): “All governments lie.” / Howard Hughes (1905); Dave Bartholomew (1920); Lee Dorsey (1924); Evgeniya Rudneva (1920) Russian WW II biplane “Night Witch”; Dean Corll (1939) (“the candy man”: raped and tortured teenaged boys, serial killer of same)

December 25th: Karl Rove (1950); Justin Trudeau (1971); Anwar Sedat (1918); Clark Clifford (1906) Defense Secretary -68-’69) Humphrey Bogart (1899) (Casablanca / WW II); Rod Serling (1924); Carlos Castenada  (1925); Isaac Newton (1642); Clara Barton (1821)(Red Cross)

December 26th: Mao Zedong (1893); Gray Davis (1942) (Dem. Cal. Dem. Gov., recalled)

December 27th: “Cokie” Roberts (1943)(ABC; PBS: NPR; author: books about women in history; birth family of political V.I.P.s; brother is lobbyist); Cyrus S. Eaton (1883) financier and steel magnate; Marlene Dietrich (1901) (1961 film: Judgment at Nuremburg); Mike Heron (1942) Incredible String Band (at Woodstock); Paul Ehrenreich (1855) (American Indian mythologist/ethnologist/topographer); Scotty Moore (1931); Johannes Kepler (1571)(astrologer/astronomer)

December 28th: President Woodrow Wilson (1856); Gayle King (1954): CBS This Morning (with Charlie Rose); John Gray (1951)

December 29th: President Andrew Johnson (1808); Tom Bradley (1917)(Afr.-Amer. Mayor of LA, CA for a record 20 yrs.); Wm. Gladstone (1809) working class favorite P.M. of England; Jon Voight (1938)(Coming Home; Rosewood; right wing politics)

December 30th: Roman emperor Titus (39 C.E.); Tojo (1884) (P.M. of Japan in WW II; attempted suicide; hanged); Asa Chandler (1851) (Coca Cola tycoon; Atlanta mayor 1916-1919); Tracy Ullman (Angela Merkel comic imitator)(1959); “Bo Diddley” (born Elias Bates; aka Elias McDaniel; made own guitar; sheriff) (1928); Rudyard Kipling (1865) “The white man’s burden” (sic); Matt Lauer (1957)

December 31st: Donald Trump, Jr. (1977); Jeff Sessions (1946)(Trump’s Attorney General); King Salman of Saudi Arabia (b.1935)(king and P.M., 2015 through present); J.S. Cullinan (1860) (pre WW II oil industrialist); Geo. Marshall (1880)(Marshall Plan); Charles Cornwallis (1738)(Brit. Gen.in Amer. Rev.); Simon Wiesenthal (1908); Ben Kingsley (1943) (portrayed Gandhi)

January 1st:  “Country Joe” McDonald (1942); J. Edgar Hoover (1895); Paul Revere (1735); Betsy Ross (1752); “Mad” Gen. Anthony Wayne (1745)(all 1500 of his troops mutinied on his birthday in 1781); Barry Goldwater (1909); Gary Johnson (1953); Zalin Grant (1941) investigation of suspicious death of James Colby; British traitor/defector Kim Phillip (1912)

January 2nd:  Barry Goldwater (1909); Dennis Hastert (1942) (Republican V.I.P.; sexual abuse of teenage boys); Isaac Asimov (1920): Asimov’s Chronology of the World

January 3rd: South Vietnamese President (1954-’63) Diem (1901); Clement Attlee (1883) (post WW II Brit. P.M.); Stephen Stills (1945): “For What It’s Worth”; Prof. Gerald Horne (1949) (Counter-Revolution of 1776 and 30 other history books); J.R.R. Tolkien (1892); Geo. Martin (1926)(Beatles); Mel Gibson (1956)

January 4th: William Colby (1920) (head of CIA under Nixon; suspicious death); Andy Borowitz (1958)(political satirist); Floyd Patterson (1935); Jacob Grimm (1785); Louis Braille (1809); Isaac Pitman (1813)(invented steno. Shorthand); Sterling Holloway (1905) (60 year career, film, TV, etc., including voice of Winnie-the-Pooh)

January 5th: George Tenant (1953); (head of CIA, 7/97-7/2004); Konrad Adenauer (1876) (post WW II P.M. of Germany); Charlie Rose (1942); Jeanne Dixon (1904)(psychic for Nixon, Reagan); Sam Phillips (1923) Sun Records: Elvis, etc.); Joseph Erlanger (1874)(1944 Nobel Prize for shock therapy)

January 6th: Erik Trump (1984); Kim Wilson (1951)(Fabulous Thunderbirds); “Mr. Bean” Rowan Atkinson (1955)

January 7th: Rand Paul (1963) (hug thy neighbor); Pres. Millard Fillmore (1800); Zora Neale Hurston (1891) (folklorist; anthropologist; author: 1937 novel: Their Eyes Were Watching God)

January 8th: Kim Jung-un (1983); ELVIS PRESLEY (1935); Bill Graham (born Wulf Grajonca) (1931); “Tampa Red” (Hudson Woodbridge or Hudson Whittaker) (1904); David Bowie (1947); John Neihardt (1881): BLACK ELK SPEAKS; The Divine Enchantment (on Hindu mysticism, written at age 19); Nick Nolte (1941)(Peaceful Warrior mentor figure); Stephen Hawking (1942)

January 9th:  Richard Nixon (1913); Joan Baez (1941); Rigoberta Menchu (1959): Nobel Peace Prize-winning author (Guatemalan civil war); Simone de Beauvoir (1908);
“Grandma serial killer” Dorothea (Gray) Puente (1929)

January 10th: Jared Kushner (1981); Ajit Pai (1973); Pat Benatar (1953) (“Hell is for Children”; feminist); Valerie June (“Pushing Against a Stone”) (1982); Ethan Allen (1738); Frank James (1843)(Jesse James’ brother); Rod Stewart (1945)

January 11th:  ALICE PAUL (1885)(Nat’l. Women’s Party; Suffragette leader, including jail time); PETER DALE SCOTT (1929) (DEEP STATE); political poet, etc.; Alexander Hamilton (1755); Susan Lindauer (1962); William James (1842)(psychologist; philosopher “Pragmatism”); Phil Walden (1940), co-founder of Capricorn Records (music)

January 12th: Jeff Bezos (1964) (personal “worth”: over $100 billion); Rush Limbaugh (1951); Howard Stern (1954); Herman Goring (1893); John Winthrop (1588)(first governor of Mass. Bay Colony);); Cheri Lynn Honkala (1963) Green Party V.P. candidate: “Politics of Love” “We are the new and unsettling force that Martin Luther King spoke of.” (See 1/15/1929) Jack London (1876): adventure novels and stories of surviving brutal cold winter; (biological son of an astrologer); non-fiction: The People of the Abyss (exposed the horrible life of London, England’s working poor); Swami Vivekananda (1863); Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917); Charles Perrautt (1628)(Mother Goose)  

January 13th: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1961)(“Veep”); Jean Cabut (1938)(“Charlie Hebdo”); Michael Bond (1926) (Paddington bears); Mayra Serbulo (1970) (Mexican actress)

January 14th: Benedict Arnold (1744); Steven Soderberg (1963) (directed Che; directed Erin Brockovitch); Allen Toussaint (1938) (e.g., song: “Freedom for the Stallion”)

January 15th: First King of Saudi Arabia: Ibn Saud (1875)(oil: 1938; 45 sons); Edward Teller (1908)(atomic bomb); Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929); Joan of Arc (1412); Saint Mary McKellop (1842); Richard Martin (1754) Irish animal rights activist; Andre Michelin (1853); Aristotle Onassis (1906)

January 16th: (Cuban dictator) Batista (1901); Paul Nitze (1907)(cold war strategist); Nathaniel Bacon (1647)(Bacon’s Rebellion); Allard Lowenstein (1929)(radical student leader); Michael Meade (1944); Lin-Manuel Miranda (1980) (musical Hamilton: see 1/11/1755); Bob Bogle (1934) guitarist, bassist: The Ventures; began work as bricklayer

January 17th: Benjamin Franklin (1706); Michelle Obama (1964); Doug Wilder (1931) (Afr.-Am. Gov. VA); David Lloyd George (1863)(Brit. P.M. WW I); David Beatty (1871)(Brit. Admiral WW I); Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (1954); Muhammad Ali (1942) (born Cassius Clay); Eartha Kitt (1927(; Al Capone (1899); mobster Arnold Rothstein (1882); Mick Taylor (1949); Betty White (1922) (more feminist than you might think); Jim Carey (1962)

January 18th: Robert E. Lee (1807); Kevin Costner (1955) (Oliver Stone’s JFK); Dr. David Williams (1858) (African American, opened hospital for African Americans; first open heart surgery); Daniel Webster (1782); Amanda Burden (1944), wife of Charlie Rose; Ray Dolby (1933); A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh); David Ruffin (1941); Kevin O’Brien (1955)(autistic savant: unique inexplicable natural talent: “calendar magic”)

January 19th: Janis Joplin (1943); Dolly Parton (1946); Edgar Allan Poe (1809); Phil Everly (1938); Willie “Big Eyes” Smith (1936)

January 20th: Kellyanne Conway (1967; 8:58 a.m. in Camden, NJ: Sun: “directors of a large firm meet in secret conference”);

Bill Maher: Because his Sun is only 4 minutes of arc into Aquarius, he is one of those rare people whose Sun straddles the last degree of Capricorn AND the first degree of Aquarius. (Visualize two chairs touching each other; sitter has one ass cheek on each chair.) Such “on the cusp” people are very few in number. Last degree of Capricorn is “directors of a large firm meet in secret conference”; first degree of Aquarius is a “mission” (in a new territory)

Nikki Halley (1972): (Capricorn if before 5:49 pm; “on the cusp” (like Bill Maher) through 8:55 pm; if later, Sun in Aquarius, not Capricorn

Jeffrey Epstein (“Lolita Express”): 1/20/1953, Coney Island, NY: Solidly Sun in Aquarius after 6:07 a.m., but Sun in Capricorn after midnight until about 3:10 a.m., “on the cusp” 3:10 a.m. through 6:07 a.m.s

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