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In Greek Mythology, Laomedon, King of Troy, thought he and his kingdom would be invincible once surrounded by a great high wall, on land on three sides and the fourth side as a seawall. Gods Apollo and Poseidon spent a year in Laomedon’s service building these walls. In one version of the myth they had temporarily lost their autonomy as the consequence of once siding against Poseidon’s God Brother, Zeus. In an alternate version, they were performing the work in expectation of payment at year’s end and walls’ completion. Since Gods have no need for human’s money, presumably they were expected to be paid respect instead. 

King “art of the steal” got his wall all right, but those Gods got nothing back in return. If you think “paybacks are hell” there is no worse payback than that dealt by a God, let alone two Gods! Apollo sent deadly pestilence and Poseidon raised the seas even higher than the high wall, with a horrific sea monster too. So much for border walls…

Afraid for his life, Laomedon consulted an oracle who told him that his only hope was to sacrifice his beloved beautiful daughter, Hesione, to the sea monster. Being the less than exemplary father that he was, he had Hesione stripped naked and bound to rock. (Sea Monster abbreviated is S and M.) Most fortunately for Hesione, Heracles and two of his best buds just happened to be passing nearby. He told Laomedon that he’d happily save the king’s daughter if the king would give Heracles those two Zeus-given awesome horses of Laomedon, the ones so swift that they could run atop water. The king promised these amazing specimens to Heracles.

Even though there was a ferocious storm, Heracles killed the monster, freed Hesione, and returned her to her father. True to his bad form, Laomedon did not honor his promise to the hero. Bait and switch Laomedon  instead only gave Heracles two ordinary horses. Heracles was not so easily fooled. If you anticipated negative consequences for that deception, you’d be correct. Call it “Grifter’s Blues.”
Heracles went to Greece, raised an army and laid siege to Troy and their king. The no trade war was under way. Heracles and the Greek army invaded. Although Troy’s walls held, the city did not. Heracles and the Greek army killed Laomedon and all but Hesione and one of his sons were killed. Heracles fellow monster-slayer, Telemon, married Hesione. Surviving son and future king, unlike his father, was appreciative and generous. He gave Heracles a golden veil that Hesione had made (presumably a gift to her beloved brother). This king-to-be changed his name to “Priam” which means “redeemed.”  The moral of the story should be self-evident.

[Note Romanized names: Zeus = Jupiter; Neptune = Poseidon; Heracles = Hercules]

Anyone even somewhat familiar with Trump’s business dealings (see David Cay Johnston’s writings) will likely see not only parallels to a wall-obsessed leader, but also to the dishonesty and selfishness of our modern commander-in-chief. Might Ivanka be Trump’s Hesione? Will completion of Trump’s wall bring on the first-ever defeat of the U.S.A.? Will Apollo (or God by some other name) send the U.S. a great health epidemic? Will Neptune, strongest where He is now in astrological Pisces, paid no respect, raise even more monstrous troubled seas, even fiercer storms, hurricanes and perhaps a tsunami or more? Stay attuned.

Trump ain’t workin’
That’s the way he do it
Get his wall built for nothin’
And his checks for free.
Trump ain’t workin’
That’s the way he do it
Get his wall built for nothin’
Thanks to Trump TV

They’ve got lots of microwaved zombies
Coast to coast with the new 5G
Keep ‘em dumb and keep ‘em stupid
Strung along with their smart TV


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