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"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape
finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. "  --- 
Marcus Aurelius


Virus “On the Warpath”:
The Continuing Boxing Day 2019 Solar Eclipse

(This is the first of at least two Astrology’s Minority Reports on COVID 19)

Before anything, remember John Lennon’s question and answer:
“Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.”

And, as Bernie Sanders said on 3/12/2020:
“If ever there was a time in the modern history of our country when we
are all in this together, this is that moment. Now is the time for solidarity.
Now is the time to come together for all, including the most vulnerable,
people in our society who will face this pandemic from a health
Perspective or face it from an economic perspective.”

map of covid19 deaths

       Did the COVID-19 virus originate as a biochemical weapon? We cannot know for sure, and even if so, we cannot know the circumstances. Was there an accidental release? If there was an intentional release, whose intent? What intent?


       December 19, 2017, only about three months after the “Great American Eclipse” was quite a day for President Trump and his administration. North Korea was held responsible for the months’ earlier “Wanna cry” cyber attack, which hit (among others) UK hospitals (dangerous if during a pandemic!). Also that day, Trump said that North Korea was threatening American lives with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Trump said those threats would be “taken care of.” To wit, that day a federal ban on making LETHAL VIRUSES was lifted. An opinion piece written that same date suggested that the U.S. could improve relations with North Korea if the U.S. would acknowledge and apologize for the U.S. use of germ warfare in the “Korean War.” Of course, that admission and apology did not happen.

       In 2018 then National Security Adviser war hawk John Bolton eliminated the National Security’s Council’s Global Health Unit, which would have dealt with, amongst other things, pandemics in the U.S. By October the administrations National Biological Defense Strategy was released, almost halfway into Trump’s term in office.

       A representative of Israel recently would not rule out COVID-19 as a Chinese biological weapon. Iran and Russia instead suspect the U.S. Before dismissing those suspicions as either paranoia or cynical global politics, please watch the brief video link, paying particular attention to the map of Iran shown:


           A virus-recovered Seattle resident who came down with COVID-19 traced her exposure to five days previous. The world’s first case, in China, was realized 12/31/2019. The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse was five days previous. Multiple astrologers are making cases for the astrology of the virus, including to the 1/12/2020 conjunction. For my take on this TRIPLE conjunction, see” "Holy Toledo!"

       In astrology, multiple astrological correspondences are at work at the same time, but obviously the Solar Eclipse correspondence is definitely worth looking into. For those who have never read it, or as a memory refresher, please see my 1/8/2020 REPORT: "Rings of Fire"

       As I mentioned in early January, the totality of the Solar Eclipse’s shadow path was right across from Iran’s oil export southern border. Note also that the Sabian Symbol image degree for the Eclipse is a degree of WAR, and that boats (war canoes) were part of the image. At least two cruise ships with infected passengers have been a part of the COVID-19 story so far. From a literal point of view it may seem absurd to see any connection between such very different water vehicles, but these images are best interpreted loosely, as is the case with dream imagery correspondences with waking life. It is very important to also remember the Hellish “What a mess!” quality of times that I have found associated with an Annular “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse. There is certainly no denying that as the reality of now.

       As mentioned, my first assessment of that Eclipse was somewhat brief. Now we can pursue further. In the Ring of Fire chart Mercury on “a flag bearer in BATTLE”, plus Lord of Death, Pluto on “a SOLDIER receiving two awards for bravery IN COMBAT. ” God of War Mars is on “an X-ray helps with a diagnosis.” (Bio-war?) The lone degree image (midpoint) between Saturn and Pluto is of a DEFEATED GENERAL. (Remember Solemani?)

       Images that are not war-related included include an image for Juno of ships in a harbor. Do-it-right Saturn is on a “Relay Race” implying the passage of something from one person’s hand to another person’s hand. No shaking hands, otherwise what is passed is something not good – the virus. Hygeia, Goddess of cleanliness, etc. is on a degree of two people working side by side, creating something to protect the body (shoes). The relevance of other 12/26/2020 degree images will likely unfold with time.


       China’s Belt and Road Initiatives are to join China with much of Asia, Africa and Europe, including via rapid rail. Not included: North and South America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia.

Confirmed cases: # 1: China; # 2: Italy; # 3: Iran; # 4: So. Korea; # 5: Spain; # 6: France

       By contrast, the USA is # 7 in number of confirmed cases and # 7 for number of deaths: 69. The UK is # 8 for number of deaths (35) and #9 for number of confirmed cases. Japan is # 9 for deaths 24); Netherlands # 10 (20 deaths).Germany and Switzerland tie for #11 (13 deaths each). All other countries, including Israel, have either no deaths or deaths in low single digits, less than the 7 who died of the virus on Diamond Princess cruise ship.

       Back to the BR & I issue, Syria (before hot war) wanted to be on board. Syria is in such dysfunction that there is no reliable CODID-19 numbers. Secretive North Korea denies any virus, but that is likely a lie. For instance, for 24 days no plane flew in North Korea, with military activity just recently renewed.

(based on Geodetic chart for the Boxing Day 2019 Solar Eclipse)

       Bio-war or not, the relevant Geodetic chart, worldwide, shows the hardest hit, WUHAN CITY, home of 11.9 million, where the virus was born, is very close to the line of Lord-of-Death Pluto. (Note that Wuhan City is bigger than Mexico City, bigger than New York City.)

       IF bio-war were to be in effect, note that God of War Mars below dominates IRAN. Where Mars is above, the Warrior is Triumphant. By contrast, for Iran, Mars below is like being knocked down by your adversary. This planetary line extends to other places, too, but since Iran is prominent in the virus story and believes itself under biological attack, that makes sense. Iran, already the victim of brutal U.S. economic sanctions, including not enough surgical masks for their hospital personnel, could feel under severe militant attack by the virus and/or an adversarial country wielding the virus as a weapon.



         Relative to this virus-related Solar Eclipse, the line of Mars is above, close to the populous western parts of Vancouver Canada, Washington, Oregon and northern California. Struggle with the virus was seemingly destined, but the powers to be in the region are likely to be successful, particularly for the athletically physically fit. The greatest challenge is northwest of Vancouver B.C., with the relatively greatest challenge in the U.S. in the Seattle area. Of course it was the Seattle area was the first area hit, and hardest hit, and the first U.S. death caused by this virus. Every specific city/local area has its own variation of this general story, but generally speaking, closer to the Oregon-California border looks to be the relative easiest to prevail.

       Likely BEST MANAGED: NEW YORK CITY (but likely discontents, rule-breaking), PHILADELPHIA, and Northern NJ: second best, but relatively less discontent, rule breaking.
       Although there is a paternalistic caretaker mode in the coastal urban cities of the Mid-Atlantic States, including D.C., but the most care-taken are those in or near New York. Analogously, the economic pie is cut generously in favor of those who already have the most (Wall Street), but child-on-a-diet portions for the less well off. Even then, New York state and New Jersey (and proximity) are likely to benefit the most from government handouts --- like dogs below the masters’ table. (Another Eastern time zone region is likely to benefit from some state government benefits, but for brevity reasons I’ll leave it at that for now.)
       WASHINGTON D.C.: Although Trump, Pence and his D.C. team seem to be deciding and managing, they are more handled by financial powers in NY (and/or NJ). Deferment of management to one’s partner, hence Pence in charge, and a specialty-management team including women, but the talking (particularly about himself) being done by the one in charge, with a strong emphasize on public relations. The ball-capped, wind-breaker-wearing “sea captain” look for Trump is part of the relevant symbolism (Think “The Skipper” from Gilligan’s Island, but with “Little Buddy” Pence being competent and serious, unlike TV’s Gilligan.
       (All interpretation based on relevant planetary lines and Parans. Northernmost Virginia: Staying home, but without suffering (self-quarantine)

(But variable circumstances depending on the specific city/region)

MOST SEVERE GOVERNMENTAL AUSTERITY looks to be in Northeastern New England and especially Maine, but also in New Hampshire and in eastern Massachusetts, including Boston.


       Police killed a 17year old Native American who had come to Chicago for the free music that was part of the pro The astrology and the A*C*G of this Ring of Fire Eclipse seems to tell us that, first, that the Israel V.I.P.’s suspicion of China is absurdly improbable, a suspicion more likely to be based on either paranoia or global/national politics. So what really happened? Who knows? Perhaps the Russians and Iranians suspicions are correct.

      Perhaps instead the animal contagion origin story, from Wuhan city, is true, and it is just the worst ever naturally occurring virus. Perhaps there was instead an accidental release of an engineered virus by the Chinese from their bio-chemical lab in Wuhan, with the accident playing into the lucky favor of Iran’s adversary, The U.S.A. and against the Iranians.


      Sunday evening 3/15/2020, The U.S. Health and Human Services was hit by a cyber attack, a DDOS: distributed denial of service. Had that been successful, the ability for citizens to access COVID-19 information and updates would have been at least slowed, perhaps even paralyzed. It seems logical, right or wrong, that such an attack would not have happened were there not to a bio-war going on. Whether a hypothetical COVID-19 incident was instigated by the U.S. or by an adversary, the cyper attack seems viably related to a bio-war. (Remember the “Wanna cry” attack.)

      Regardless, what appears unquestionably true is that this Ring of Fire eclipse times and synchronizes with a worldwide dilemma, COVID-19 and its unprecedented financial ramifications. Soon we may seem to be coming out of this time as spring comes and goes. (The operable word is “seem” for this could impact more than just the first months of 2020.) Resolved or not, brace yourself, though, for yet another Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse of a different sort comes on the first day of summer. (Look for a future Astrology’s Minority Report on that one.)

“And it burns, burns, the Ring of Fire, the Ring of Fire.”

Wishing You Well,







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