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Hail to The Chief, but Which Chief? (12/19/2017 through 1/15/2018)
by Dale O’Brien

The art of astrology applies the cyclic orbits of Sun, Moon, and planets and such as corresponding metaphors to human individual and collective life. Several such stories are going on at once, but combined give us an overall effect. Concurrently, from a mytho-poetic perspective, we are in the following stories, a very rough mix! Like traditional Russian dolls, starting with the largest, we have:

* For the U.S., we are the last dark phase within a 248 year cycle, the “phase” of “The Fool” which began the exact day of Trump’s inauguration
* The ongoing era of Typhon, the Storm Monster
* The Techno-Warrior Thief: the Reverse Robin Hood Story
* A years-long era of limited resources effective December 2017 (See below)

As many know, the astrological signs of modern “Western” astrology are not in exact alignment with the constellations of the same names, but rather with the division of the four seasons into three signs each season. However, the majority of astrologers turn away from focusing on the seasonal nature of the signs in favor of “keywords” for each sign. Such keywords are mixed with keywords for each planet, along with keywords for each house. Like processed foods, the original seasonal, Nature-based and the mythological serve as the basis for the “modern” approach. Just as there is some nutritional value in processed foods, there is a great deal of validity to such astrology. If it did not “work” well enough, it would not be so enormously popular and reasonably respectable. Just as modern people can control light, heat and cooling year-round, modern people can access convenient processed foods year-round. Processed astrology fits a processed food society. And yet, something was lost as something was gained in our modern Western society, and not just as regards bodily nutrition.

With Nature’s seasonal-based astrology, and mythic dimension intact, we can appreciate the tremendous significance of Winter Solstice of 2017. “Western” astrology’s roots are in cultures in the Northern Hemisphere: the Middle East, Greece, Rome, the rest of Europe, and the middle latitudes of the U.S. In each area, winter season begins with Winter Solstice and the first of three signs of winter: Capricorn. Each Solstice or Equinox sign begins a time of reorientation coinciding with that new season. However, Winter Solstice can be seen as the beginning of the Astrological New Year because starting then, each day thereafter will be longer in light than the next (until Summer Solstice).

At, the very same time, unlike South America or Australia, our northern hemisphere “temperate” areas move into the coldest, least Naturally-abundant time of the year, the hardest time of the year for non-modern society, and archetypally the hardest time even for we purportedly sophisticated moderns. Warmth is limited; duration of sunlight is limited; seasonally grown food is limited. Winter challenges us to survive and endure, but how? Who seems to have the best character and credibility to lead us?

Although Winter Solstice, of course, comes around every year, Winter Solstice 2017 is remarkably significant. What can we infer astrologically about Winter Solstice 2017 and immediately thereafter? Ordinarily, Winter Solstice is all about The Sun (“Sol”), but in 2017 we can either see Sun as spotlighting Saturn, or Saturn over-powering Sun. To use old television broadcasting terminology, the regular program is interrupted for a special alert bulletin.

Titan Saturn’s homecoming starts the third week of December of 2017, but with no pom-pom-waving cheerleaders. Instead, imagine a no-nonsense judge entering his courtroom. Saturn (Chronos to the ancient Greeks) “rules” Capricorn and is exactly in conjunction alignment with the Sun on Winter Solstice. In Greek mythology, Chronos so feared being replaced by his offspring that he tried to eat every one of them.

(Some may recall the Donner party cannibalism to survive being stranded in severe winter snow.) Ultimately he was indeed replaced as “Sky God” by His Son, Zeus (the Roman’s Jupiter).

 Astrological Imagery for and from the “Modern” World based in the 1920s

There is an important, decades’ old, well-respected, psychically derived, Zodiacal degree system of 360 brief imagistic phrases. These imagistic phrases are called collectively known as “The Sabian Symbols.” In this group, there is an appropriate first degree of radical reorientation for the first degree of each season-starting (“Cardinal’) sign.

Linda Hill's "The Sabian Symbols Story"

"The Sabian Oracle"
(A must own easy to understand daily reference book for astrologers and non-astrologers)

Capricorn begins with: “An Indian Chief claims recognition and power from the assembled tribe.”  This would-be leader intends to set the tone and make the rules for how “the tribe” is to survive and endure the winter, and the comparatively easier seasons that follow. The exact phrasing of this imagery is very telling. Will this Chief’s claim to power be affirmed, or challenged? Will Chronos/Saturn retain authority, or be replaced by another? “Hail to the Chief” --- which chief, with which priorities, with which rules?

Leadership in an Era of Lack

Worldwide, certainly in the Northern Hemisphere, all leaders will now rule in a time of “winter”, a time of lack. From C.E.O.s (often = chief executioner officers) to presidents, from mayors to governors, etc., hard times are here to stay (at least into 2026).  In the United States, there are three “chiefs” to watch: U.S. President, head of the Federal Reserve, and leadership of the Democratic Party. Along with other astrologers, I’ve pointed out that things do not look good for Trump, especially since the spectacular Solar Eclipse of 8/21/2017. Click here for Video of Dale's talk.

Humpty-Trump-ty sat on his Wall, …

Astrologers in the ancient past persuaded some real kings on the day of a Solar Eclipse to surrender the throne to a pretender. The idea was that the pretender would suffer the negative fate that would have otherwise befallen the king himself. Perhaps Trump is the “fall guy” and Pence will replace him. (After all, Pence, in a near-presidential capacity, already attends more high-level meetings than Trump, while “Drumpf” incessantly tweets rage, and golfs more than any other president.)

“FED” Up?

The astrological chart of the Federal Reserve Act undergoes enormously stressful aspects from Saturn, starting as soon as Saturn “stands” on “the chief” degree 12/20/2017. The challenging aspects continue non-stop well into January 2018, particularly stressful for a woman in charge. “The Fed” was setup just in time to help Wall Street to profit big time off the first of two World Wars, with many more U.S. hostilities to follow. However, starting in January of 2018, Pluto, mythological “Lord of Death” /Undertaker, opposes the Fed’s “Defense” Mars in Cancer. Might a new leader, or the current leader with a completely new program, actually put a dollar limit on the military-industrial complex blank check? If not, will the bell toll for the here-to-fore world supreme petro-dollar?

Similarly, the astrological chart for the opening for business of the Fed’s banks faces down Saturn on the second degree of Capricorn as soon as January 18 starts. The Sabian Symbol image for the second degree of Capricorn is “Three stained-glass windows in a gothic church, one damaged by war.” Astrologically, this does not look pretty for the Fed --- to say the least. Since “the Fed” creates the arbitrary false-earth “reality” of materialism, all in the U.S., indeed in the world, will be impacted by policies retained or changed.

Can These Leaders Stay in Power?

Probable greatest stress: first 2/3 of January 2018:

Jeff Sessions, born 12/24/46, Selma, Alabama
Diane Feinstein, born 6/22/1933, San Francisco, CA (age 84, almost 85)
Nancy Pelosi, 3/26/40, Baltimore, Maryland
Orin Hatch, born 3/22/1934, Pittsburgh, PA (age 83, almost 84)
Rex Tillerson, 3/23/52, Wichita Falls, TX

   Who Will Be the Lead Democratic Donkey?

Decades ago, an astrologer (sorry, I can’t recall the name) wrote a regular column for The Washington Post giving astrological political analysis and forecasts. She found that the Republican Party mascot, an elephant, fit the planetary archetype (not her wording) of Jupiter. Over the years, others and myself have tracked Jupiter’s astrological movements to see what the Republican Party is up to, and how they are doing. Similarly, the Democratic Party’s mascot, a donkey, a beast of burden, was found to correspond to the planet Saturn. These animal associations caught on in the nineteenth century because of the very popular political cartoons of Thomas Nast (an “American” born in Germany). Nast did not originate the association of the donkey to the “Dems.” Trump’s favorite president, Andrew Jackson, was so often called a “jackass” that he and his followers embraced the slur as a point of pride. (F.Y.I.: Jackson was the first sitting president to have “Hail to the Chief” played in his honor.)  

That said, Saturn’s dramatic Winter Solstice 2017 entry is particularly relevant to the issue of the leadership party. Who leads the Democratic Party now? Probably we should think of Hilary Clinton, winner of the popular vote for president in November 2016, but loser for president due to the slavery era carryover of the Electoral College.
October 30, 2017 was the release of the Democrat-penned “Autopsy Report” of why Hilary lost the election. Around the same day, a poll of Democrat voters found 52% want the Party to abandon currying the favor of Wall Street, as Hilary and other old, rich, white Democrats did. The percentages were far higher for Democrat voters “of color” and for younger voters and for female voters.

Although not immediately reported on commercial television networks, November 2nd    brought Democratic V.I.P. Donna Brazile’s damning revelation of Hilary Clinton’s financial and political railroading of Democratic National Committee money and power. Click here for Tulsi G. interview on THE REAL NEWS.

Timely, or “Too Late” or “Too Early”?      

In regard to legal, political or financial matters, the last three (of thirty) degrees of any Zodiacal sign are considered “too late” for change, as “Things must run their course.” The first three degrees (of thirty) of any Zodiacal sign are considered “too early” to know for sure. Even as a planet (such as Saturn) moves from the first degree to the second, the whole process is considered tentative until the planet reaches 3+ degrees. * *FOOTNOTE: these guidelines have nothing to do with one’s birth chart. In fact the epitome of any sign of the Zodiac is indicated by the very first degree (0+) and by the very last degree (29+)

Saturn is “timely” through Thanksgiving evening 11/23/2017Saturn is ‘too late” until 11:47 pm EST on 12/19/2017

Saturn is “too early” from 11:48 pm EST on 12/19/2017 through 8:48 pm on
1/14/2018 (and exactly conjunct the Moon at that moment)


So, revelations, criticisms or defenses, etc. are best made before Thanksgiving evening. “Within the system” challenges to authority, or being ready for such challenges are best done during that “too early” time period. By January 15, if a change of leadership will happen, it will be decided by then, but not necessarily made public knowledge. Similarly, if a leader has resisted replacement, his or her position is likely assured. 

There is yet another possibility regarding leadership: a “chief” unwelcome by one “tribe” can start, or attempt to start, to lead a new tribe, for instance, an independent party of some sort. Will one chief and her or his small elite “tribe” monopolize and waste ever-limited resources? If so, as Jared Diamond ** and others tell us, this “civilization” will likely come to a painful end.

Saturn/Chronos is the Lord of time. (Think “Father Time”; chronology, etc.)  Will our leaders, old or new, wind the “Doomsday Clock” forward or backward? Will they selfishly and foolishly hoard or wisely share? For whom will they play, “Hail to the Chief”? Time will tell, and it won’t be long.

Stay Warm-Hearted and Love Anyway,


** FOOTNOTE: COLLAPSE (How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed)

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